How To Download Whatsapp Status Videos (3 EASY Ways) 2024

In this article, we have covered a detailed guide on how to download Whatsapp status images, videos, or stories. I hope it will be beneficial for those who are looking for a quick and easy method to do this task as we have shared the three most straightforward ways to download Whatsapp stories.

How To Download Whatsapp Status
If you are an avid WhatsApp user, you might know most of the operational features on the app to use your Android or iOS device. But, perhaps, you might be using WhatsApp for both personal and professional purposes.

There is no denying that this is one of the most useful apps around in the market today. Hence, the number of users is almost similar to Facebook and Twitter. As a result, you can communicate efficiently with your family members, friends, and colleagues in a systematic manner. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

You can make audio and video calls to your close or loved ones, who are located a thousand miles away, for free. You can talk to them and see them as if they are present in the next room.

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Is it possible to download Whatsapp stories?

download whatsapp status

Yes, it is possible to download Whatsapp stories.

In this post, we will briefly discuss how you can download WhatsApp stories on your Android devices. You may be using other social media tools like Instagram and Snapchat that come with similar features.

The status was officially dead last year in the month of February. However, many users were left baffled because they felt that it was a massive clone of the ones found on Snapchat and Instagram.

Many people have liked to express themselves by placing daily status on their mental state of mind. Probably, they want to communicate with the outside world about the thoughts running in their heads. You may also like to check these sports streaming sitesand sites like Rainierland.

Some messages may be about love, sharing, while others may be about motivation and friendship.

Whatever the reason, you may want to copy and save the status on an android device. Unfortunately, these statuses do not get saved and perish within 24 hours.

As of now, WhatsApp does not provide you with a suitable method to keep the story and videos.

So, what do you do about it? Please read on to find out.

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Here are three simple ways to download Whatsapp status videos and images:

Take screenshots of the status.

Now, why did we not think of that?

Well, we are very sure that you might have already used this method. However, they are not suitable when you have to take the status or images of several screens. You can now share them with your contacts or whom you want to at any time.

You will want to know that this method is simple, but you cannot do the same for videos and GIFs, which are commonly used. You may also like to check these sites like Putlocker and LimeTorrents proxy sites.

Few methods require you to have root access to download the WhatsApp stories, while others do not. The methods mentioned in this post come without the need for root or source access. Because if you need root access, then some of you might not be able to download and save Whatsapp status and stories on your Android device.

Method-1. Access saved Whatsapp stories via file explorer

Save Whatsapp Status Using File Explorer

In case you were not aware, once your view somebody’s story or status on the app, it is saved on the storage of your device.

It is done to help you see it within 24 hours, without needing to use the internet. Hence, many stories and pictures are found in your gallery or internal storage of your device. Therefore, you can make use of the file explorer and view the files. You may also like to check these best Xbox one emulators and Pokémon Go Apk.

Then you can copy them into a folder of your creation. If you do that, you can view the pictures and images whenever you want to.

Here is how you can do that:

Step-1. Firstly, go to WhatsApp and view the stories that you would like to copy. This ensures that the pictures are saved in your internal storage.

Step-2. Then you need to open the file explorer on the device >> Go to the Whatsapp folder >> Media.

How To Download Whatsapp Status Video

Step-3. Now, here you need to make some changes in the file explorer setting. There is a hidden “.Statuses” folder for Whatsapp status media files, and you just need to permit your mobile phone to show hidden files.

How To Download Whatsapp Status Video

Step-4. After that, you can see an extra folder there which is “.Statuses”

How To Download Whatsapp Status Video

Step-5. In this hidden folder, you can find all the pictures and videos of the contacts. All you need to do is copy the media files into a new folder. So, the images and videos don’t get deleted.

Download Whatsapp Status Video

Now, you can see them in your gallery.

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Method-2. Download Whatsapp Status by using third-party apps

Download Whatsapp Status Story Saver

This method can be slightly annoying for newbies who are not that well-versed using devices and technology. We will try and make it simple for you.

When you make use of such an app, the saving process becomes quite simple and easy. Not to mention, you can easily find them available on Google Play Store.

We tried a few of them and chose the status story saver app to download Whatsapp status.

You can use the Google Play Store to download it. You may also like to check these best games like Skyrim and iOS emulators.

All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone and get started.

Here is how to download Whatsapp status images and videos using the status story saver app:

Step-1. Once the app is installed, you need to let it access your device; otherwise, it will not work.

download whatsapp story

Step-2. Then you need to click on the images or videos option and open the files you want to save.

download whatsapp status

Step-3. When you have opened the image or video, you need to tap on the +icon that is found below on your screen.

how to download whatsapp status

Step-4. Choose the save option that downloads the story and videos on your Android device.

how to download whatsapp status videos

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Method-3. Download WhatsApp status via WhatsApp MODs

Now, we will implement a method where you do not make use of the root access. Like we mentioned before, not all users may have access to the root or know how to operate using the source.

This is the ideal method for them. You have modded versions of WhatsApp that are designed by developers.

Few of them include YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and so on. But, perhaps, some of you may have even used them earlier.

Download Whatsapp Status
Download Whatsapp Status

These modded APK’s come with a wide range of features and options, which you can use for different purposes. For example, using them, you can download and save the status and videos of your contacts.

As they are modded, you need to make use of the suitable option on your smartphone. Based on our research, we found the GBWhatsApp ideal for this guide. Even new users will find it simple to use and work on.

You can download it from WhatsApp through the APK file and then install it on your smartphone. Also, download IDM Optimizer.

Then you can use it to save images and videos on your Android device, as given below.

Here we will be using the GBWhatsApp.

Step-1. The first thing you should do is open the modded version of WhatsApp.

Step-2. Then you need to check on the status tab. In there, you will need to view the status, story, or image of the contact that you would like to download on your Android device.

download whatsapp status

Step-3. When you have done that, you have to tap on the three-dot option. This is present on the upper part of your screen. Then you have chosen the download option that is in there. (In GBWhatsapp Pro, there is a green download button located at the bottom right-side corner.)

download whatsapp status

This screenshot is taken using GBWhatsapp Pro.

Step-4. Now you have succeeded in downloading the WhatsApp status and images.

The stories, status, and videos can be viewed in your gallery when you desire.

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Why do you need to download Whatsapp status or stories?

It can be very annoying and frustrating to see the stories disappearing within 24 hours of reading them. You like to view the status of your friends and family members. Then you may want to download them to your smartphone.

While you can download the profile pictures of your contacts, you cannot download the status on WhatsApp.

Not to mention, stories cannot be saved either on Android or iOS. You may feel that copying screenshots on your smartphone might help, but they can test your patience to the limit.

Moreover, you cannot use them for video stories. Hence, we have helped you out by giving you a complete guide on how you can download WhatsApp stories on your Android phone.

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Is it easy to download Whatsapp Status?

WhatsApp is not designing or releasing a feature that can help you download status or story. Though you have several illegal methods through which you may succeed on your Android device.

However, they are either complicated to perform or do not work as expected. You are better off without them. Of course, you will want to know that the methods will not work on your iOS device.

But, these methods are ideal and easy to follow for Android device users.

So, if you own Android devices, then buckle up and read the methods mentioned above carefully.

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Final Words

We hope that you found the above post helpful to download WhatsApp status and stories using your android devices useful.

We highly recommend that you try all the three methods that we have mentioned above and find out the most comfortable way that suits your process of working.

You do not have to get stressed or annoyed with your stories disappearing anymore. You can read them whenever you want to. You may also like to check how to deslide a website?

If you liked the above post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues on social media.

In case if you do not understand something or want clarification on a particular method, please do not hesitate to put up your query in the comment section below.

We would be delighted to hear from you.

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