10 Best PDF Password Remover Tools For Windows PC (Updated)

Most people or professionals lock up their PDF files to prevent unauthorized access. A user needs to make a payment to access the file. A user won’t access the file without making the payment. Here comes the need for the Best PDF Password Remover Tools. You must have landed over this page looking for the software to remove your PDF file passwords.

PDF Password Remover is a program that helps recover the file password or remove it to make the file accessible again. For instance, multiple options are available over the internet. Some come free of cost, and some programs have premium features that require premium prices.

Best PDF Password Remover Tools For Windows PC

In this article, we have found and given a detailed overview of the programs that are helpful towards removing a password from the PDF File.


10 Best PDF Password Remover Tools For Windows PC:

Despite this, keeping a file protected using a password is one of the best ways to increase the protection of the documents. But, if the person has forgotten the password, then the tools listed below come in.

#1. PDF Password Remover (PDFTechnlogies)

PDF Password Remover is a tool developed towards removing owner passwords most efficiently. You will be able to edit the view file after removing the password. But, this tool does not help remove the passwords set by users.

PDFTechnologies Password Remover

PDF Password Remover is a free tool that is available for Windows PC. This program is small in size and installs easily. You need to install it on your system as this program is not portable.

Pros –

  • Smalls in size.
  • Free.
  • Remove owner passwords.

Cons –

  • Do not remove the password set up by users.


#2. Weeny Free PDF Password Remover

Weeny comes under the list of handy tools that are helpful towards removing PDF passwords. Weeny helps in accessing all the password-protected files quickly. You can get access back to your files by removing the passwords.

Weeny has a simple user interface. It removes all the restrictions set on a PDF File. Moreover, a simple feature allows you to select multiple PDF files and remove passwords efficiently. After selecting all the files, click on the remove button.

Weenysoft Password Remover

The passwords set up on files will get removed. Weeny Password Remover is a free tool that is available for Windows PC. You can download and install it on the system with ease.

Pros –

  • Free tool.
  • Select multiple PDF files.
  • It is a perfect tool for removing user and owner passwords.

Cons –

  • Sometimes, the process is slow.


#3. PDFCrack

Another program on our list is PDFCrack. PDFCrack helps recover passwords from PDF files free of cost. PDFCrack is available for GNU/Linux Systems. It is an efficient way to recover passwords from PDF files.

It is a command-driven tool that helps recover the passwords set up by both users and owners. PDFCrack is an optimized tool that follows brute force technology. PDFCrack is small in size and quick to download.


However, the time it takes to recover the PDF file’s password depends on the PDF file size. The bigger the file, the longer it will take to recover the password.

Pros –

  • Free of cost.
  • Recover PDF Passwords.
  • Brute Force Technology.

Cons –

  • It takes time to recover the password.


#4. PDF Unlocker (AppNimi)

PDF Unlocker is one of the efficient and straightforward applications that is helpful towards unlocking password-protected files. This program will help remove the passwords on PDF set up by owners. For instance, PDF Unlocker does not crack or remove the password.

This program will find out the password using the Brute Force Technology, which is helpful towards recovering PDF Passwords. We even have mentioned the same earlier.

Appnimi PDF Unlocker

But, the only issue we did notice was the time-taking process. It takes a longer time than any other PDF Password Recover Tools.

Pros –

  • Free of cost.
  • Brute Force Technology to recover passwords.

Cons –

  • It takes time to recover the password.
  • It does not find out the passwords set up by users.


#5. Instant PDF Password Remover

This program is added to our list of top 10 Best PDF Password Remover Tools. It comes among the competition with other tools and is helpful towards removing protected PDF files passwords.

Instant PDF Password Remover is available for Windows Pc. You can remove both the passwords which users and owners set up using this program. It has a simple and understandable user interface.

Instant PDF Password Remover

You can learn to use this tool efficiently. Just select and add the PDF file and leave everything to this tool.

Pros –

  • It is available for Windows PC.
  • Free of cost.
  • Instantly removes PDF Password.

Cons –

  • Sometimes, it shows errors.


#6. PDF Password Locker/Remover (Wonderful Share)

PDF Password Locker/Remover is software developed by Wonderful Share. You can lock or unlock PDF files using this tool. The simple user interface allows its user to drag and drop PDF files.

You can upload 5 PDF files at once and unlock their password. PDF Password Locker/Remover uses the best algorithm to ensure password remover.

PDF Password Locker/Remover (Wonderful Share)

Apart from this, a user can also set up the passwords for PDF files.

Pros –

  • Set up the passwords.
  • Remove the PDF password using the best algorithm.

Cons –


#7. Small PDF

The seventh program in our list to remove passwords from a PDF Protect File is Small PDF. It does not require any user permissions or installations. It is a web-based tool helpful towards eliminating passwords from PDF Files.

Since it is a browser-based program, you can use it on any operating system. The simple user interface allows you to drag and drop files.

Small PDF

You only have to upload the document and accept that the files belong to you. After that, the password removal process will get started.

Pros –

  • Browser-based program.
  • Quick and fast.
  • Free of cost.
  • Available for all operating systems.

Cons –

  • Sometimes, the server gets slow.


#8. PDF Crypt

PDF Crypt is a command-driven tool. You can use this tool for removing PDF Passwords. But, you need to be aware of the graphical user interface. However, a help guide will come along with this program.

PDF Crypt

PDF Crypt is small in size. Therefore, it will not cost much memory in your system.

Pros –

  • Free of cost.
  • Small in size.

Cons –

  • It is a command-driven tool.


#9. Jihosoft PDF Password Remover

We only have added the programs that come free of cost. But, premium features require premium prices. Jihosoft PDF Password Remover is one such tool that allows you to remove passwords from the PDF file using its super decryption method.

Jihosoft Password remover

It does support almost all PDF files. But, the only thing is one needs to pay 19.95$ to purchase its license.

Pros –

  • It supports almost all PDF files.
  • A quick response.

Cons –

  • It costs 19.95$.
  • No customer support.
  • It is only available for Windows.


#10. Accent PDF Password Recovery

We are ending our list of 10 Best PDF Password Remover Tools for Windows PC. The last program on our list is Accent PDF Password Recovery.

Accent PDF Password Recovery can help you remove the master passwords and guarantees the high-speed recovery of passwords setup from the user end.

Accent PDF Password Recovery

For instance, it supports almost all versions of PDF files and provides free technical support to its customers. However, the only disadvantage is Accent PDF Password Recovery is a premium software.

Therefore, you need to purchase a license to get it installed. There are multiple license options. You can buy according to your budget and needs.

Pros –

  • It supports all PDF Versions.
  • It is available for Windows.
  • Helpful towards removing master passwords.
  • Free technical support.

Cons –

  • You need to purchase a license to get it installed.


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The bottom line

Let me come to the short and straightforward conclusion of adding this article. This article is all about providing a piece of detailed information on the 10 Best PDF Password Remover Tools.There is no doubt. Most people were searching for this term and why they landed over here.

Although, the list of tools we have provided are both free and premium versions. We have added it according to its usage and popularity. You are free to download any software that suits your needs and budget. All the tools added to this list are the best and most helpful towards removing or recovering PDF passwords.

But, the only recommendation from our side is Jihosoft PDF Password Remover. which is in 9th place. You can download and try it once. After that, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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