Top 10 Tips For Perfect Email Design (The Ultimate Guide)

Today, email marketing is extremely popular in the advertising industry despite some earlier predictions that social media would squeeze this dinosaur of marketing out of existence. Actually, email marketing is seemingly more important now than it ever was before.

Some marketers even would go so far as to say that we are witnessing the reinvention of modern marketing email techniques. Yet, like with any other efficient marketing tool, to be able to leverage all its advantages, you need to have a well-defined understanding of how to use it within your brand’s advertising strategy.

Top 10 Tips For Crafting Perfect Email Design:

Perfect Email Design Tips

Here are some good tips that will help you get the most out of the email marketing method.

#1. Add a Personal Touch

The huge popularity of emails is a tricky thing, meaning that people receive so many various emails (work-related, school-related, personal, promotional ones, etc.) that sometimes it’s physically impossible to open each of them. To make sure your email won’t go directly into the bin, you need to make it stand out among the others. Personalization is the key to success. In 2021, generic emails don’t work anymore.

#2. Eye-Catching Designs

No doubt that email marketing is primarily about the content your emails contain. Yet, graphic design is important too. Similar to your website and social media accounts, the way your emails look also distinguishes how well-received they are by your audience. Just because your email is professional, it doesn’t mean it should be dull, bleak, and colorless. On the contrary, your email design should help pull users in so that they get interested to know what’s in it, not distract them from it. Luckily, there are many software tools you can use to streamline your designing process nowadays. For instance, take a look at this icon creator free – it offers many options, and it’s free.

#3. Be Precise

When it comes to the body of your email, the ultimate goal you want to achieve is that the customer wouldn’t give up reading your email halfway. That’s why it’s so important that you get straight away to the point and focus the reader’s attention on the key reason you’ve sent the email in the first place. Remember that the optimal email length is up to 100 words.

#4. Structure Your Email Well

This one is closely connected with the previous tip. When creating an email, always bear in mind the golden rule that your customer is a very busy person and would not want to spend much time figuring out what your email is about. Therefore, your email must be well-structured, with the core part being easily noticeable. A bullet-point list is always a good idea.

#5. Strong Subject Line

A subject line is the first thing the customer sees on opening the email or receiving a notification. Therefore, the subject line of your email must be short, motivating, and without any spam trigger words or click baits. You can also consider using emojis, concrete figures, questions, or famous quotations.

#6. Add Interaction

Add Interaction

You can make your email interactive to get your audience immediately interested in your email. This helps them more than just text to read when they open your emails. Games, quizzes, and funny surveys are among universal options that work perfectly for every industry.

#7. Extra Features

There are several ways you can pleasantly surprise your audience by providing added value in your emails. For example, you can include a further reading list or a special offer discount coupon. Basically, it can be anything related to your brand’s activities.

#8. Try Automation

Automation is a great digital solution because it helps make your emails more effective. As a bonus, it helps you to create emails much easier and faster. In terms of personalization, automation is the key. It ensures that the emails you are going to send out reflect the actions and behaviors of that person. In other words, it’s relevant, timely, and saves you time and effort.

#9. Use Visuals

Add Visuals To Email

Video is by far the most reliable way to get your message through to your audience, so why not use it in your emails to enhance its content? Readers prefer content that has a mixture of text and visuals; that’s why you should try embedding videos, images, and GIFs in your emails. Importantly, please don’t overdo it.

#10. Call to Action

You send your email because you want your customers to do something, for example: buy your product, visit your store, or register for an online course. Whatever it is, outline the exact action you want readers to take, and don’t distract them from it with excessive information or photos.

The bottom line

Email remains an extremely efficient and effective technique trusted by the overwhelming majority of customers. Still, you should never treat it lightly because there are certain challenges you need to tackle to ensure your advertising strategy is implemented successfully.

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