IDM Optimizer Download (Free) Increase Download Speed (2024)

IDM Optimizer is an Internet Download Manager add-on to improve the downloading speed. In this article, I am going to discuss one of the perfect add-on software for an internet download manager. The name of the software is IDM Optimizer. It helps you improve the downloading speed by making some tweaks.

IDM Optimizer
IDM Optimizer

I am sure that you guys are already aware of IDM (Internet download manager) because software not only helps in the quick download of our files but also helps in increasing the normal speed of download by 10-20%. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

What is IDM Optimizer?

IDM optimizer is software, or you may call it an addon for the internet download manager. This software helps you to increase the active downloading files speed to the maximum frame rate by changing some entries to the registry of the PC. (It is ethical, Isn’t it? Yes, but legal).

Therefore, this addon for the internet download manager is really helpful, as who does not want to download their files at the maximum frame rate?

I have used this addon, and you may not believe it, but it does help me in increasing the usual download speed to up to 4mb/S from 1.7 MB/S. This is insane, Isn’t it?

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What does IDM optimizer do to boost the download speed of your files?

This is the question that not only makes sense, but it is far from something beyond anyone thinking. Anyway, the answer to this question is whenever you use IDM optimizer to increase the downloading speed of IDM.

It creates some random edits and entries to the registry of your computer and also does modify certain existing registries as well.

Therefore, the changes made in the registry files will result in a configuration change in IDM. So, you will be getting a higher frame rate and download speed in the Internet download manager.

So, the next question is?

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How do these changes in the registry possible?

Well, I have added two different methods to support the above-given paragraphs. The first method is straightforward, and the second one is by using the IDM Optimizer trick to increase the download speed in the Internet download manager.

However, before that. Let’s have a look at the downloading part.

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Download IDM Optimizer Latest Version For Windows

IDM Optimizer is a software tool designed to optimize various settings and configurations of Internet Download Manager (IDM) to improve its performance. IDM is a widely used download manager that speeds up download rates and efficiently manages downloaded files.

This software is free to download and use. I have even downloaded this software and using it on my system right now. Till now, I have not found any issue or virus contained in this software. In simple words, everything is working just perfectly.

To save you people from the unauthorized download link that may contain a virus or clickable ads, I have added a quick download link of the IDM optimizer below to this paragraph. You only need to click on the link, and the file will be started downloading automatically.


Once the download and the installation process are completed, you can follow both the below-given methods and steps for increasing the download speed in the Internet download manager. Also, check these best torrent sites and Putlocker proxy.

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Method-1. How to increase the download speed using the IDM optimizer?

This is our first method, which is very simple. Moreover, I’ll be only using some simple entries in the IDM optimizer to setup it up. Let’s have a look:

Step-1. First, download the IDM optimizer from the download link. (That, we have already given above)

Step-2. Now, open the IDM optimizer application. (It is only an add-on tool. So, you do not need to install it in your system)

Step-3. Now, the IDM optimizer window will open up on your PC.

Step-4. Now, you will see three options in the application. The second option will be used to maximize the speed of download in IDM, and the third one is to restore every changed setting to the default.

IDM Optimizer

Step-5. You have to click on the “OptimizeIDM” button.

Step-6. After that, a popup will appear on the screen asking your permission to restart the internet download manager to support these changes.

Step-7. Just exit IDM and restart it. (I prefer restarting your PC as well.)

That’s it.

It is the end of the first procedure, and after following the steps, I have given above.

You will surely see a massive change in the speed of IDM by at least 25%. This method is based on the automatic selection of the settings, and that is why you only need to click one single button.

The application automatically does the rest of the settings.

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How to revert it?

If you are not happy with the changes done by the application, you can revert it anytime. I also have given the steps to restore the changes that have been done by the IDM optimizer into your PC:

Step-1. Open the IDM optimizer again.

Step-2. Click on the third option of “Restore to default.”

Step-3. Within a few minutes, the settings which have been done by the IDM optimizer be restored.

However, it would be best if you restarted your PC to support these changes.

Isn’t it good? Of course, it is.

If the application does not meet the user’s expectations, then the settings can be restored using a single click.

To be an instance, I also have added the second method, which does not need this application to increase the downloading speed in IDM (Internet download manager)

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Method-2. Increase the download speed of IDM using the Tweak settings.

This method does not require downloadingIDM optimizer to increase the download speed of the internet download manager.

These are manual settings and can be suitable for those people who do not want to take risks by installing third-party software into their PC. Let’s have a look at the settings below anyway.

Step-1. First, open an internet download manager on your PC.

Step-2. After that, go through the settings then download and check if the speed limiter option is turned on.

IDM Optimizer

Step-3. If it is turned on, then turn it off. (The speed limiter is basically to set the download speed, and if you keep it on, then you only will get the limited download speed, and if you keep it off, then you will get the maximum download speed from your carrier.)

IDM Optimizer

Step-4. After that, go to downloads and click on the options tab.

IDM Optimizer

Step-5. Now, click on the Connections tab and select connection/type speed as “High speed: Direct connection (Ethernet/Cable) / Wi-Fi / Mobile 4G / other”

Step-6. Click on OK to save the settings and then restart the IDM to support these changes.

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Here Are Task Manager Tweaks:

This could be another manual process for increasing the download speed in IDM after doing the manual settings in the software.

This tweak is nothing other than disabling the background uploading and downloading process from the task manager.

It is because most of the time, there are some background uploading and downloading processes is running. Therefore, It results in slowing down the real download speed of the IDM.

So, we will make some changes in the task manager and make things favorable to the task manager to support maximum downloading speed.

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Here are the steps:

Step-1. First, open the task manager from the start menu. Alternatively, Click Ctrl+Alt+Del and click on Task Manager to Right Click on the Taskbar and click on the Task Manager.

Step-2. Open the task manager and process and check out the applications which are consuming more data and memory.

Step-3. Turn them off or make them disabled for the time being.

Step-4. Restart your PC to support these major changes.

Step-5. Now, check the downloading speed of IDM. I am sure it would have been increased by 25% at least.

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Benefits of IDM Optimizer

Although there are multiple software utilities using the name IDM Optimizer, nevertheless, some of the advantages of using IDM Optimizer include:

  1. Increased Download Speeds: IDM Optimizer fine-tunes IDM settings to optimize file download speeds, resulting in time savings and reduced connection errors.
  2. Improved Download Stability: IDM Optimizer optimizes settings to minimize broken downloads, network errors, or dropped connections, leading to improved download stability.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: IDM Optimizer offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface that enables users to optimize IDM settings without requiring any technical expertise.
  4. Compatibility: IDM Optimizer is compatible with most IDM versions, allowing users to enhance their download speeds irrespective of their IDM version.
  5. Standalone Tool: IDM Optimizer is a standalone utility that does not need any additional software or plugins to operate correctly.

It’s worth mentioning that IDM Optimizer can improve download speeds, but it can’t boost internet connection speeds beyond the network or ISP’s capabilities.

Final Words For IDM Optimizer

Here we come at the end. I already mentioned earlier in this article that an IDM optimizer is only a tool to increase the downloading speed of IDM.

There is a possibility that it might work or not work in some cases. Still, I have given two simple methods to increase the downloading speed. Also, check Facebook social toolkit.

The first one consists of using the IDM optimizer, and the second one is via setting up the manual settings.

In the end, you can use any method which works best for you.

If there is any question, then feel free to ask me in the comments section.

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