50 Best Manga Sites (FREE) To Read Manga Online in 2024

Manga sites help you read Manga online for free. Comics and novels created in Japan are known as Manga. There are many manga sites available, but they do not help us in the long run for some reason. So, I’ve created a list of the most popular and free manga websites list 2024 today in this article. I hope my readers will surely like these free manga websites.

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Read Manga Online. Check out these best manga sites for reading Manga online in 2024.

If you are reading this, then it is because you are a consistent manga reader. Manga is not limited to kids or teens, as it offers graphical content relevant to all ages. Unfortunately, there are thousands of sites providing ads and surveys in the name of Manga that might infect your device with a creepy virus and shut down your system. So if you are searching for potential & reliable Manga sites to read Manga online for absolutely free, let us move further toward the main subject without wasting any more time.

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What Is Manga?

Manga is a term used to define the range of comic books or graphic novels that originated in Japan. These comic books are usually get printed in black and white. Like Anime, Manga has also gotten a good amount of popularity in the past few years. People across the world have shown interest in this sort of comic. The best thing about Manga is that it has a massive library of content available to read. I recall one Manga comic named Weekly Shōnen Jump has been in locomotion since 1968. And this is the one that I remember. They have hundreds of comics like this. You can also check out this wiki page for more information.

Now, since we know the vast library of Manga comics, the question arises: Where can you read these Manga? Especially if you are not from Japan. Here I will share a list of my favorite sites to help you guys read Manga online.

What Are Manga Websites?

MangaManga sites are on the trending slot all over the world, and these websites are basically for those who love to read Manga online. These sites offer comics or novels which are created and published in Japan.

The first manga comic was created and released in 1874. Since then, it has gathered a massive mass from all over the world who read Manga consistently. There are thousands of Manga comics available online to read for free, but only a few are worth reading. However, finding the original translated Manga is difficult as many fake and fan-made comics are on the internet. Therefore, I will share the list of the best manga comics of all time to read. The CartelPress team is working on a new article, and we will soon publish a manga comics list.

In this article, I will share the best manga sites, which are undoubtedly reliable and a potential source to stay updated about the upcoming stuff.

Before we move further into the article, please have a look at these points:

  • This is an unbiased article, and any of the listed Manga Sites do not sponsor it. We totally project the facts about each site to help and satisfy all your queries at once.
  • We do not support piracy and hence, request you to pay something to the original creators or publishers of comics or just use paid service to read them.
  • There are chances that some sites might not open due to geo-restriction, and if you are facing the same issue, then please connect your device to a virtual private network (VPN) and later try again.

50 Best Manga Sites 2024 To Read Manga Online (Websites List):

Best Manga Sites To Read Manga OnlineIf Japan is appreciated for things, then Manga is undoubtedly one of those.

These comics were not translated for a long time, but now you can read a variety of genres in English. Shonen Jump is seriously a perfect portal to read Manga online, but it is paid.

Manga, the Japanese style of comic books and graphic novels, has gained a massive following worldwide due to its unique art style, storytelling, and character development. With the popularity of manga, there has been a rise in the number of manga websites that allow fans to read manga online for free.

However, not all of these sites are safe or offer high-quality scans. As a result, finding the best manga sites can be a daunting task. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best manga sites available online so that you can read your favorite manga series without any worries.

Below is a list of some Manga websites to cherish your favorite comics for absolutely free.

#1. MangaReader.net (Popular Manga Website)

I finished Naruto 73 yesterday on “Manga Reader,” I use it for my personal needs. You are saved from all the crap of signing up or logging in to access the database. It offers a basic interface with no fancy stuff to waste the time of the user. Manga Reader is integrated with a wide variety of Manga series. You can also search for your desired comic and read it without any hassles. Manga Reader does serve some ads, but it is not frustrating at all.

Manga Site, Manga Reader

It also has an exciting feature of “Surprise Me,” making it easy for you to choose your next read. Also, it features a “Popular” tab that will project the trending Manga comics to keep up with the trend. Try it out, and I assure you that it is totally different from other free third-party websites that project pop-up ads and ruin your reading experience. You may also like to visit YesMovies proxy sites and sites like Putlocker.

#2. BATO.to (Top Manga Website)

BATO features a totally different interface than Manga Reader, as it is a bit more fancy and appealing. It provides a wide range of Manga Comics, which projects drama, romance, action, sports, sci-fi, and other genres. Bato.to is a popular website, and like other third-party manga sites, it does not face sudden breakdowns. It is an open-source website that allows you to upload Manga and make the collection better.

Manga Website BATO

The “Latest” tab will show the most recent updates, and you can refer to those and keep up with the trend. This website is updated hourly to make it a stable and reliable source to read Manga online. If you forgot your Manga title and are having trouble finding it, you can get help from people worldwide in the discussion forum, which is connected to your Facebook profile. Bato.to is a potential option to compare the best manga sites.

#3. Mangadex.org – Good Manga Site

Mangadex is another portal that allows you to access various Manga series for free without charging anything. Unlike other third-party sites, Mangdex does not show ads, which is why millions of people have made it their primary source of reading Manga comics. It features a wide variety of comics that cover almost all genres of Manga. The best thing about Mangadex is its precise discussion forum where you can choose to discuss theories of series and specific an episode.

Manga Site - Manga Dex

One can also save or bookmark their next watch, but for these premium features like access to community forums & follows, you are required to sign in to the platform. The settings option can change the theme plus the language of the interface & even the chapters, which is rare and fantastic. If you are searching for a potential source to satisfy your Manga needs, then Mangadex is one of the perfect manga sites for you to rely on. Also, check the best sites like Rainierland and games like Skyrim.

#4. Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is a streaming website that projects Manga separately, which is a fantastic thing for Anime & manga lovers. It also has iOS & Android application, which is developed to enhance your watching plus reading experience and drop something next level for you. Crunchyroll is integrated with a fast & straightforward user interface, making it easy for even kids to operate the website or application. If you want some unique manga comics, then this is one of the best manga sites to try.

Crunchyroll Manga Website

It also features a forum page that includes a separate discussion division for Manga, Anime, News & Updates. One can create a poll to make their experience more exciting, but you are required to sign in for all these things, which is extremely simple and easy. You might also like to download Pokemon Go and also visit the best sites like coke and popcorn.

Also, it has a bookmark feature subjected as “Queue,” where you can add your wishlist or next read. I am 100% sure that opting for Crunchyroll won’t regret even a percent. To access full anime series or Manga reads, you have to pay a small monthly subscription fee. For first-time users, a 15-day free trial is there to experience the premium service and make a decision to choose the premium or not.

#5. MangaFox.me

As the name suggests, Manga Fox has a wide variety of Manga in its database. It has categorized the comics into their genres and has around 20+ relevant categories for it. Manga Fox is the host website and will not redirect you to another page to complete your reading. Also, it features plenty of premium content for absolutely free, which is why millions of people depend on it for their comic needs.

New Manga Site - Manga Fox

The featured interface & theme is pretty light, which is why it loaded in seconds and did not lag a bit. A minor drawback is the side-covered ads, which sometimes irritate, but there are no pop-up ads thanks to the developers. It also subjects the content into divisions like Most Viewed & New Arrived, which helps keep pace with the trend. You can also witness the number of people who read the content just beneath the title of the Manga. So if you want to save yourself from signing and loading crap, Manga Fox is a perfect option.

#6. MangaPanda.com

It is a green-themed manga website that offers a large variety of content. It gets 40% of its traffic from the United States, which makes it a reliable source as only a good website can fetch the attention of people of the US. Moreover, you are not required to sign-in on the site to access the content, which drives people towards Manga Panda. People want a quick reading with quality content, and it promises both things well.

Website Manga Panda

If you are irritated by scrolling pages to get your desired Manga, then this website allows you to search the name or filter content by release date, genre, and more. Although it features ads & has a complex home page, it can serve your needs absolutely free. If you create a list of reliable and consistent Manga sites, then Manga Panda surely deserves to be listed there. You may also like to download these iOS emulators, Xbox one emulators, and Android emulators.

#7. Zingbox.me

To break even, here is an application for your smartphone and available for both iOS & Android “Zingbox.” It features a light interface for you to search & surf without any technical hassles. Apart from that, you can also publish your Manga collection on the application and add your contribution to the app — a potential Manga reader for absolutely free.

Zingbox Manga

Zingbox allows you to download content and read Manga offline, which is a sure treasure for people who travel a lot as traveling cut-offs a stable internet connection. Then you can rely on Zingbox’s downloaded content. I recommend downloading it and trying this amazing Manga reading application, specially made for consistent Manga readers. To download and install Zingbox Manga – [ CLICK HERE ]. Also, share your experience with ZingBox in the comment section. You may also like to check these best sports streaming websites.

#8. Mngdoom.com

Manga Doom is another site that certainly can be listed as the best manga site. It surely has a really vast database, plus it keeps on getting more prominent as new comics or chapters are added to it every hour. They are not charging anything for the hard work done in the website’s backend and sharing premium content absolutely free of cost. Although it features advertisements, they are not creepy or irritating as served by other sites.

Manga Doom - Best Manga Site

Manga Doom offers a simple interface with a search bar on top, which helps you instantly get your Manga without hassles. Signing up on the platform will let you interact with people with similar interests from all over the world. We are only sharing the most potential manga websites that allow you to read a wide variety of Manga, which is why you should try each one out.

Also, check these best torrent sites.

#9. Niaad.com

Ten Manga refers to a platform to read Manga online, I have already listed similar websites, but this one is slightly faster than those as it features a small home page, which is comparatively light and tidy. In addition, it features a large variety of Manga comics entirely free of cost. Also, it does not serve any ad, which is truly amazing and enhances the user experience. Like Manga Reader, it also features a Surprise button, which helps you choose your next read whenever you are confused.

Niaad Manga Sites

It also categorizes the comics according to their genre and has divisions like the latest hot Manga and other helpful features. Apart from all these things, you can also search for your desired comic, saving you from scrolling through pages and finding according to the initials. Ten Manga is undoubtedly a fierce competition for all the manga sites out on the internet. You may also like to get a Grammarly premium free account and also learn how to turn on the fingerprint lock on Whatsapp.

#10. MangaFreak.net

Filled with advertisements but still worthy and engages a good number of audiences. Manga Freak has a massive amount of comics stored in its database. The best thing about Manga Freak is that it is not like the other dead websites, which are not updated even for a month. This manga website is consistent when it comes to uploading newly released content. You are not required to pay anything to access and read the content on the site.

Manga Freak Website - Read Online Manga

The worst thing about this website is that it usually redirects you to an ad or fake page, which you have to close and process again with your command. On the other hand, it features a dark theme interface that gives a calm feel to the eyes. Also, there is a search bar in the top right corner, which allows you to search and read your desired Manga quickly. It is undoubtedly one of the best manga sites, and we came across it. If you are still confused between so many options, try Manga Freak and clear all your doubts.

#11. MangaPark.net

Manga Park is a smart Manga reading website with almost all the popular Manga comics in its database. It is integrated with a user-friendly and straightforward interface that is easily operated even by a 10-year-old kid. Manga Park allows you to change the theme of the website to a dark color. It covers almost all genres including comedy, action, suspense, and other types.

Best Manga Park Website

It allows you to bookmark your wishlist, but you must create an account and log into it to do so. Plus, it also projects the history of reading, which helps you keep up with your previous chapters or series. It uses cookies, and that makes it load chapters quicker than others. If you are searching for a reliable and quick source to read your favorite Manga comics or novels, then Manga Park is one of the best options for you.

#12. Myreadingmanga.info

MyReadingManga.info is a website that holds various kinds of manga comics that circle homoerotic themes. There are different kinds of homoerotics; the two main types are Yaoi and Bara. Yaoi is a manga drawn by women, and Bara is the kind illustrated by men.

MyReadingManga - Best Manga Website

The main difference between these mangas is how the characters are sketched, along with a few characteristic changes. The specialty of this manga website lies in the easy-to-use interface, which is also pretty fast. The theme is also dark, and the variety of work present is commendable. The script can be changed in English, although one might face problems with tags if they don’t know anime terms.

#13. Animenova.org

Animenova is a streaming site dedicated to all things anime; be it anime, Manga, or quizzes, it has it all. Over 30,000 kinds of anime are available, and an equally vast range of Manga is available on the site. The best part about this site is that all the content is available in full HD and dubbed.

Anime Nova - Manga Websites

This manga website is entirely free; it also has an app for people who prefer watching anime on their phones. Unfortunately, Animenova is down in a few countries for specific copyright issues, and therefore the site is inaccessible in those countries.

#14. Viz.com

Viz media is one of the most famous American manga sites; it also has an array of anime. Founded in July 1986, the site has been serving the weebs for 34 years and counting. Alongside genre, the site also has a rating system for the age that allows one to filter out reads for them.

Viz - New Manga Site

The company has thousands of different Manga and anime; it recently launched an app for the same purpose. The company holds a 23% share of the anime market in America and is the largest graphic novel publisher in America.

#15. MangaInn.net

MangaInn is one of the most famous sites for reading Manga online, especially in the United States of America. The site has an extensive collection of Manga from all genres and types, along with English dubs. The site is entirely safe and easy to use for everyone and has a hassle-free layout.

MangaInn - Best Manga Sites

MangaInn continually comes up with further updates and keeps its collection updated all the time. In addition, there are multiple filters and search options that allow one to scout out the Manga they want to read. Lastly, this manga website is very visually appealing and has numerous access points.

#16. Comic-Walker.com

Comic-Walker was founded in 2014 as a platform to stream numerous Japanese Manga. The platform has been serving this purpose to date, and additionally, the forum now has an array of Chinese comics. The app plans to expand further into English comics, but they are operating in Japanese and Chinese.

ComicWalker - Best Manga Sites

The website has a smooth layout and is one of the most user-friendly sites used by many. The app has multiple features that separate one Manga from another based on the creator, genre, and ratings. The site is also very well-rated and loved by all the users. I consider it one of the best manga sites on this list.

#17. MangaDoom.com

MangaDoom.co is a comic website that holds a few of the most famous manga comics. The site is speedy and updates itself with new Manhas and releases before many others even know about it. The interface is steady, and the search takes a few seconds to show results.

MangaDoom - New Manga Website

The advanced search feature also helps in filtering out the specific Manga that you are looking for. The site currently holds Chinese, Japanese, and Korean comics and not just Manga. The quality of the Manhas is superior, and they are easy to read and do not strain the eye. I would recommend this new manga website if you are searching for the best manga sites.

#18. Comico.jp

Comico was launched in Japan in 2013; it is a platform dedicated to Manga and has been serving ever since. The platform is owned by NHN Japan Corporation and has branched out to other countries. Now the site operates in multiple Asian nations and has been favored by people all over.

Comico - New Manga Sites

The site also features a subscription option that unlocks even more series for the readers. The site brings to the readers multiple excellent quality mangas that have received critiques, appreciation, and love. The site keeps updating itself according to the latest mangas that are a good read. If you are looking for the best manga sites to read manga comics online, then Comico.jp is one of the options.

#19. Mangaz.com

Mangaz.com is one of the cutest-looking manga sites ever, with its baby pink and white color scheme. In addition, the site has categorizations for male, female, and age groups in which Mangas are sorted. The site also has more than 10,000 different manga, and they keep adding more as time passes.

Mangaz - Best Manga Sites

Mangaz.com also has a few offbeat mangas that one would not find anywhere else. The site is entirely free, and the readers can access all the available content on the site. This manga website is loved and recommended by many, and the content is easy on the eyes.

#20. Niadd.com/hot-manga/

Niadd.com is the best manga website for people all over the world to use. The best part about this site is that people can upload their Manga and novels on the site. The site is free for everyone and can be accessed globally by anyone who has internet access.

Niaad - Read Manga Online

The app is very smooth, and the quality of the layout is excellent as well. The Manga available varies from children’s stories to erotica and everything in between; the collection is vast. The site is entirely free, and the company plans to develop an app in the future. This is one of the best manga sites on today’s list.

#21. BookWalker.jp

BookWalker is another popular website from where you can buy almost all popular Manga titles. Not only that, but users can also preorder upcoming comics from this website. This website also features free Manga ebooks that anyone can download easily by creating a free account.

Book Walker

The user interface of the website is elegant and clean. Moreover, BookWalker hosts a very massive collection of Manga ebooks. Here you can find both new and old Manga ebooks easily. In addition, all available Manga comics can be easily downloaded in different file formats.

#22. Honto.jp

The next website on our best manga websites list is Honto.jp, which is a very renowned platform among Japanese Manga readers. Honto houses a good collection of Manga comics. This collection contains Manga from different categories, such as drama, romance, action, comedy, gender-bending, etc.


If you are looking for any specific comic, then Honto can be the right place for you. The website has a very appealing design, and the interface makes it very easy to use. The only downside of Honto is that it does not host much stuff in the English language. Check out this manga website now if you want to read Manga online.

#23. Mangakakalot.com

The next website on our list is Mangakakalot. It is an excellent platform that features a good Manga series for free without charging a single penny. The best thing about Mangakakalot is that it does not feature pop-up ads. This is the main reason Mangakakalot is so popular among Manga readers to read Manga online.


Mangakakalot houses a massive collection of Manga comics. This extensive collection covers almost all popular genres of Manga as well as Manhwa. In addition to that, this website comes with a very clean UI. You can also register on the website to get a personalized Manga recommendation and check your reading history.

#24. Ebookrenta.com

EbookRenta is an excellent platform for people who are interested in buying or renting Manga comics. At EbookRenta, you can find almost all old and new Manga comics, and most of them are available in the English language. In addition, users can find Manga in various genres ranging from drama and comedy.


You can rent Manga ebooks from $1 to $20, while the buying price ranges from $2 to $40. The overall user interface of the website is immaculate and simple. However, since they only offer paid services, users must sign up for an account to get access. Try this best manga site if you’re a true manga lover.

#25. Comixology.com

The next platform on our list is Comixology. Comixology is an Amazon-aided company. It hosts digital comics such as Marvel Comics, comics from DCU, Manga, etc. Therefore, Coximology’s comic collection is pretty diverse.


Another great thing about this website is that every single graphic novel they host in their library is available in English. From Comixology, you can buy comics and Manga at a very reasonable price. Sadly, they don’t have any renting options. The user interface of the website is also very simple and looks very premium. Overall, this is one of the best manga sites on today’s list.

#26. MangaHentai.me

As the name suggests, MangaHentai mainly focuses on publications of Japanese Manga. However, it is a well-known name among Manga readers who love to read erotic manga comics. Therefore, if you are not into this Manga genre, you should not visit this website.


I highly recommend you not visit this website if you are a minor or have people around you. This is because this website contains overtly sexualized images and advertisements. Nevertheless, if you love reading Manga comics of this genre, this can be the best manga website.

#27. MangaHub.se

Mangahub is yet another popular website available to read free Manga comics online. It is also a free platform which means you can enjoy Mangahub’s massive Manga collection without paying a single penny. Another great thing about this website is that it frequently updates its collection with the latest Manga releases.


The user interface of the website is too basic. The UI just features a header, a navigation menu followed by a search bar, and the Manga comics collection. Apart from that, you can not find anything else on their website.

#28. MangaPark.me

Mangapark is another cool platform where Manga lovers can read all Manga comics and novels for free. The Manga collection of Mangapark is pretty vast and diverse. It hosts around 63,400 Manga comics and books from over 100+ categories.


The best thing about Mangapark is that you can find the latest released Manga comics and even that for free. The user interface of the website is straightforward. It also features account registration, in which you can access all your saved comics and check your reading history. If you are one of those people who love to read Manga online, this Manga website is one of the best fits for you.

#29. NineManga.com

The next website on our list is NineManga. It is also a free website where you can get almost all types of Manga comics for free. If you are a fan of reading old popular Manga comic books, then NineManga can be the right choice for you. However, they also have a good collection of the latest releases.


The user interface of the website is straightforward yet very functional. The website is available in 7 different languages, and it also lets users choose the color theme according to their liking. As of now, they have six different color themes to choose from. All and all, this is one of the best manga websites on this list.

#30. FreeComicOnline.me

Although FreeComicOnline is a comparatively new Manga website, it has managed to attract a good amount of Manga readers towards it. All credit for this popularity goes to its rapidly increasing Manga library. Despite being a newcomer, it has managed to scan a good amount of popular Manga into its collection.


Not only that, but after MangaHentai, FreeComicOnline is the website that has the biggest collection of overtly sexualized comic books. In addition to that, you can also find Manga from other different genres. You can try this manga website if you’re searching for a few free manga sites.

#31. HolyManga.com

HolyManga is a top-rated portal among all Manga readers. It houses a very extensive library of Manga comics, where you can find stuff to read from various diverse genres. It is also a free Manga reading platform, which means you don’t have to pay a single penny from your pocket.


The user interface of the website looks very clean and well-organized. However, the website contains some erotic images and ads; therefore, be cautious about your surroundings while visiting this manga website.

#32. INKR.com

INKR is right now my favorite platform for reading Manga online. There are two simple reasons for that – the first one is that it is entirely free, and the second one is that it has an Android application. Besides that, it has a good collection of Manga comics.


The website has a very minimal user interface. However, it makes the website very lightweight, attractive, and also very functional. Their app is also very well designed, and I highly recommend you give it a try. Overall, this is one of the most popular manga sites listed in this article.

#33. MangaEden.com

Many people consider MangaEden as the biggest online directory for reading Manga comics for free. Here you can read so many popular Manga series such as One Punch Man, Solo Leveling, Haikyu, and other popular Manga from leading publishers for free.


Along with English, MangaEden hosts the Italian version of Manga as well. So it makes MangaEden the right choice for native Italian speakers. Unfortunately, the user interface of this manga website seems a bit outdated. But if we ignore that, then MangaEden can definitely be a good choice for online Manga readers.

#34. ManyToon.com

ManyToon is an excellent platform for comic book readers interested in Hentai and Manhwa sort of Manga books. But if you don’t have that taste, then Manytoon is definitely not the place to roam around you. Especially if you are not an adult, then you should not even try to visit this website.


The website contains a good amount of overtly sexualized posters and advertisements. Besides that, it doesn’t update the library with the latest content very frequently. However, you can read Manga online on this Manga website.

#35. MangaNelo.com

Manganelo, formerly known as Mangakakalot, is also one of the best manga websites where you can get millions of paid Manga comics for free. Yes, you heard it right – whatever is available at Manganelo is available for free. You don’t even need to register on this platform to read anything.


Nevertheless, Manganelo features account creation, which can help get personalized recommendations and keep track of what you’ve read. Furthermore, the user interface of the website is very simple and clean, making it very easy to navigate for anyone. Overall, if you are looking for a free platform to read Manga online, you can consider Manganelo a great option as it is one of the popular manga sites.

#36. Manga.club

If you are a Manga lover, then Manga.club is definitely a place to be. Here you can find a huge collection of Japanese Manga. The best thing about Manga.club is that it features many paid Manga comics for free every day. That means you can get a bunch of Manga comics freely available to read.


It also houses paid comics in its library. The user interface of the website is very eye-catching. To read Manga, users need to create an account. The process of creating an account is entirely free. This website does not allow downloading, and you can only read Manga online. Overall, this is one of my favorite manga sites on this list.

#37. Mangago.me

MangaGo is the next manga website on this list to read Manga online for free. This website houses a massive collection of manga comics from a variety of genres. The good thing is that all the manga comics are adequately categorized into different categories based on their genres, making it extremely easy and comfortable to discover new Manga to read.

The user interface of the website is pretty straightforward and easy to use. On the homepage, you can see a featured Manga section that mainly covers recently released manga comics. When you scroll down the page, you can see the top five Manga from different genres.

Everything about this Manga site, including UI, is excellent except for the search function. I find the search function pretty basic. You can only search Manga by manually entering the title or author name. Overall, if you are looking for the best manga sites, you must try this website.

#38. Hentaifc.com

As the name suggests, HentaiFC is a manga comics website that is solely dedicated to ad*lt manga comics. Arguably, HentaiFC has one of the biggest libraries of hentai comics. Here you can find all popular and recently released hentai manga titles. Not only that, but the website also features a good amount of parody hentai manga based on other popular manga comics.

The user interface of this manga website is easy to use. You can discover the list of Manga based on artists, parodies, and tags. You can also use the search function to find new comics. However, do not visit the website if you are a minor or not into ad*lt manga stuff. This website has overtly sexualized graphics that are NSFW. So, if you are looking for NSFW manga sites, then you can try this site.

#39. Myanimelist.net

MyAnimeList is not just a manga website. Instead, it is a community where you can watch the latest released anime episodes, music videos, trailers, completed manga and anime series, manhwa comics, novels, and more. The users of this community are highly active, and they constantly drop their reviews which can help you find new comics very easily. So here, you can easily find reviews of the latest released Manga and anime.

This manga website has a dedicated manga section where you can find manga comics from a wide range of genres. The best thing about the website is that it has manga comics categorized into different sections such as genres, explicit genres, themes, demographics, magazines, etc. Furthermore, each category has its own subcategories that make it extremely easy to find manga comics according to your taste. If you are searching for easy UI manga sites, then you can bookmark this website.

#40. Mangaowl.net

If you prefer reading English manga only, MangaOwl can be an excellent option for you. MangaOwl features a massive collection of English-translated Japanese manga comics, and the good thing is that all the comics are available for free. Here you can find manga comics from different genres, such as action, adventure, science fiction, samurai, romance, and more.

If you want to discover some good manga comics, you can visit MangaOwl’s ranking list page. Here you can find all the most viewed manga comics, along with their respective ratings. Additionally, you can filter out manga comics based on their genres. Overall, the website has a rich user interface, and the comment and rating system makes it easy to differentiate between good and lousy manga comics. Mangaowl is one of the best manga sites available today.

#41. Anime-planet.com/manga/all

Anime-Planet is amongst the most popular anime streaming platforms. The website is quite famous for having over 45,000 legal anime episodes that are freely available to stream. However, very few people know that this manga website also has a dedicated section for manga fans where you can find thousands of manga comics available to read.

The most impressive thing about the website is its UI. The website is quite functional, too, and you can filter manga lists as per their ratings, author, publisher, tags, volumes, released year, chapter, and more. Another good thing about these manga websites is that these manga sites do not boast malicious pop-up ads. Instead, the website has Google Ads, which are way more user-friendly compared to other ad networks.

#42. Manhwax.com/manga/

Next, we have Manhwax on our manga sites list. This website mainly features manhwa comics, but it has a decent collection of Manga as well. Even though the manga collection on this website is pretty diverse, you will mostly find erotic manhwa and manga publications on this manga site.

Talking about the collection, you can find many ongoing and recently released manga comics on the website. The user interface is good, too, and the fact that you can read Manga directly on your browser makes it a great choice. However, the biggest drawback of the website is that it features pop-up ads.

#43. Koomanga.com

If you want to read the latest released and ongoing manga series, KooManga can be an excellent option for you. I like the most about KooManga because the team behind this very frequently updates the collection with the latest released manga comics. You can get the latest chapters of almost any ongoing series within a couple of hours of release.

The user interface of the website looks quite simple and well-designed. When you land on the homepage, you will be greeted with multiple sections featuring popular Manga, the latest released ones, recommended ones, shoujo, shounen, etc. These sections make it extremely easy to find new manga comics to read.

#44. Mangasee123.com

One of the biggest problems that the global audience needs to deal with is finding the translated version of Japanese Manga. Though finding popular manga comics are pretty easy, many good smaller series never make their way out of Japan. Therefore, the main motive of this manga website is to bring these lesser-known manga series in front of a global audience.

MangaSee collects Manga from different translators across the globe and uploads them into its library. Additionally, it hosts officially translated series as well. This makes it a perfect choice for any manga lover who lives outside Japan.

#45. Mangahere.cc

MangaHere can be an excellent place for people who prefer reading a variety of manga comics. This website features a good collection of over 50 manga genres. The good thing is that despite having such a massive manga database, all the comics are properly categorized into different categories.

The user interface is another great thing about the MangaHere website. The design looks quite funky yet eye-catchy, and it will surely please manga and anime lovers. Additionally, the app of this website is available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can easily download the app by visiting the download page of the website.

#46. Mangakomi.com

If you enjoy reading different genres of Manga, such as manhua or manhwa, MangaKomi is a good option for you. Even MangaKomi has a sister site for all Yaoi fans out there. You can access the YaoiScan Manga website right from the homepage of MangaKomi.

With around 5000 manga in its library, MangaKomi isn’t as broad as other manga sites on this list. But the collection that MangaKomi has is quite rare, especially if we consider the English-translated version of manga comics. This makes MangaKomi a good choice for people who want to explore new untouched manga comics.

#47. Mangaclash.com

MangaClash is another one of the excellent manga sites with a decent collection of manga comics. Unfortunately, the manga collection at MangaClash isn’t as impressive as others. Still, here you can find almost any latest released and ongoing Manga series, making it an excellent choice for manga lovers. The website has around 4000 manga series, which is decent.

However, the best thing about this website is its user interface. The UI is clean and minimal, and if you don’t like fancy stuff, this is the website to go with. The platform does have some advertisements, but they don’t look harmful or annoying.

#48. Mangabat.com

MangaBat arguably has one of the most extensive libraries of Manga on the internet. The best thing about MangaBat is that it features both translated and non-translated versions of manga comics. Plus, the translated version isn’t restricted to English only. Instead, here you can find Manga translated into other languages as well.

The user interface of the website is okay. It is well-optimized for smartphones, and therefore, it looks a bit dated on big screens. But the overall website is quite functional and very easy to use. If you are looking for some best Manga sites where you can read free manga comics that are not available anywhere else, MangaBat will be a lifesaver for you.

#49. Mangajar.com

Next on this Manga sites list, we have MangaJar. The Manga collection of MangaJar is awe-inspiring. It has around 8000-10000 finest written Manga series in its library. The top manga section of this website makes it easy to discover new Manga to read.

Unlike other manga reading sites on the list, the design of MangaJar looks very simple and basic. But it is way more functional than any of its rivals. Most of the features of the website are hidden behind the login window. Therefore, we recommend signing up on the website to enjoy it fully.

#50. Mangaeffect.com

Lastly, we have MangaEffect on our list. This is a very cleanly designed Manga reading platform where you can easily find different types of Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua comics. This website also has a decent collection of soft Yaoi and ecchi manga series, making the website available for all types of manga readers.

The collection of MangaEffect isn’t very huge. It has around 3000-4000 manga comics in its library. However, the good thing is that the collection is impressive. Plus, here, you can see 100s of popular Manga such as Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and others in colored versions.

So these were some of the best manga siteswe handpicked specially for you.

FAQs – Manga Reading Sites

Is It Safe To Read Manga Online?

Yes, It is 100% safe to read manga comics online if you’re reading them from the websites mentioned above in this article. Any website that is not stealing manga comics from premium authors is an entirely reliable source to read Manga online. You can safely read Manga for free from Manga reading sites.

Is Reading Manga Worth It?

For me, reading Manga is worth it because I’m an avid manga reader, and I love reading comics and watching anime series. However, if you don’t like reading, Manga is not for you. You will probably consider it a waste of time. So, it depends from person to person. It is worth it for people like me, but it can be a time-wasting task for others.

Is Manga And Anime Same?

No, they are not the same. Mangas are graphic comics or novels printed on paper, and Anime is an animated movie or web show. However, many anime shows are based on manga comics.

Where Can I Read Manga Safely?

There are many manga websites where you can read manga comics very safely.

Here is the list of top manga websites to read Manga safely and for free:

  1. MangaReader.net (Popular Manga Website)
  2. BATO.to (Top Manga Website)
  3. Mangadex.org
  4. Crunchyroll.com
  5. MangaFox.me
  6. MangaPanda.com
  7. Zingbox.me
  8. Mngdoom.com
  9. Niaad.com
  10. MangaFreak.net
  11. MangaPark.net
  12. Myreadingmanga.info
  13. Animenova.org
  14. Viz.com
  15. MangaInn.net
  16. Comic-Walker.com
  17. MangaDoom.com
  18. Comico.jp
  19. Mangaz.com
  20. Niadd.com/hot-manga/
  21. BookWalker.jp
  22. Honto.jp
  23. Mangakakalot.com
  24. Ebookrenta.com
  25. Comixology.com
  26. MangaHentai.me
  27. MangaHub.se
  28. MangaPark.me
  29. NineManga.com
  30. FreeComicOnline.me
  31. HolyManga.com
  32. INKR.com
  33. MangaEden.com
  34. ManyToon.com
  35. MangaNelo.com
  36. Manga.club
  37. Mangago.me
  38. Hentaifc.com
  39. Myanimelist.net
  40. Mangaowl.net
  41. Anime-planet.com/manga/all
  42. Manhwax.com/manga/
  43. Koomanga.com
  44. Mangasee123.com/
  45. Mangahere.cc
  46. Mangakomi.com
  47. Mangaclash.com
  48. Mangabat.com
  49. Mangajar.com
  50. Mangaeffect.com

What Is The Cheapest way to read manga comics?

There are many websites where you can read Manga online for free. However, if you want to read Manga offline, you can buy used manga comics from offline and online stores. For example, you can visit the Amazon bookseller portal if you’re interested in buying used manga comics at one cent. Yes, you read it right. Many book resellers placed their comics for only one cent. However, you must check out the shipping charges before purchasing.

Some facts about Japan’s Comic Hype “Manga.”

  • All the art you witness in a Manga Comic is drawn by hand from scratch.
  • Naruto (My Favourite) is considered one of the most potent comics in the whole Manga industry.
  • Every house in Japan spends about $30 to $50 on Manga comics in a year.
  • In Japan, more paper is used to create and publish Manga than on producing toilet paper.

Final Words (Manga Websites)

So, I have summarized the whole article with relevant information. Manga is getting more popular day by day, and even I am addicted to these comics, which project real emotion through art. But, unfortunately, it was never this easy to access premium comics translated and absolutely free of cost. But now, third-party websites and applications have made it much more comfortable, and with a few clicks, you can enjoy your desired Manga.

Millions of sites on the internet display Manga, but most of them get down suddenly and ruin your experience. Therefore, I shared some of the best manga sites in this comprehensive article, handpicked and tested, especially for you. Furthermore, I have briefly explained each portal (website or application) to broaden your perspective. I hope this article helped you and satisfied all your doubts and queries you had about the topic.

But in any case, if I missed out on anything, please comment below, and I or someone from our team will undoubtedly revert to you with a helpful and satisfying response. Also, share this piece of information with your people and let everyone add something to their knowledge. You can also share your favorite list of manga sites so that others can check out those manga websites for their needs.

Which is your favorite Manga comic? (Do not comment on spoilers)

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