Facebook Social Toolkit Download Latest Version FREE 2024

In this article, I am going to share a key to conquer the Facebook platform by using Facebook Social Toolkit.

Facebook Social Toolkit
Facebook Social Toolkit

Facebook has more than 2 billion users on its platform, which makes it a reliable source to promote business & other events.

For every digital marketer, Facebook is a key element of their and outreach potential customers. If you are a blogger or digital marketer, then I do not need to explain to you the importance of social media marketing (SMM.)

I have been through the struggle to dig out the genuine files & install this fantastic tool. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

If you are alien to Facebook Social Toolkit, then you were missing great conversions, but do not worry as in this article, I will share everything about the Facebook Social Toolkit comprehensively.

Also, you will have access to download & install the Facebook Social Toolkit extension for chrome. So let us not waste any more time and move further to the main subject.

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What Is Facebook Social Toolkit?

Facebook Social Toolkit is one of the best chrome extensions to install in your chrome browser. It is trending because it’s unbelievable & useful features. The functions offered by Facebook Social Toolkit will save a lot of your time by completing the lengthy tasks in seconds.

Facebook Social Toolkit
Facebook Social Toolkit

If you are finding trouble to install the FST, then you are at the perfect webpage as I will share everything about it comprehensively, and you can download the latest version of Facebook Social Toolkit from this webpage.

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Features of Facebook Social Toolkit

It is important for people to know the reasons for installing this extension and witness exciting features offered by it.

Accept & Send Multiple Friend Requests

Facebook Social Toolkit

Gaining friends on Facebook is a basic strategy to increase one’s circle and promote something. But it is irritating to send and accept friend requests to people again & again. This toolkit will help you send friend requests to several people at once and saves you a lot of time to do other tasks.

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Unfriend Everyone At Once

Facebook Social Toolkit
Facebook Social Toolkit

Some people get irritated with their huge circle, and it becomes impossible to unfriend each person as there are thousands of people on their list. Facebook Toolkit helps you to unfriend everyone at one click, which saves you from all the hustle. It is one of the best reasons to install this extension.

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Invite Everyone to Like Your Facebook Page

Facebook Toolkit

If you own a business page or a public profile, then gaining likes is the first thing to do to create hype on the internet. The easiest way to get likes is to invite existing friends, but it is too irritating to invite everyone, but this Facebook social toolkit helps to invite everyone to like your page at once.

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Add Everyone to your Facebook Group

Facebook Social Toolkit

Facebook groups are an excellent opportunity to market or promote anything. Many marketers introduce their services in their private groups/community to check the response of the members. It is not easy to create a big Facebook group, but to start one; you need to add your friends to it.

The process of adding members in a group is ridiculous & time-consuming, but by using this fantastic tool, you can add everyone at once.

Apart from these features, there are a lot more offered by the FST, but to check everything, you need to install it in your browser. Let us move further to the downloading & installing part.

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How to Download & Install Facebook Social Toolkit?

It was super easy to install the FST extension through the chrome extension store, but it is removed from there, and you will need to install it manually.

There are so many websites/blogs offering a premium version of the FST extension, but you are required to fill up creepy surveys & pop-ups that ruin your laptop/computer.

I have used this kit, and believe me; it is handy when it comes to marketing or gaining an audience.

Many of the advertising agencies use it for their campaigns, which help them to convert their sales.

The best thing about this toolkit is that you can post in all groups at once, which saves a lot of time and delivers your content to a large pool of people.

I have already mentioned other features above, and now we should move further to the installation part:

Step-1. The first thing to do is to download the extension file of Facebook Social Toolkit. To download the latest version of this extension— [CLICK HERE], this is the premium version of Facebook Social Toolkit with every featured unlocked.

Step-2. Open the downloaded file and extract the zip file to any folder by using WinRar or any other extractor.

Step-3. Later, open chrome://extensions/ and check tick the developer mode. >> Open on Load Unpacked >> choose the extracted folder and wait for it to install the extension successfully.

After successful installation, you will be able to use the tool by clicking on its icon just beside the address bar of your browser. It is super easy to use, and you just need to follow the instructions correctly to complete the function.

For instance, to invite everyone to like your page, you will need to visit the page you want likes on and then click on invite friends options then use the Facebook Social Toolkit to invite everyone at once.

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Important Information Before You Use FST

It is genuinely fantastic how a small extension is capable of performing such bulk tasks within seconds. You can freely use this tool for your personal benefit but do not overuse it as facebook bans the accounts which misuse scripts or any extensions.

I added 1000+ friends at once and was suspended temporarily for a few days from sending any more friend requests. I recommend not to overuse any feature and give intervals between each command. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey.

I have shared the premium Facebook social toolkit for absolutely free for you people to enjoy premium stuff without paying anything.

Also, share this comprehensive & helpful information to your friends and help them too experience these fantastic features offered by Facebook Social Toolkit.

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Final Words For Facebook Social Toolkit

Being a digital marketer, I use this premium Facebook social toolkit very often, and it really makes my job easier. Apart from making the job easier, it finishes tasks within seconds and gives our whole team time to work on other things.

Facebook is an enormous platform, and covering the large pool of audiences is not an easy task, and therefore, this social toolkit is a pure treasure to the marketers.

In this comprehensive article, I have shared features and also the premium download link of Facebook Social Kit. I could have covered this subject in a paragraph, but I dropped a comprehensive overview of the extension for you to understand every aspect of it.

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I hope this post helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the topic. But if you have any doubt related or relevant to the subject, then please comment below, and I or someone from our team will certainly reply to you with a positive & helpful reply.

Also, please share this useful piece of information with your friends and help them grow their social profiles.

Which feature of Facebook Social Toolkit did you like the most?

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  1. Hi, everyone! Many people complain all over the web that this toolkit doesn’t work or is just unavailable for downloading. You can try other browser extensions like Cucomm, for example (it’s got a free version, too). It helps you to send mass messages or automatically add friends on Facebook. Works for me, I should say.

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