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IMO For PCIn this article, I am going to talk about a social application which is specialized in connecting people through quality video calls— IMO.

Apart from that, I will also discuss IMO for PC and other relevant information regarding the subject.

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A person can text, call, and video chat with another person who is really far.

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What is IMO?


IMO is an application that serves as a medium to connect people over the internet. It was released as a mobile application in 2014, but now users can also use it on their PC.

I will share different ways to use IMO on your PC and enjoy video conferencing on your big computer/laptop screen.

So let us not waste anymore of our time in the introduction and move further to the main subject.

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There are many social applications which offer video calling feature but IMO is widely used because of the premium audio/visual quality it provides. If you are struggling to download IMO for your computer, then stick to this comprehensive guide and cease your struggle. If you already know about the features or functions of the IMO application, then you can skip to the downloading section. Also, check these best torrent sites and Putlocker proxy.

Features of IMO

IMO is known for the quality video conferencing and user-friendly interface, but it has a lot more to offer. If you are not aware of IMO features, then be attentive to this section as I have mentioned all the functions of the IMO application.

1. Not Just A Social Messenger

imo for pc

IMO is not only a social messenger application but a lot more than that as it offers some fantastic features. Users can make video calls and send large media files to other IMO users for absolutely free, but your device should be connected to stable internet.

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2. High-Quality Video Call

imo for pc

There are many messengers that offer quality video calls, but IMO is unique as it provides quality video calling at a 2G network speed. This is the sole reason for the popularity of the IMO application all over the world.

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3. Consumes Less Data

imo for pc

The transmission speed & data usage of IMO is unbelievably lesser than other calling applications. You may also like to check these best Xbox one emulators and Pokémon Go Apk.

4. Pervasive

imo for pc

IMO offers 30+ languages to help people all over the world to use it by removing the language barrier. It is available for all the platforms, and that is why it is pervasive. You may also like to check TorretKing proxy sites and RARBG proxy.

5. Privacy

imo for pc

The texts & calls are encrypted, which makes it super secure, and you do not need to worry about your privacy. You may also like to check these best android rooting apps and how to download Whatsapp status videos.

6. Group Chats

imo for pc

Users are allowed to make groups and converse together. This drops a feeling of oneness to all the members of the group.

These were some of the amusing features offered by IMO for PC, and all these functions are enough to stimulate you to switch to IMO right away. Also, download IDM Optimizer.

How to use IMO for PC?

How To Use IMO For PC

This is the most common question asked by mobile users of IMO. People want to experience video calls on big screens, and that is why there is so much hype about IMO for PC.

If you are also searching for a way to use IMO on your computer/laptop, then stick to this section as I have mentioned three effective & working ways to use IMO on PC.

You can use IMO on your computer by the following methods:

  1. IMO for PC By Official Method
  2. By Using IMO For PC Chrome Extension
  3. By Using An Emulator

Let us have a comprehensive view of these methods and help you use IMO on your computer/laptop.

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1. IMO for PC By Official Method


This is the simplest method (recommended) to use IMO on your computer/laptop. It has no technical hassles, and you can use this method by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step-1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection as all the methods require internet to use IMO for PC. On your computer/laptop, open the chrome browser and search for or click here.

Step-2. Click on your desired operating system, and the download will be started in the next second.


Step-3. Navigate to the downloaded setup file to install it on your PC.

imo for pc

Step-4. Install IMO on your system by tapping the setup file and accepting the license & agreement.

imo for pc install

After successful installation, you can now open & setup your IMO account without any error. If you face any issue with this method, then you can comment below or try the next way.

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2. By Using IMO For PC Chrome Extension

Chrome is far the best browser because of the stability, privacy, and the fantastic extension it offers. You can also use IMO on your computer system by installing the IMO chrome extension. It does not require much internet data and is done within a few seconds. Follow the below-mentioned steps to install the IMO Chrome extension:

Step-1. On your computer/laptop, open Chrome browser and search for “chrome extension store” on Google and visit the first result or simply click here.

Step-2. In Chrome Web Store, search for IMO extension and add it to your browser.

IMO For PC Chrome Extension

Step-3. After a few seconds, the extension will be installed in the Chrome Browser.

Step-4. Now click the extension from the top-right corner of your browser and set up your account.

Following the instructions mentioned above, you can experience IMO on your computer or laptop within seconds.

*NOTE: This method might not work because the IMO chrome extension is removed from the web store, but you can always check if it is again available.

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Method-3. By Using An Emulator

This method is widely used because it is the oldest method to run mobile applications on a PC. By following the instructions mentioned below, you will be able to experience the IMO mobile application on your PC.

Step-1. The first thing you need to do is to download an Android emulator; we suggest BlueStacks as it is simple and easy to use.

Step-2. To download, visit and select your operating system then download it.


Step-3. Now open the downloaded setup file of BlueStacks and install it on your computer.


Step-4. After successful installation, open BlueStacks and login with your Google account.


After following these steps, you can do two things to use IMO on your computer.

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Download the apk file of IMO from and then install it manually through BlueStacks. After installing it manually, you will be able to use IMO on your PC without any issue.

IMO For PC BlueStacks Manual Installation

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You can simply log in to your Google account and then install IMO from Google PlayStore. This is pretty easy, and you can use any mobile application on your computer by following this method.

IMO For PC Using BlueStacks

So these were the three effective ways to use IMO on your computer/laptop without any technical hassle. If you have any query regarding any method, then please comment below, and we will reply you back with a helpful solution.

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IMO For Mac

IMO For Mac PC
IMO For Mac

Mac users suffer because they do not have a variety of applications, and Windows OS is much more flexible. If you are a macOS user and struggling to use IMO, then you are at the perfect place. I have mentioned a step by step instructions to help you use IMO on your Macbook.

Step-1. First of all, On your Macbook browser, open

Step-2. Now click on the IMO for Mac option then the setup file will be automatically downloaded.

Step-3. Open the setup file and install it on your system.

After successful installation, open and set up your IMO account. Following the mentioned instructions, anyone can use IMO on their macOS.

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Frequently Asked Question

There were so many questions unanswered on many popular forum sites. So we chose some of the most common questions and answered them here. If you have any queries related to the subject, then please comment below, and our support team will help you solve it.

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Does IMO Charge Anything?

IMO is an international social cross-platform which allows sending messages & calls to other users over the internet. Apart from the internet charges, there is no extra cost charged by IMO, and anyone can use it for absolutely free. Also, check the best Roku private channels.

Can I Call an IMO Mobile User from PC?

There are no restrictions for PC users, and a user can connect to any device which has an IMO application installed. Yes, you can call an IMO mobile user from your computer/laptop. Also, check the best voice changer for discord.

Is It Safe to Use IMO for PC?

IMO application is verified by many developers and is certified as a safe application. It is used by people all over the world, especially for video conferencing. In simple words, it is safe to use IMO for PC.

Is IMO Better than Other Social Messaging Applications?

There are other messaging applications that offer the same features that are provided by IMO. The thing which makes IMO unique is the premium audio/visual quality at a low data usage & slow data speed.

Can I Use IMO without the Internet?

IMO is an application that helps a user to connect with another user over the internet. You cannot receive or send messages and calls without a stable internet connection.

Final Words For IMO For PC

IMO is a fantastic social messaging application to connect with people all over the world. I personally use it to make video calls as it consumes fewer internet data compared to other applications.

In this article, I have shared everything about IMO for PC and effective methods to use IMO on a computer/laptop.

Apart from that, I answered some common questions relevant to the subject, and I hope that this comprehensive article satisfied all your queries.

But if you have any issues or doubts regarding the topic, then comment below, and I or someone from our team will respond to it with a positive reply.

Also, share this helpful article with your friends and let them experience video conferencing on a big screen.

Which is your favorite feature of IMO for PC? Share your experience with IMO.

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