12 Best Rooting Apps For Android (Root Without PC Computer)

Best Rooting Apps For Android
Best Rooting Apps For Android

It’s been a long time since I shared something on Android rooting, but recently this subject gained hype again, and that demand stimulated me to write on this topic.

Android is undoubtedly the most used/popular operating system in the world as it is highly flexible, and that is the sole reason that most of us prefer Android over any other operating system. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

In this article, I am going to share some of the best rooting apps for Android and also share additional relevant information relevant to the topic.

Many of us like things their own way, and rooting an Android device will help them tweak and customize almost everything according to their choice.

Rooting is the process of gaining absolute control over the Android system to change & do various things that are not possible for non-rooted devices.

If you are struggling to root your device, but technical stuff is not your league, then one-click Android rooting applications will certainly help you. You may also like to check these PS3 emulatorsand Telegram channels.

Let us not waste any more of our time in the introduction and move further to the list of potential Android rooting apps.

Here is the list of the best rooting apps for Android to root android without PC (Computer) in 2024:

If you search about rooting applications in any app store, then you might get various results, but believe me, you will never be able to root your device with those fake root unroot applications.

This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to root an Android with an app or without windows PC— you just need to choose the right source (application) to do the task.

I did hard research on some Android rooting applications and then came up with the best & working ones which are mentioned below:

1. Kingo Root

Best Android Rooting Apps

Starting with the most popular & genuine Android app to root your device– Kingo Root. It is also known as One Tap Root as it claims to root an Android in one click.

Kingo is available for computers & smartphones (Android), but there is a lot of difference in both the process. The mobile version will get your device root access, but it is subject to as half root only because formatting the device will kill the root.

Apart from that, it is extremely simple and easy to use, even for a 3rd-grade kid. If you want root access for a short period, then Kingo Root will undoubtedly fulfill all your requirements.


  • The straightforward interface makes it easy to operate for everyone.
  • Kingo Root is a reliable & fast way to root your Android device.


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2. SuperSU Pro Root App

Best Android Rooting Apps

This is one of the most popular amongst the people who prefer rooting their device without a computer. SuperSU Pro Root application is highly secure, and grants root access to specific applications according to your choice.

I have personally used it as a secondary rooting application, and it works pretty fine. SuperSU Pro Root application is the best choice to root your application without any integration with computer systems.


  • It does not project any surveys or advertisements for personal benefit.
  • SuperSU does not take much memory space and hence saves storage.
  • It works as a system application, and you can unroot your device temporarily as well as permanently.


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3. Dr.fone Root

best rooting apps for androidDr.fone Root is another potential application to root your device in one click, which saves you from all the technical hassles.

It is compatible with almost all the latest models & Android versions. It is working fine with the device models manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Sony, Xiaomi, Google, and many more.

Dr.fone is absolutely free, and you are not required to fill creepy surveys or face advertisements.

It does not void your warranty, and that is an excellent perk offered by them because you can unroot the device in one click too!


  • Dr.fone does not project surveys or ads, which makes it a premium application.
  • It does not void the warranty of the phone.
  • You can also unroot your device with a single tap in no time.


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4. Root Genius

Best Android Rooting Apps

As per the name suggests, this is undoubtedly a genius of rooting the device as it happens to do it a few minutes. It is developed in China, and so it is undoubtedly the best application to root your device.

Root Genius is compatible with almost all the devices with an Android operating system and does it work efficiently.

If you are searching for something comfortable & fast to gain root access, then Root Genius is definitely the best choice to go for.


  • Root Genius is a one-click root application that really works as our team tests it.
  • It does not lag during the process and finishes it up within a few minutes.
  • Root Genius supports almost all Android devices.


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5. iRoot

Best Android Rooting Apps

As per its name, iRoot features a premium & decent interface to improve the user experience. This application is compatible with nearly all tablets & smartphones developed by Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, and many other Android phone brands.

It supports all the versions of Android from 4.0 to the latest ones, and the success rate of rooting the Android device is pretty high.

There is also a minor drawback; that is, it does not feature the unroot option, but the developers are working on it to be live soon. Considering all the features of iRoot; it is one reliable application to root your Android device.


  • Premium user interfaces with no surveys or advertisements to ruin your experience.
  • You are safe from technical hassles, as it is straightforward to use.


  • iRoot does not have a feature to unroot, which is a significant disadvantage of this Android root application.


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6. SRS Root

best rooting apps for android

SRS Root is another Android application that can help you root your device with a single tap. Apart from hassle-less rooting, it also reverses the process, i.e., unroots the device instantly.

It supports all the devices with Android version 2.0++, and that makes it an all-pervasive rooting application. If you are searching for a reliable source to get your mobile rooted, then SRS Root will undoubtedly satisfy all your needs regarding Android rooting.


  • SRS Root features decent & straightforward, which can be easily operated by anyone.
  • It completes the process within a few minutes that saves a lot of time.
  • SRS Root offers both rooting & un-rooting of any Android device.


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7. z4Root

best rooting apps for android

z4Root is one of the oldest & the most underrated Android rooting app. I don’t know why did faded as it actually works really fantastic.

It is compatible with most of the Android devices and does function a full root on the device. z4Root is available in all third-party application stores, and you can choose the version compatible with your device.

It is undoubtedly a fierce competitor but is degraded by biased blogs & developers. You can undoubtedly try z4root to root your device.


  • z4Root is one of the oldest rooting applications that makes it more experience and reliable source to root your device.


  • The application has not received any update for a long time, and so it might not work for the latest Android versions.


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8. KingRoot

best rooting apps for android

No! I did not repeat any application; KingRoot is different from Kingo Root. It features a unique & user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for the user to complete the operation.

Apart from that, it also supports unrooting in a single tap with no extra hassle, which makes it a reliable and potential option for all rooting requirements.

KingRoot is the all-in-one rooting application for Android, and I assure you that it won’t disappoint you.


  • User-focused & straightforward interface that makes it super easy to root an Android instantly.
  • It also offers an unroot option within the application for convenience.
  • KingRoot is compatible with even the most recent Android versions.


  • The technical support team is fragile in terms of response.


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9. Framaroot

best rooting apps for android

Not being biased, but Framaroot is really my primary way to smart root any Android smartphone. Framaroot is far the best application to root an Android device without a computer/laptop.

Unlike other rooting apps, Framaroot is famous for its robust rooting process, which is better than the other one taproot. It has the ability to root even the latest Android devices, and that makes it unique & more reliable than others.


  • Framaroot offers a strong root than any other one-tap root program.


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10. Baidu Root

best rooting apps for android

Baidu Root is another reliable source to root your device with or without a computer. Many popular tech developers recommend it at XDA, and that makes it worth giving a try.

If you are still struggling to root your device, then do not get perplexed and choose Baidu as it will fulfill all your rooting requirements.


  • Baidu Root is a super secure & trustworthy application as it is tested and verified by top tech geeks.
  • It is absolutely free, and one can root their Android with or without a computer.


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11. Easy Rooting Toolkit

best rooting apps for android

Easy Rooting Toolkit is a system based Android application that can root almost any Android device without any lag. I have used this application and works fine but does minor project advertisements, which I think won’t affect the user experience.

Apart from that, it works pretty smoothly and roots the device within a few seconds. Easy Rooting Toolkit is one of the oldest rooting apps and is still working pretty nicely.


  • The user interface is straightforward, and it completes its task within seconds.
  • Easy Rooting Toolkit is absolutely free of charge and does not project any creepy surveys.


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12. Towel Root

best rooting apps for android

Towel Root is based on the tech on Baidu runs and is quite similar, as both of them are flexible and user-friendly. Using Towel Root is extremely easy and straightforward for even a 10-year old kid.

If you are still confused in choosing a reliable source to root your Android device, then I suggest going with Towel Root. Also, check Facebook social toolkit.


  • Towel Root is absolutely free & easy to use and root your Android device.

These are some of the most reliable & working Android applications to root your device without using a PC.


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What Is Rooting?

In Android, rooting refers to the process of entirely getting control over the operating system to perform functions that were restricted by the software before. Root in Android is just like jailbreaking in iOS. Rooting an Android device gives the full authority from the software developer to the user.

Is It Safe to Root an Android Device?

Rooting does give you the authority to do anything without any restriction from the software, but it does have risks too. Yes, it is safe to root an Android device. Still, you should be very careful while rooting the device as if it gets flashed with any wrong file; then, it might end up dead.

And, you will have to visit service centers where they won’t help if they found that the device was rooted & bricked because rooting voids the warranty of the device.

Apart from that, many secure applications won’t work on a rooted device, but you can still use them by using modules and hiding the root. Also, download IDM Optimizer.

Advantages of Rooting Android Device

There are infinite uses and advantages of rooting a device:

  • The most popular benefit of rooting is you can change the operating system or ROM, which completely changes the device interface.
  • Apart from that, rooted users can access core system files and delete system applications, too, and also change IMEI & device numbers to hide their identity.
  • Besides, there are dozens of modules which work to improve the user-experience & to do some fantastic stuff.
  • The most helpful these days is to take screenshots on restricted applications like Netflix & Prime Video.

*Note: I recommend not playing with root until you have good knowledge about what you are doing as wrong functioning can result in bricking your device.

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Final Words For Android Rooting Apps

I remember rooting my device when I was in the 7th standard, and I used it to change ids and make unlimited accounts of restricted applications running referring programs.

I don’t use rooted smartphones anymore, but I know it is super fun to change logs & Roms. There is so much more to do with rooting than changing ROMs, but you need to search hard to reach the most fun part.

In this article, I have shared some of the best rooting apps for Android and, apart from that, answered some interesting questions regarding the topic.

I hope this article helped you and satisfied all your queries & doubts related to the subject. But if you have any issue or problem with any mentioned rooting application, then please comment below, and I or someone from our team will undoubtedly reply to it with a positive & helpful reply.

What is the exact reason to root your device?

Share your experience with any of the mentioned rooting apps and keep visiting CartelPress.com

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