11 Best Sites Like Putlocker (FREE Alternatives) in 2024

Sites like Putlocker could help you if you were a fan of Putlocker.com. On this page, I will teach you how to unblock Putlocker.com. You can also use these Putlocker alternatives, which are mentioned below.

I am a Putlocker fan, but now it is blocked in my region. Now, What? How to access/unblock the Putlocker website? I am not sharing any method here to unblock the Putlocker website, but I will share the 11 best sites like Putlocker. Yes, you read it right. I will share the 11 best free alternative sites like Putlocker on this page.

What is Putlocker?

If you are a movie fan and watch many movies online, you must know about the website Putlocker, which allows you to stream the best films without charging any penny. But, unfortunately, finding videos to watch movies or web series online is a bit difficult and a creepy job.

Also, most of the websites on the internet are dead or offer surveys that lead to dead ends. After everything, it becomes really perplexing for one to find a good and reliable website, and so in this article, I will share the best sites like putlocker for you. You may also like these best iOS emulators for PC.

best sites like putlocker
Best Sites Like Putlocker

Putlocker has recently changed a lot, and many of its updates were rejected due to copyright and legal issues. So it becomes essential to switch or to know about potential alternatives for it. We all love watching series and movies, and we rely on some third-party websites to watch them for free.

Still, in this vast market of websites, it becomes challenging to find good streaming sites like putlocker, and that is why we decided to share this comprehensive article with you. Recommended Read: Xbox One Emulators for PC.

Before we begin with the main subject, have a look at these essential points:

  • Although watching or streaming movies and web series is an illegal act, you won’t be punished for it as it is impossible to track each streamer when there are millions of people guilty.
  • The websites mentioned didn’t pay us a penny to list their names here; also, it is a fully unbias article.
  • Some websites might resist.

Also, check these best torrent sites.

11 Best Alternative Sites like Putlocker in 2024

Below here is a list of some alternatives to the putlocker website to watch free movies that will satisfy and deliver the best watching experience.

#1. SolarMovie.fm

With a wide variety of movies and shows, Solar Movies has won the hearts of a large number of eyes. You can stream your favorite movies and TV shows for free, and it also resembles an ancestor of putlocker. The best this about Solar Movies is that it does not need a virtual private network (VPN) to suffer, and you can stream your favorite movies and shows without changing or manipulating the IP or location.

putlocker alternative site

This website has a user-friendly interface that features a search bar to make it easier for you to find your desired movie/show. After comparing it with many other alternatives of putlocker, I subject this website to the best putlocker alternative. Also, check the best anime streaming sites.

#2. 123Movies.fun

123movie.fun is a fantastic website for witnessing your favorite movies and TV shows for absolutely free. It features a simple and user-friendly interface to enhance the user experience and satisfy the user to the fullest extent. Like SolarMovies, 123Movies do not need VPN to suffer or watch your desired movies and shows.

alternative sites like putlocker

This website does not require any signup/login to stream and especially projects Anime for anime lovers, and you can also search your desired movie or TV show at the search bar. If anyhow, you cannot find your wanted search, then you can request them directly, and they will process your request soon.

Also, they regularly post on their social handles about the regular updates done on the website. You may also like to read these three ways to get a Grammarly premium free trial account.

#3. SonyCrackle.com

A premium streaming service allows you to watch your favorable TV shows & movies for free and in a standard or full HD quality. It is a legal and legit streaming service that offers only licensed content, which means you are doing nothing wrong, plus no virtual private network is needed to stream content on Crackle. It provides a quality user experience and features a simple user interface to drop a seamless and easy experience.

putlocker website alternatives

It is one of those apps which I personally use for the quality streaming of some of my favorite shows. A minor drawback of Crackle is that it does not feature a lot of shows as it is restricted to licensed movies and shows, but it resembles putlocker and is one of the best alternatives to it. Recommended Read: How to turn on fingerprint lock on Whatsapp?

#4. MegaSharesc.com

It is a popular website and a reliable source for watching HD movies and shows on the internet. MegaShare offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows and uploads new content faster than other third-party websites. In addition, it features a special tab of suggestions where it projects movies and shows according to your watching history and search results.

best sites like putlockers

This website does not need a VPN to stream quality movies and shows. The interface of Megashare.su is quite attractive and user-friendly, which makes it top the best streaming website segments. I assure you that if you are a fan of putlocker, then streaming on MegaShare will undoubtedly satisfy your content needs. You may also like to check the best games like Skyrim.

#5. Popcornflix.com

It is one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet, which is perfect if you search for a stable website with a wide variety of movies and shows. You can subject this website to the basic version of Putlocker. Popcornflix is for PC users and Android, and it projects Movies and TV shows separately.

alternative to putlocker website

It is different from the other dead websites on the internet as it regularly updates its database. Therefore, if we consider every aspect of the site, like speed and wide database, it can be said that Popcornflix is one of the best alternatives for the putlocker.

#6. LosMovies.fun

Los Movies is one of the best websites for streaming movies and TV shows. It allows you to filter your search and make your search experience like never before. A minor drawback of this website is that you cannot access it directly, and you need to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as this website is banned in our country due to legal action processed on copyright issues.

site like putlockers

It is updated regularly to deliver a seamless watching experience. So if you are searching for an ultimate streaming solution, then this Los Movies is the end to your search. Also, you can easily get free VPNs on the internet, and it is effortless to operate, so do not wait and check Los Movies right now.

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#7. GetPopcornTime.is

This website is popular enough not to mention anything, but if you are new to GetPopcornTime, then read this paragraph completely. It features a wide variety of movies and shows on Windows, macOS, and Linux, which captures a vast array of users.

Popcorn Time is integrated with updated coded tech, which updates it regularly and recently launched its Application for Android & iOS users.

alternatives to putlocker site

This website also offers a great quality of content with excellent HD visuals and crystal clear sounds with subtitles in your suitable language (mostly English). So if you are planning to shift from putlock to a stable and streaming website that is continuously updated, Popcorn Time is the shot to kill all your watching urges.

You may also like to check these best sites like Coke and Popcornand YesMovies Proxy sites as well.

Some other paid but worthy streaming sites like putlocker are listed below:

#8. Hulu.com

Searching for a movie but cannot find it on the internet? Don’t worry, as Hulu.com is the place you need to visit. It features a dark theme web page with super fast speed and an attractive design, which will deliver a streaming experience like never before. Although it drops a bold premium look to the interface.

sites like putlockers

You need to pay $5.99 per month to watch movies and TV shows, which is an average pizza price nowadays. So if you are searching for a worthy alternative for putlocker, then Hulu.com is a perfect fit for you.

#9. YouTube.com

best sites like putlocker

YouTube is the largest video streaming service on the planet, which serves all countries and also gave rise to many popular content creators. You can also watch movies on YouTube by buying them for a certain sum or even renting them at a lower price.

Recently, it launched a premium subscription in which you can subscribe to the premium content at a certain price and get access to the premium content. Apart from these, it also features some quality content for free.

#10. Netflix.com

best site like putlocker

It is the most popular paid streaming service on the internet as it is streamed globally by most movies and TV show geeks. It asks for a monthly fee and allows you access to watch and download premium shows, some of which are not available anywhere else as it produces most of the shows by itself.

So if you are searching to treat yourself to some quality content, then I would recommend you go for Netflix, as it is the best streaming service online.

#11. PrimeVideo.com

best alternative sites like putlocker

A streaming service offered by one of the richest multinational brands, “Amazon.” Like Netflix, Amazon also charges a monthly or yearly fee to stream licensed quality content with no surveys or ads. However, it is cheaper than Netflix, and I prefer Amazon Prime over Netflix, as Prime also offers many other perks that apply to Amazon’s e-commerce website.

So these were some of the best sites like putlocker that won’t let you feel regret about shifting from putlocker.

The Bottom Line

Streaming online is one of the most done activities on the internet, and it is rapidly increasing as the internet is reaching the un-developed areas of India.

According to the calculation of some organizations, the number of internet users will be twice as of now in the next three years, and it will undoubtedly give hype to the online streaming segments.

In this comprehensive article, I projected some of the best sites like putlocker, which won’t let you down as each one is verified and positively rated by their constant users.

Let us know if you are a putlocker fan, and even if you have any queries or questions regarding this subject, then please make a comment below, and someone from our team will surely reply to you with the best possible and suitable reply.

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