Framaroot Apk Download Latest Version 1.9.3 (OFFICIAL) 2024

Framaroot Apk
Framaroot Apk

If you are struggling to root your mobile phone and want to download & install Framaroot apk, then this webpage is undoubtedly written for you.

Rooting Android is now something that is desired by every Android user as it helps you to gain absolute control over your device and lets you perform various tasks that are restricted for non-rooted users.

In this article, I will share the verified and official apk file of Framaroot and also share some other relevant information regarding this one-click root application. Also, download Pandora one apk.

Framaroot is a one-click root application that is extremely simple and a lot more useful than the other Android rooting applications. But getting the original Framaroot apk is undoubtedly a crucial task, and one should always verify the source before downloading any app.

If you are seriously looking forward to rooting your phone, then carefully follow the mentioned instructions in this article. Let us not waste any more of our precious time and move further to the main part.

What is Framaroot Apk?

Framaroot Apk
Framaroot Apk

Framaroot apk is one of the best one-click root Android applications, which makes the process of rooting fast & straightforward. Framaroot app is recommended by most of the tech bloggers as it is effective and comparatively more rapid than others. With 10 million+ downloads, Framaroot one-click root apk is highly reliable and is compatible with most of the Android versions (4.3 and above.)

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Framaroot Apk Info.

App NameFramaroot Apk
Size1.25 MB
Main TaskRoot Android Without PC.
Total Downloads10,000,00
RequirementAndroid 4.3 or above

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Why Should You Use Framaroot Apk?

If you are facing trouble while rooting your phone with computer integrated methods and want an easy way to root your device, then Framaroot is undoubtedly the best option for you as it is an Android application that makes the complex task “rooting” simple and easy for even the people who do not have any knowledge about tech & Android.

Due to the high demand of Framaroot apk, there are blogs that share injected apk that infect the device with malware and affect the software and so download the apk from this webpage only. Also, check Droid Buddy 2 Apk, these PS3 emulators, and Telegram channels.

Features of Framaroot Apk

Framaroot does belong to the one-tap-root segment, but it delivers a stronger root than any other rooting application. It has many fantastic features, and some of them are mentioned below:

1. Easy UnRoot

framaroot apk

Many Android rooting apps do not support unrooting, and that becomes a significant reason not to opt for them as unrooting is also necessary for the people to get back their handset to normal & save the device warranty from getting void.

Framaroot does offer to unroot feature that performs the reverse root process and completely unroot the device. This feature provided by Framaroot apk is one of the best reasons to choose it over the other Android rooting applications. Also, check YesMovies proxy and Yify Proxy.

2. Root Without PC (Computer)

framaroot apk

Framaroot provides no computer integration and performs one tap root within the mobile. Many people think that rooting without computer does not perform complete root and is just a bluff to all the users as they cannot perform tasks like flashing custom ROMs & recoveries, but that is absolutely untrue. I have personally tried this application and flashed cwm recovery, which is enough to prove its effectiveness.

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3. Multiple Exploits

framaroot apk

Framaroot apk offers a wide range of exploits to cover all the Android versions. If you install this application, then you won’t be getting all the exploits to choose as it will automatically pick the one compatible with your device. All this saves you from the technical stuff and makes Framaroot a reliable option to root an Android device.

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4. SuperSU Installed

Framaroot Apk

Another reason to prove its effectiveness is after the complete process of rooting, Framaroot apk will automatically install SuperSU as a system file which will grant the root access to all the other applications. There are many applications that ask you to download & install SuperSU manually, which is not reliable and restricts you from performing various high-end tasks.

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Download Framaroot Apk Latest Version For Android

Download Framaroot Apk
Download Framaroot Apk

Like any other apk file, downloading Framaroot apk is extremely easy, but you should be very careful while choosing the source. If you downloaded from a wrong source, then your device will probably get infected by malware, and you will experience advertisements & surveys on your device.

To download the safe & secure apk file of Framaroot, click the button below.


After a successful download, we will be moving further to the installation process.

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How to Install Framaroot Apk?

Here is the step-by-step guide mentioned below you need to follow to install the Framaroot app successfully:

Step-1. Open the settings option on your device >> Search for “Unknown Sources” and turn it on.

(*Note: This is the settings you need to do before installing the apk file because, due to security reasons, Android does not let you install files from unknown resources. Still, after these settings, you will be able to install any apk file downloaded from a third-party site or app store. Let us now move to the installation process, which is extremely simple.)

Step-2. After successfully downloading and following the settings mentioned above, you just need to install the downloaded application. Navigate to the folder where you have the downloaded apk file of Framaroot. Now, click on the downloaded file.

framaroot apk

*Note: Make sure you have turned “Unknown Sources” on.

Step-3. Now, tap install to start the installation process.

framaroot apk download

Step-4. You might receive a security notification from Google that you just need to ignore. [Click on “Install anyway (Unsafe)]

framaroot apk

Step-5. Now, wait for the installation process to complete and after that, you will have Framaroot installed on your smartphone.

download framaroot apk

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How to Root An Android Device By Framaroot?

Rooting your phone is the last and the most crucial thing of this comprehensive article as without this section, you won’t be able to root your device and so be attentive & careful while performing this part.

Step-1. First, open the application and grant all the permissions to Framaroot.

Step-2. Now, click on the drop-down menu and choose Install SuperSU.

Step-3. Now the app will download some files, just wait for a few minutes to complete it.

Step-4. Later, it will ask you to reboot your handset to root your device finally wholly.

WooHoo! After following the above instructions, your device will have the robust root access, and you can check it via the Root Checker application available on the Google PlayStore. You may also like to check these best games like Skyrim and iOS emulators.

Benefits Of Having A Rooted Smartphone

There are various features & benefits of rooting a device, and users are literally getting crazy by the excellent modules only accessible to the rooted users. I have listed some of my favorite reasons to root an Android device.

1. Super Backups

Framaroot Apk

Android does provide a backup of your phone, but it is not precise as to what you will get by rooting your device. Titanium Backup is an application that only works with rooted handsets and allows the user to create multiple backups of their mobile phone. You will be able to get each and everything present on your phone by the smart backup possible only for rooted users.

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2. Custom ROMs

Framaroot Apk

Being an Android developer, installing custom ROMs is my favorite reason for rooting a device. You can install various custom ROMs and absolutely change your interface to something you desire. Getting your device rooted allows you to flash a custom recovery, and from there, you can install any custom ROM, but make sure it is compatible with your handset.

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3. Super Modules

framaroot apk

Various modules perform unbelievable tasks like speeding the processor (overlocking), saving battery (underclocking), changing IMEI & other IDs, and other fantastic functions. To get these modules, you will need to install Xposed Modules, an application to run these modules. You can also take screenshots in restricted apps like Netflix & Prime.

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Is It Safe to Root My Device?

This is one of the most popular questions asked on the internet, which is why I thought that answering it would be helpful for many of our readers. Rooting a device does void the warranty, and if anything goes wrong, your device will be bricked (dead.) Apart from that, rooting is safe if done correctly.

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Final Words For Framaroot Apk

Rooting is attracting many Android users, and people are amused by the functions that can be performed on the Android platform.

I personally consider rooting as the main reason for making Android a flexible operating system.

In this article, I have shared the genuine Framaroot apk and also some other relevant information regarding the topic.

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I hope this comprehensive article helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the Framaroot app.

But if you face any issue & problem regarding the subject, then please comment below, and I or someone from our staff will positively respond to it with a positive reply in no time.

Also, please share this comprehensive article with your friends and let them gain them have the perks of rooting instantly via Framaroot.

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