YIFY Proxy 2023: 30+ Free Proxies & Mirror Sites (Updated)

Yify proxy sites 2023 are actually mirrors of the official website, which was founded in 2010 by Yiftach Swery, who was studying computer science at the University of Waikato and later shut down in 2015 due to copyright content. So, if you are looking for some best alternative sites like YTS.re or the best free Yify proxies, you’re in the right corner.

I have already shared many other proxy websites, and today, I’m here with a working list of YIFY proxy and mirror sites. You can read the whole article to know additional relevant information that will benefit you. Let’s begin.

What is YIFY or YTS?

YIFY Proxy

YIFY, also known as YTS, is a torrent site that solely works to provide HD-quality movies, shows, anime, and much more entertaining content for absolutely free.

Our entertainment source is switched from TVs & theaters to computers, laptops, iPads, and smartphones in this digital era.

There are streaming services that offer premium content, but they do charge for it, and most people cannot afford that, and for people like those torrent sites like YIFY works well.

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Why use YIFY Proxy? (YTS Proxy)

YIFY is a torrent site that provides relevant links to download almost any video content for absolutely free. Unfortunately, it is blocked in almost all the regions due to copyright issues, and no virtual private network can help you access it.
But the website staff and volunteers are continuously creating YIFY mirror websites and uploading the old YTS database for you people to enjoy free premium content for FREE. And these websites are called YIFY proxy sites.

This article features some of the best working proxies that will grant you access to the YIFY original website.

It is getting difficult to find reliable torrent sites to download or stream premium content, and switching to any other new site is not the right thing.

I found this issue severe, so I thought to drop a working proxy list to unblock the Yify/YTS website.

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YIFY Proxy – YTS Mirror Sites of 2023:

Here’s the list of the best working Yify proxy sites that will help you unblock the blocked YTS.re website.

Yify/Yts Proxy SitesSpeed


  • These mirror sites might not open due to geo-restrictions, but you can overcome that problem; you can use a VPN (a virtual private network) and manipulate your IP address as well as geographical location.
  • Like the official YIFY.ag website, the listed mirror sites might get blocked too, but don’t worry and bookmark this page, as we will keep updating new working proxies to access YIFY.

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What is Proxy or Mirror Sites?

Due to copyright enforcement, the sites (torrent sites) that project unlicensed content are taken down or blocked in most major regions.

The site owners/staff cannot let this break their base; they open several more sites and upload their old database.

By doing so, they provide their original site’s old data again and let users enjoy premium software, applications, movies, shows, and much more paid stuff for absolutely free of cost.

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Is It Safe to Use These Proxies or Mirror Sites?

These proxies offer unlicensed premium content free of cost as the original torrent sites, which is undoubtedly illegal.

It disregards the original owners and disrespects the law, but there is no strict legal action for the people guilty of this petty crime. Millions of people rely on torrents for their regular entertainment plus work needs.

Although there is no action taken against the people liable for it, you should keep yourself under the cover and always connect your device to a stable virtual private network before streaming any unlicensed torrent sites.

No is a straightforward answer to this question.

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What is a Virtual Private Network, and is it Reliable?

We all surf the internet, which is offered by a public Internet Service Provider (ISP), and our actions are visible to the provider and the government.

A VPN or virtual private network is a server that helps you to cover your activities from your ISP provider and as well as change your geo-location plus IP address too.

There are thousands of virtual private network servers out there that offer trustworthy service for free, but to be on the safer side, one should opt for the paid ones as they are fully secure and reliable.

You can also use a free server for your torrent and surfing needs, as it won’t matter much.

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Final Words (Yify Proxy)

Movies & shows are essential sources to entertain oneself. Still, a person can’t watch films daily or wait for their favorite movie to be released on television or any streaming service.

These torrent sites provide excellent quality content and, very first, after the original launch. YIFY is such a site, and the love of the users created many active working proxy sites and offered back the premium database for absolutely free.

I hope this detailed article helped you and satisfied all your doubts and queries regarding YIFY proxy sites. But if you are facing any issue or problem, please comment below, and I will revert to it with a helpful answer in no time.

Also, share this informative piece with your friends and family.

Apart from YIFY, which is your favorite torrent site?

Share your experience with YIFY.

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