150 Best Proxy Servers And Sites List (FREE Servers) 2024

In this article, I will share my knowledge about proxy servers, and I will also share some of the best proxy servers and sites I have come across in life.

Best Proxy Servers
Best Proxy Servers

Nowadays, accessing torrents or any porn site is also restricted by our ISP provider & government. However, we can still access those sites with the help of a virtual private network or any reliable online proxy site.

In my college days, the authorities banned websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and they were not accessible through any school servers.

When I heard the name of proxy servers and websites, it made it possible to surf banned websites without following any technical protocol.

It is easier to find proxy servers & VPN applications by searching for the relevant keyword, but I must tell you that the top-ranking results of proxy sites are not that reliable. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

I will explain comprehensively about proxy servers and how it helps in accessing banned/blocked websites.

Also, please share this article with your friends and stop them from restricting our internet rights.

Let us not waste any more time and move further to the main topic.

List of best proxy sites and servers of 2024:

1. Hide.me

best proxy servers
Best Proxy Servers

Hide.me is the best internet service that provides an absolutely free proxy server and provides a virtual private network for desktops (macOS & Windows OS), smartphones, and other devices like Amazon Fire TV. In addition, hide Me has about 15 million+ users globally, making it more trustworthy than other local proxy sites.

It offers about three server locations for free and is 100% secure as they are the sole owner of these servers. In addition, it is super easy to use; you need to put the URL of the page and choose the location from where you want to access it (the location where the site is not blocked.)

They also offer other options like allowing cookies, removing scripts, etc., and I recommend not messing with them if you do not know about them.

Also, check the YesMovies proxy and Yify Proxy.

2. HideMyAss.com

proxy websites
Best Proxy Servers

This is one of the most exceptional proxy servers on the internet, and the user interface is quite simple. In addition, hide My Ass (HMA) offers a fully encrypted connection with super-fast surfing speed (depending on your bandwidth).

Apart from the proxy server, HMA offers a virtual private network to access any sites plus applications as it covers the whole connection. They have VPN services for smartphones, tablets, and desktops too. In addition, hide My Ass provides a wide range of connections (servers) to change geo-location more precisely.

If you are struggling to find a reliable source to access any web page blocked for your region, you can opt for HMA and surf everything available & online on the internet.

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3. ProxySite.com

best proxy serversProxysite.com is one of the most popular proxy servers as it receives the most organic reach due to its name. This website offers a simple webpage and allows you to surf through 12+ international servers. Furthermore, the connection is 100% secure as it is encrypted with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL.)

If your boss or senior authority has blocked social websites like Facebook or youtube, then using this website, you can access those sites too. The best thing about Proxy Site is that it is based globally, and a person can access it anywhere.

If you are still confused between potential proxy servers, you must give a shot at Proxy Site as it also allows you to block ads.

You may also like to check TorretKing proxy sites and RARBG proxy.

4. Hidester.com

proxy sites
Best Proxy Servers

Hidester is another potential proxy site that offers a safe & secure connection to access restricted websites. It is amusingly designed, and despite that, it is straightforward to use. In addition, it protects you from harmful viruses injected through certain sites & scripts.

They claim their base as the best free proxy site on the internet. You can directly paste the desired site URL and select the location from where you want to surf and GO! The unique thing about Hidester is that it allows you to switch the interface to several OS like Android, macOS & other operating systems.

The proxy servers offered by Hidester are limited, and you will need to upgrade to the pro version to get access to hundreds of other proxy servers.

Also, check these best torrent sites and Putlocker proxy.

5. VPNbook.com

best proxy serversAs the name suggests, this mainly focuses on providing a virtual private network service. Besides, it offers a free web proxy with 256-bit SSL encryption that helps access blocked/restricted sites and removes government censorship.

If you are using a public system in any college, school, or office, you might have faced authorities blocking those specific sites like Putlocker. I recommend using VPNBOOK to protect your connection and let you access blocked/restricted sites.

It is a web-based proxy, and so you are not required to download any setup/application to use the proxy server. To browse any website, paste the URL on the VPNBOOK’s address bar, then choose any proxy and press GO.

It is undoubtedly the most simple proxy site on the internet, and if you are looking for something simple, then VPNBOOK is the perfect option for you.

Also, check out these best sites like coke and popcorn and Garageband alternatives.

6. KProxy.com

best proxy serversUnlike most proxy servers, kproxy allows you to hide its menu bar and deliver a quality surfing experience. In addition, it offers a wide range of proxy servers for absolutely free and provides a secure & safe connection.

The servers are encrypted and deliver a perfectly anonymous experience. However, one of the significant drawbacks of kproxy is that the free version offers limited proxy servers, and so you will need to purchase the pro version to access other servers.

The interface might look a little complicated, but 10 minutes is all it takes to master kproxy. It also offers chrome & firefox extensions, and all these features make it a potential rival for other proxy sites.

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7. Whoer.net

proxy server
Best Proxy Servers

A premium virtual private network provider that also offers a free web-based proxy server. Like other proxy sites, Whoer.net offers an encrypted server that allows you to browse the internet anonymously.

It provides servers from multiple countries, and your speed is not interrupted by the connection. Apart from that, the servers listed on it are entirely owned by it, and they do not work as a third-party site.

If you want to secure your connection to the fullest, then there is nothing better than Whoer.net for you.

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8. Zend2.com

best proxy sites
Best Proxy Servers

Zend2 is a popular proxy site and is famous for its super-fast speed browsing. The interface of Zend2 is straightforward and super easy to use, even for a 12-year-old.

Unlike many other local servers, Zend2 allows its users to access YouTube & Facebook. Zend2 also will enable you to remove scripts and encrypt the URL, as well as the webpage.

If you want to easily access any blocked site, Zend2 would undoubtedly be the perfect go for you.

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9. MegaProxy.com

best proxy sitesMegaProxy is another free site that offers a wide range of proxy servers to surf anonymously and unlock the restricted/blocked internet. It is a lot more than just a proxy site to surf blocked or restricted websites.

MegaProxy allows its users to remove ads from the websites and drop a quality surfing experience. Plus, you can also limit animation on a webpage that eventually saves your internet data.

Although it offers a bunch of amusing features, some sites might not work correctly. However, if you are a developer or a tech geek, you should try this fantastic web-based proxy server.

You may also like to check these sites like Putlocker and LimeTorrents proxy sites.

Best Proxy Sites Online 2024

Sl. No.Proxy Sites ListProxy Sites URL
2New IP Nowhttp://newipnow.com/
34ever proxyhttp://www.4everproxy.com/
4Unblock My Webhttp://www.unblockmyweb.com/
6Don't filterhttp://dontfilter.us/
7Proxy Sitehttps://www.proxysite.com/
8Filter By Passhttps://www.filterbypass.me/
10Fast USA Proxyhttp://fastusaproxy.com/

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Free Proxy Servers 2024

Sl. No.Proxy Server ListProxy Server URL
1Hide My Asshttps://www.hidemyass.com/
2Hide Mehttps://hide.me/en/proxy
3KTunnel Proxyhttp://ktunnelproxy.net/
5Ultra Surfhttps://ultrasurf.us/
6US Web Proxyhttp://www.uswebproxy.com/
8Blew Passhttp://www.blewpass.com/
10Hide My IPhttps://www.hide-my-ip.com/

Best Proxy Sites To Unblock Blocked Websites:

  1. Unblock youtube at school http://unblockyoutubeatschool.com
  2. Proxy Site 2024 – http://www.proxy2014.net/
  3. Saoudi proxy http://saoudiproxy.info
  4. Zfreez http://www.zendproxy.com/
  5. Quickproxy – http://quickproxy.co.uk
  6. Push Proxy – https://www.pushproxy.com/
  7. Private Surf – https://www.privatesurf.us/
  8. Sporium – http://sporium.org/
  9. Fast USA Proxy – http://fastusaproxy.com/
  10. Can’t block this – http://cantblockthis.org
  11. New IP Now – http://newipnow.com/
  12. Anonymouse – http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html
  13. Hide the internet – http://hidetheinternet.com/
  14. Hidden Digital Info – http://hiddendigital.info/
  15. Anony Mizer – https://www.anonymizer.com/ (14 days free trial)
  16. K Proxy – http://www.kproxy.com/
  17. Hide me proxy- hideme.com
  18. Sokal online proxy site Map toy – http://maptoy.com
  19. Listmmo – http://www.listmmo.com
  20. Anonymousrus proxy sites – http://www.anonymousrus.info/
  21. Ninjafy – http://www.ninjafy.us/
  22. Draw Forum – http://www.drawforum.com/
  23. Firoxy proxy sites- http://www.firoxy.com/
  24. Bag Bone – http://bogbone.com
  25. Hide My Trax Proxy – https://hidemytraxproxy.ca/
  26. Proxy One – https://www.proxyone.net/
  27. Saoudi Proxy – http://saoudiproxy.info/
  28. Proxy Internet – http://proxy-internet.info/
  29. Ninja Cloak – http://ninjacloak.com/
  30. Proxyo – http://proxyo.info/
  31. Quick Proxy sites – http://www.quickproxy.co.uk/
  32. DeFilter – http://defilter.us/
  33. Free Proxy Server – https://www.freeproxyserver.uk/
  34. Free You Proxy Tube – https://www.freeyouproxytube.com/
  35. Hide Me Ass – https://www.hidemeass.co.uk/
  36. Remove Filters – https://www.removefilters.net/
  37. UK – Proxy – https://www.uk-proxy.org.uk/
  38. Surf Help – http://www.surfhelp.info/
  39. PK Proxy – http://pkproxy.info/
  40. America Proxy – http://americaproxy.info/
  41. Korea Proxy – http://krproxy.info/
  42. Wing proxy sites http://www.wingproxy.info
  43. Ultimate access proxy sites– http://www.ultimate-access.net/
  44. Best Proxy Sites – http://www.filterless.info/
  45. The unstoppable – http://www.theunstoppable.info/
  46. Dine Forum proxy sites – http://www.dineforum.com/
  47. BestSchool – http://www.bestschool-network.info/
  48. Best Proxy sites list 2024 – http://www.proxyfoxy.com/
  49. Poll proxy – http://www.pollproxy.info
  50. Monkeyfunky- http://www.monkeyfunky.co.uk

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Fast Proxy Servers & Sites

  1. Best Proxy Server – http://www.zalmos.com/
  2. Surf Proxy – http://surfproxy.co/
  3. FB Proxies – http://fbproxies.info/
  4. VPN Browse – http://vpnbrowse.com/
  5. The Best Proxy – https://www.thebestproxy.info/
  6. Proxy website – http://www.proxy-2014.com/
  7. Extreme Proxy sites – https://www.extremeproxy.us/
  8. Hide The Internet – https://www.hidetheinternet.com/
  9. Crazy Proxy – https://www.crazyproxy.org/
  10. Prox Me Call Me Names – http://www.proxmecallmenames.com/
  11. Change IP & Country – http://anonymizer.nntime.com/
  12. Best Proxy Sites – http://vtunnel.com/
  13. Jezus Loves this proxy http://jezuslovesthisproxy.info
  14. Pro unblock – http://pro-unblock.com
  15. Rapid Proxy – https://www.rapidproxy.us/
  16. New IP now – http://newipnow.com
  17. Hidester https://hidester.com
  18. https://hidester.com/proxylist
  19. HideMyAss: https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy
  20. kProxy http://www.kproxy.com/
  21. Proxay – https://www.proxay.co.uk/
  22. View Youtube – http://www.viewyoutube.net/
  23. Mega Proxy – https://www.megaproxy.asia/
  24. Greatest Free Proxy sites – http://www.greatestfreeproxy.com/
  25. Fish Proxy – http://fishproxy.com/
  26. ECXS – https://www.ecxs.asia/
  27. Web Proxy Free – http://www.webproxyfree.net/
  28. World Cup Proxy – https://www.worldcupproxy.com/
  29. Monster Proxy – https://www.monsterproxy.co.uk/
  30. See Proxy – http://seeproxy.me/
  31. Canada Proxy – http://canadaproxy.info/
  32. Best Proxy Servers – http://sporium.org/
  33. Ca Proxies – http://caproxies.info/
  34. Proxy 2015 – http://proxy-2015.info/
  35. Poof proxy – http://www.poofproxy.com
  36. Surflist proxy sites http://www.surflist.info/
  37. IP less Prox sites – http://www.ipless.info/
  38. Surf Land Proxy sites- http://www.surfland.info/
  39. http://www.firoxy.com/
  40. Suede Proxy – http://suedeproxy.info/
  41. Stardoll Proxy – https://www.stardollproxy.com/
  42. IP Switcher – https://www.ipswitcher.us/
  43. Proxy 4 Freedom – http://proxy4freedom.com/
  44. Proxy Browse – http://proxybrowse.info/
  45. Just Proxy – http://www.justproxy.co.uk/
  46. Fast School Proxy – https://www.fastschoolproxy.com/
  47. hi5 proxy – http://www.hi5proxynow.info/
  48. http://www.thecamouflaged.info/
  49. Brazil Proxy – http://brazilproxy.info/
  50. King Surf Proxy – http://www.kingsurf.com

New Proxy Servers & Sites List:

  1. Best Proxy Servers – https://www.proxysite.com
  2. Web Blind- http://www.webblind.info
  3. Estiloretro- http://www.estiloretro.com
  4. See The Net- http://www.seethenet.info
  5. See The Space- http://www.seethespace.info
  6. 4urbrowsing- http://www.4urbrowsing.info/
  7. Aproxies- http://www.aproxies.info
  8. Cloaknet- http://www.cloaknet.info
  9. The Unblockable- http://www.theunblockable.cn
  10. Brazilproxy- http://www.brazilproxy.info
  11. Browse Free- http://www.browse-free.com/
  12. Browse Prince- http://www.browseprince.info
  13. Awintheam- http://www.awintheam.com
  14. Everyprox- http://www.everyprox.com/
  15. Unblock My Internet- http://www.unblockmyinternet.net
  16. Rent Proxy- http://www.rentproxy.info
  17. Unlimited Browsing- http://www.unlimited-browsing.com/
  18. Toms My Space- http://www.toms-myspace.info/
  19. My Space IP Change- http://www.myspaceipchange.info
  20. Blockednet- http://www.blockednet.info
  21. Poof Proxy- http://www.poofproxy.com
  22. High School Explorer- http://www.highschoolexplorer.info/
  23. Proxysky- http://www.proxysky.info
  24. Seethenet- http://www.seethenet.info
  25. View The Mall- http://www.viewthemall.info
  26. Unblocker Lite (Best Proxy Servers) – http://www.unblockerlite.info
  27. Dawon- http://www.dawon.info
  28. Cdbplc- http://www.cdbplc.com
  29. Unblock Mysurf- http://www.unblockmysurf.com
  30. Monkeyfunky- http://www.monkeyfunky.co.uk
  31. Internet Unlocked- http://www.internetunlocked.com
  32. Laproxy- http://www.laproxy.net

So these were some reliable & best proxy servers and sites that you can use to surf anonymously and unblock everything on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proxy Server is a deep subject, and millions of people have raised questions regarding this subject. I took some of the most asked questions and posted relevant & satisfying answers in this article.

Q-1. What is a Proxy Server or Website?

A proxy site or server is a gateway (link) between your connection and the internet. It is basically a private server that separates the end-users from the websites they access. These sites/servers protect your connection from your LAN/WAN/ISP/GOVERNMENT and let you access the things which are blocked for others. If you are searching for a reliable proxy site, then above is a list of some of the best proxy servers, and you can rely on all to securely surf the internet.

Q-2. What Does an Anonymous Proxy Server Do?

Hackers/criminals do not just use these anonymous servers but even normal people to manipulate their strict seniors or even a citizen of a country to access a blocked webpage in their region. Moreover, these proxy servers help a person hide their IP address & change GEO-Location without any technical hassle.

Streaming services like Netflix & Prime hide some content from users of a specific country, but using these proxy sites can access everything on the internet. It is the only way to project oneness and fight discrimination that is affecting the internet. Apart from that, these sites allow you to access torrent sites and download pirated stuff.

Q-3. Is It Safe to Use These Proxy Servers?

This is one of the most important & stupidest questions on the internet regarding proxy sites. A person should always be curious about the things he is into, and if the concept of the subject is clear, then there would be no stupid questions in mind. Proxy Site works as a link between your connection to the internet, and it acts as an opaque cover to the exchange of signals.

These servers work to protect you from getting caught on the internet by changing your geo-location & IP address. It is undoubtedly safe & secure, but make sure you choose a reliable server to surf as many of the sites share their logs/data with the government, which is not safe.

I have mentioned some of the best proxy servers, and you can use any one of them as they all are 100% secure.

Q-4. What Is Better Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy Server?

I have already explained about the proxy server and won’t repeat the same information. A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that absolutely covers your whole connection (network); it basically creates a private network in a public network and lets you browse anonymously.

In my opinion, a virtual private network is a lot better than a proxy server as it covers the whole device or network, and you can use any software by spoofing your IP address as well as geographical location. But proxy servers are better for those who want to visit or surf certain sites, plus a virtual private network cannot remove ads from a webpage.

Both VPN & Proxy servers are perfect in their ways, and they cannot be directly compared. However, I hope this answer satisfies your query about VPN versus Proxy servers, and I kindly request you to share this piece of information with your mates and help them gain some knowledge too.

Proxy Sites – The bottom line

Proxy Servers provide a level of security and privacy for your browsing data & actions over the internet. It is a gateway between you and the whole internet, which makes you anonymous to the world.

If you surf through a proxy server, then you might have experienced a slight decrease in your internet speed — it is because the request you send first is redirected to the server, and then the server filters the result and sends the signal (results) back to you.

In this comprehensive article, you learned about proxy servers and got precise answers to some popular questions.

I have also shared the best proxy servers and sites to help you choose from millions of options, as some websites might let you access the restricted sites but won’t hide/change your IP address.

I believe that this comprehensive article helped you and satisfied all your doubts related to or relevant to the subject.

But if you have any queries or doubts regarding today’s topic, please comment below, and I or someone from our team will positively respond to it with a helpful reply in no time.

Which proxy site did you like the most?

Also, share your experience with proxy servers and help other readers to save time and go for the best.

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