How to Use Tinder Without Facebook in 2024 (The QUICK Way!)

The main focus of today’s article is the question of How to Use Tinder Without Facebook? And I will try my best to satisfy this query with a comprehensive answer.

Tinder Without FacebookTinder is the most popular dating application in the world and is more like a local social search application. It uses a unique algorithm to match people according to your location plus interests.

If you are not aware of Tinder or its features, then this article is the perfect webpage to follow, as I am going to share everything about Tinder.

Are you trying to sign up for Tinder without integrating your Facebook profile? Do not worry because I am going to share the best way to use Tinder without Facebook.

Also, if you do not have a Facebook account but want to use Tinder, then you do not need to make a Facebook profile, especially to create a Tinder account. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

Let us not waste anymore of our time in the introduction and move further to the subject.

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What is Tinder?

Tinder Without FacebookTinder is a location-based social search mobile application that is used as an online dating service that allows users to use a swiping motion to like or dislike other users and allows users to chat if both parties like each other. Tinder’s algorithm is far better than any other dating application, and it only shows matches that have common interests.

But have you ever thought about how does Tinder gets to know about your personality?

It is because it steals the data from your Facebook account and shows potential matches according to your interests.

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Advantages of Integrating Tinder with Facebook

There are various advantages of connecting the Facebook profile to Tinder, I have listed some potential benefits below:

1. Transparency

As mentioned before, Tinder, when integrated with Facebook, captures your likes/dislikes plus saves all the other personality traits. It helps Tinder to show people with common interests, and also signing up with Facebook draws a feeling of transparency between you & your partner, too, and becomes a pillar of trust. Nobody will converse with a person who does not show his true self.

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2. Ease

Syncing everything through Facebook saves you from entering minor details like Date of Birth, location, pictures, and other things. Integrating Facebook eventually saves a lot of your time. Also, check these best torrent sites and Putlocker proxy.

3. Perfect Matches/No Scam

There are many fraud people on Tinder, which converse in a fake personality, and it wastes a lot of the time. Not just guys, but all users do this, and hence, integrating Facebook will help others to know that you’re real and that they are not wasting their time. Plus, genuine profiles get more matches, which makes signing up with Facebook a crucial part.

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Disadvantages of Integrating Tinder with Facebook

With advantages, there are some disadvantages of using Tinder with Facebook. If you are here, then you probably are aware of the disadvantages, but if you are not aware of the cons of signing on Tinder with Facebook, then refer to the points mentioned below.

1. Lack of Security

Tinder is an international application, and we have already seen many data leaks from Facebook and other social apps. It is risky to give up your identity to an app that might sell it further to other organizations. Although Tinder condemns posting or sharing anything without permission, it is undoubtedly challenging to trust an international company. Besides, it is undoubtedly on you how you like your information to be.

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2. Mutual Friends Bug

One of the main disadvantages of integrating Facebook with Tinder is that you will get matches from your mutual friends. This might seem like a petty issue, but what if your relative or someone caught you on Tinder? Or your mates found out that you are in search of dating someone? All these might be really uncomforting and stupid, and that is the reason people do not want to link Facebook with Tinder.

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How to Use Tinder without Facebook?

You know the causes of using Tinder with Facebook— If you do not want to reveal your true-self online and want to use Tinder without Facebook, then follow this thread carefully. Honestly, there is no way to access Tinder without connecting a Facebook profile, but we have found some reliable solutions that will undoubtedly help you. Here is one of those working methods to use Tinder without Facebook:

Step-1. Create a new Facebook profile

tinder without facebook

It is possible to save yourself from getting bugged by other mutual friends. The root cause of not signing up on Tinder with Facebook is to hide the fact that you are use Tinder or any other data leak issue.

But you can save yourself by creating a new Facebook profile and then linking the new account with Tinder. Make sure you use your own personal name because Tinder will project the name & age that is mentioned in the Facebook profile.

Also, use a different profile picture as if the Facebook profile is found guilty of being duplicate, then it might get banned, which will ultimately suspend your Tinder account too. Also, check Facebook social toolkit.

If you think that making a new Facebook account just for Tinder, then mover further to other potential solutions.

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Step-2. Change the Facebook privacy setting.

tinder without facebook
Tinder Without Facebook

So you use Tinder, but you don’t use your brain for a minute. Facebook allows you to change the settings of the linked application from your profile. This will help you make your account secure plus strengthen your privacy. It is the best way to hide that you use Tinder as only you could view the private linked application. To hide Tinder from Facebook apps, follow the mentioned points:

  • Open Facebook and visit the settings tab.
  • Now click on “Apps & Websites.”
  • Navigate to Tinder and turn on the privacy option to “Only Me.”

Following the instructions will hide Tinder from your Facebook Applications, and no Facebook friend would ever know that you use Tinder.

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Step-3. Now, change the Tinder setting.

We saved ourselves from Facebook, and now is the time to change the settings from Tinder too. First, open Tinder and then move to its settings tab.

You will find a list of several features, turn off the “Show on Tinder Social.” This will secure your profile and will hide from all the social applications.

If you are still not sure about signing up on Tinder with Facebook, then the last thing you can do is mail the Tinder Team and get verified your account manually.

There is nothing more to it, and all Tinder modded applications won’t help you as Tinder works as server-based programs, and messing up with the apk files won’t help.

Some Simple but Effective Tips for Tinder Users (Bonus)

If you think Tinder is all about swiping right and meeting people, then you are undoubtedly wrong. Tinder is a lot more than what you think, but if you understand its algorithm, then you will get 3x more matches than what you are getting right now.

I have listed some tips for you to improve your Tinder:

1. Humorous + Informative Bio:

In you about section, just put something witty but be informative. Don’t play an absolute fool here, but only a sarcastic comment is enough for the bio. Also, do not share famous shit bios like; Netflix & Chill. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey.

2. Use decent pictures:

Do not mess your media with the so-called model plus super edited pictures. Be original and share genuine photos. Post quality images and project the best pic at the very first because most of the people do not check all the pictures and so you should make the best shot at the very first.

3. Swiping-Right is not the key:

I have seen people blindly swiping right, and I just want you to know that Tinder is not a pure hookup platform. Plus, excess swiping right will not show your profile to other users because you lost your relevancy by swiping right to everyone. It is never too late, now swipe people out of your league and swipe left more often.

4. Be honest

If you are receiving likes & matches, then it is good, but if you want to create a real relationship with someone, then you should be genuine & honest.

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Final Words For Tinder Without Facebook

Tinder is one of the most exciting social platforms online these days, and it was the most installed application in August 2019 with 5 million + downloads.

I know that I have shared more than what I promised in the introduction. Today, I comprehensively answered the question of How to Use Tinder without Facebook? and also shared some other relevant plus helpful information for Tinder users.

I believe that this post helped you and satisfied all your queries & doubts regarding the exciting subject. But if you have any doubt or issue related or relevant to today’s topic, then please comment below, and I or someone from our team will undoubtedly help you with whatever your issue is.

Also, please share this piece of information with your friends but strictly not with your family. :p

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