Deslide: Remove Slideshow From Websites (3 EASY Ways!) 2024


Automated slideshows are super annoying while browsing any website, and apart from the irritation, it also increases the data(internet) consumption.

If you are struggling to find a reliable or working solution to deslide a website, then you are at the perfect webpage.

In this article, I am going to share some effective ways to deslide any website without much technical knowledge.

Internet is filled with web pages that contain relevant information, but some of these webpages impose slideshows on us that ruin the user experience. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

These slideshows are one of the potential sources of revenue for the website owners.

Let us not waste anymore of our time in the introduction and move further to the main subject.

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What Is Slideshow?

A slideshow is a push by the webpage to open another webpage in order to view the full content. This activity irritates the user but helps the owner generate more money from it.

I wouldn’t say I like slideshow because it wastes the valuable time of the use and also ruins the user experience.

Therefore, I am writing this article for the ones who are searching for the solution to remove the slideshow from all the websites.

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[Deslide] Here is How to Remove Slideshow from a Website:

I am glad that you share the same interest because even I used to hate these forceful slideshows, and therefore, I have shared some effective ways to remove slideshows from any website or webpage in seconds. There are various ways to deslide a website, and below I have mentioned the most effective ones.

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Method-1. Remove Slideshow From A Website Using Desliding Website.

This is the best popular method to deslide any website; in this method, you are required to paste the URL to the desliding webpage and then the site from the deslider website. If this is not enough to make you understand the process, then follow the instructions mentioned below. Also, check these best torrent sites and Putlocker proxy.

Step-1. Open & copy the URL of the page you want to deslide, for instance,

Step-2. Now, visit and paste the copied URL in the box.

Step-3. After pasting the URL, click on the preview option.

Deslide A Website

Step-4. Now the whole page will be loaded without any slideshows.

Deslide Remove Slideshow From A Website

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Method-2. Deslide Or Remove Slideshow From A Website Using Browser Extension.

Step-1. The easiest and most straightforward method to deslide a website is to use a reliable chrome extension like Pagezipper & Printfriendly that will help you remove slideshow at once from every page you visit.

how to deslide a website

Step-2. Open any webpage which has slideshow then click on the extension icon on the upper right corner of your browser.

Step-3. After this, your page will be refreshed, and you will not face slideshow anymore on that page.


Follow the same steps with any website you visit and get rid of the irritation.

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Method-3. Deslide A Website Using Third-Party Website.

Introducing an alternative to Method 1 because it sometimes does not work, and you should be ready with an alternative. Follow the below-mentioned steps to deslide any webpage:

Step-1. Copy the web address or URL of the page you want to deslide.

Step-2. Visit and paste the copied URL & select type of display you want, then click on deslide option.

Deslide, Remove Slideshow

After following the above instructions, you will have your webpage without any slideshow.


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Final Words

Slideshow on a webpage can be really frustrating because it wastes time and also consumes the internet without any reason.

In this article, I have shared a few methods to deslide a website and get rid of slideshow & even advertisements.

I believe that this comprehensive article helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding deslide.

But if you have any issue or problem, then please comment below, and I or someone from our team will respond to it with a helpful reply in no time.

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Also, share this useful information with your friends and help them get rid of the slideshow.

Which method of removing slideshow did you like the most?

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