FM Whatsapp 9.52 Download Anti Ban Latest Apk 47 MB 2024

FMWhatsapp 9.52 download. The anti-Ban FMWhatsapp apk file is out now for all android devices. Update FM Whatsapp to the latest version.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used messaging service on our planet, and any boundaries do not restrict it. Recently, there has been a sudden increase in modded apk on the internet.

FMWhatsApp Apk

Last year, so many modded WhatsApp applications were released, and people were amazed by these modded applications’ outstanding features.

The developers are continually working and adding more features to their new releases to enhance the user experience. Also, download YoWhatsapp Apk.

In this article, I am going to introduce another mod application of WhatsApp, which is none other than FMWhatsApp.

I will share FMWhatsApp apk features, its pros and cons, and a downloadable apk file of this Whatsapp MOD.

There are so many modded applications of WhatsApp. That is why it becomes challenging to choose the best Whatsapp MOD application to use. So, we came up with this comprehensive guide to share all the features offered by the FM Whatsapp app.

Why should I use FMWhatsapp over other Whatsapp MODs?

FMWhatsapp became famous because of the unique and stable features it offers, which are not promised by any other mod application.

Apart from that, the FMWhatsapp apk file is tested and verified by several different developers, and they confirmed it as a safe mod application. Let’s begin and start reading more about FM WhatsApp.

*Note: We do not own the FMWhatsApp apk mentioned in this article, and all the credit for the application goes to the developer. Also, we are not liable for any type of issue caused by the app in the future.

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What Is FM WhatsApp Apk?

FMWhatsApp Apk
FMWhatsApp Apk

FM WhatsApp is an edited version of the original messaging application WhatsApp. The original version is working fine, but this modded application has a little more to offer. There are so many WhatsApp mods in the market, but unlike FMWhatsApp, most of them lack instability.

FMWhatsApp offers some more enhanced features and higher stability compared to other popular MODs like YoWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp.

Apart from that, Many well-known Android developers marked FMWhatsApp as a secure and safe Whatsapp MOD.

I have personally tested FMWhatsApp, and I had a pretty pleasant experience with it. If you are searching for FMWhatsApp apk and other related information regarding it, then read the complete article, and we will clear all queries which are boggling up in your mind.

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FM WhatsApp Apk Info.

App NameFMWhatsApp
Size47 MB
Required Android5 and above.
Total Downloads6M+

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Features of FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp Apk

The features offered by FMWhatsApp are quite similar to other popular WhatsApp mod applications like GBWhatsApp. I have covered all the FMWhatsApp characteristics below.

1. Last Seen


The original WhatsApp offers to turn off last seen, which is pretty cool, but when you are active, then it shows others that you are online when they see your profile. But with FMWhatsApp, you can not only hide your last seen but also freeze it, and no one will ever know that you are active.

To freeze last seen, go to privacy and turn on freeze last seen and then restart the application. After that, your last seen will be frozen, and no one can detect that you are online. Also, check the Putlocker proxy.

2. Hide Story/Status View


Freezing last seen won’t help if you viewed someone’s status because you will be listed on his/her viewing list. The user will know that you did some hack/tweak on your account.

By using FMWhatsApp, you can view any status/story without letting the user know. After enabling this feature, no one would ever know that you are watching their stories. You may also like to check these Primewire Unblocked sites.

3. Hide Ticks


It is one of the most useful features of FMWhatsApp as it offers to view the messages without letting the sender knows.

In simple words, you can view messages, and the sender won’t be notified with the blue ticks. You can also set it as no tick, and the sender won’t be notified with that double-tick sign. Also, download these best rooting apps for android.

4. Show Blue Ticks (after reply)


It is an important feature that is not offered by any other WhatsApp MOD. It makes hiding ticks more authentic. FMWhatsapp lets you read messages without showing blue-ticks to the sender until you do not reply. This feature is crucial to stay safe from getting caught by your friends that you are using a WhatsApp modded application.

Apart from the mentioned privacy hacks, you can also hide the recording or typing indication. Also, check these best sports streaming sites.

5. Themes and Customization


Customization is another reason to switch from primary WhatsApp to a modded application. FMWhatsApp also provides some attractive customization features.

FMWhatsApp offers dozens of excellent themes that will improve your user experience. If you are bored with the old green theme, then this is the perfect app you should try right now.

FMWhatsApp does not offer many customization options right now, but developers are continually working to make the application more flexible and user-friendly. You can bookmark this page for future updates of FMWA. Also, check these best sites like Putlocker.

2. Additional Features of FMWhatsApp

There are some other fantastic features offered by FMWhatsApp that will stimulate you to install and use it.

2.1. Forward messages without letting the receiver know.


Official WhatsApp has released this tag, which shows the receiver that if the message is handwritten or just another forwarded one. The forwarded label makes the message less genuine, and people don’t take those messages seriously. FMWhatsApp lets you disable the forward tag, and you can send any message without letting the receiver know that you forwarded it. Also, check these best iCloud bypass tools.

2.2. Send messages without saving the contact.


Nobody does like to save a contact to send a single message on WhatsApp for once.

FMWhatsApp introduced this feature that lets you message anyone without saving their number. It saves a lot of time as you just need to click on the “Message A Number” option, then start typing the mobile number you want to send the message and done. Also, check these best Custom ROMs for Android.

2.3. Disable Call (Filter)


This feature is available in every mod application, but FMWA has something more to offer. You can disable calls that will restrict people from calling you, and also, you can also filter the people who can call you. This filter feature is rare, and any other WhatsApp MOD application does not offer it. Also, download WhatsApp Sniffer Apk.

2.4. Watch Deleted Stories (Status)


FMWhatsApp allows their users to view stories which deleted/removed by their friends. It makes FMWhatsApp unique and different from other MODs. Also, downloadDroid Buddy 2 Apk.

2.5. Read Revoked/Deleted Texts


Everyone wants to read deleted messages. There are many third-party applications to read the deleted messages, but honestly, nothing worked for me. FMWhatsApp offers to read the recalled messages without doing any technical stuff.

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So, these were some excellent features offered by FMWhatsApp, and developers are regularly adding more functions to it. I recommend you bookmark this webpage as I will update the new versions here.

Download FMWhatsApp Apk 9.52Latest Version For Android

Download FMWhatsApp Apk Latest Version For Android

Finally, we are at the most crucial part of the article because you are here to download FMWhatsApp apk and later install it on your Android device.

Many other sites are offering FMWhatsApp apk files, but I want you to know that most of them are not verified and might infect your device with malware. I suggest you check the source of the file before installing it. The best thing would be to download the apk file from this webpage, as we have tested and verified the application before uploading it here.

Download (v9.52)

You can also download FMWhatsapp v9.11, the older version of this Whatsapp mod application. Click on the button below.

Download (v9.21)

Download (v9.11)

Download (v9.05)

Download (v8.95)

Download (v8.93)

Download (v8.86)

Download (v8.70)

Download (v8.65)

Download (v8.60)

Download (v8.51)

Download (v8.45)

Download (v8.40)

Download (v8.35)

Download v8.31

Download (v8.26)

Download (v8.12)

Also, download GBWhatsApp Apk.

How to Install FMWA apk?


After successfully downloading the apk file from the above link, it’s time to install the FMWA. Before we move further to the process, you should first make a few changes in the settings of your phone to install the FMWA apk successfully. The default setting of Android restricts users from installing apk files from third-party sources.

If you have installed any apk file before from third-party applications, then installing FM WhatsApp is quite a simple task for you. In case if you are new to these technical tasks, then do not worry. I have comprehensively described the whole installation process for you all to understand it in a better way.

You can follow the step-by-step guide (which is mentioned below) to install the FMWhatsapp apk:

Step-1. Open the settings of your Android device.

Step-2. Locate the “Device & Security” option or search (if in the latest Android) “Unknown Sources.”

FMWhatsApp Apk

Step-3. Tap and enable the unknown sources option. It will now allow you to install apps from third-party applications and websites.

Step-4. Now locate the downloaded file on your Android phone and open it.

FMWhatsApp Apk Install

Step-5. Now, Tap on install, wait for the process to complete, and ignore any security pop-up flashes on your screen.

FMWhatsApp Apk Install

Step-6. After the process, open the application and set up your WhatsApp account.

FMWhatsApp Apk Install

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is It Safe to Use FM WhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is a modified application of the original WhatsApp. It is a lot better than the official one because it offers some entertaining features which are not available in official WhatsApp. We only share verified and safe applications here on our website. The above FMWhatsapp apk file was also tested and marked as safe by several tech-savvies. Also, check the Torrentz2 Proxy.

Are there any chances of getting banned?

Earlier, many people have faced a temporary account banned from the WhatsApp platform as they were found guilty of using a modified WhatsApp application.

But, the developers have found a solution to resolve this banning issue. The FM WhatsAppis coded with Anti-Ban tech, which cannot be detected by the official WhatsApp. So, there is no possibility of getting banned if you are using this Whatsapp MOD.

*Note: I recommend not switching WhatsApp Mods often because it can lead to a permanent account ban.

How to Download FMWhatsApp? It Is Not Available at Playstore.

As mentioned in previous articles, these MOD applications are not approved by the Google PlayStore, so these MODs are not available there. If you want to use FMWhatsApp, then you will need to download and install it manually from a third-party site or app store. We have shared the process of downloading and installing the FMWhatsApp above in this article. You can follow the process to install it on your Android device.

You may also like to check these best torrenting sites.

Can we use FMWhatsApp on PC?

Technically, it is impossible to install an apk file directly to the computer, but you can use an Android emulator to run apk files in it and use it without any error. I recommend using BlueStacks as it is simple and easy to use. Download the apk file from the link mentioned above and install it through any Android emulator mentioned in this article to use FMWhatsApp on a computer/laptop.

Also, check these best proxy servers.

Is It possible to use FMWhatsApp with official Whatsapp at the same time?

Yes, you can use both FMWhatsApp and the official version of WhatsApp simultaneously without any issue. FMWhatsApp is an entirely different application from the official WhatsApp, so there will be no issue using them together. However, you cannot use the same phone number on both apps. You will need two different numbers to use both FMWhatsApp and official WhatsApp at the same time.

How many Whatsapp accounts can I use on one device?

You can use only one account on FMWhatsApp. To use multiple WhatsApp accounts, you can install additional mod applications like YOWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. A user can make 10+ accounts on one device by using different MODs. Apart from that, a person can use apps like parallel space and second space to use multiple WhatsApp accounts. Also, check the best Whatsapp group names.

How to update FMWhatsApp to the latest version?

To update FMWhatsApp is simple, but sometimes it becomes a little complicated for the users. If there is an update, then users will be notified by a pop-up, and one can directly update from there. But many times, this does not work, and the user is required to update the application manually. Bookmark this webpage to update the FMWhatsApp in the future as we will post the latest version of FMWhatsApp as soon as it releases.

To update the FMWhatsApp, follow the mentioned steps:

Step-1. First of all, check if there is any update or not for FMWA. (Bookmark this page for this)

Step-2. If yes, then take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data and uninstall the existing version of FMWhatsApp.

Step-3. Download & install the latest version from this webpage— make sure to enable unknown resources from settings to install without any restriction.

Following the instructions carefully will help you update FMWhatsApp manually.

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Final Words

WhatsApp MODs are the most trending apps in the mobile technology world, and marketers are using them for their benefits as well. If you are an affiliate marketer, then these mods can help you extend the limit of broadcast members from 256 to 600, which is helpful.

In this article, I have covered almost all the information about the FMWhatsApp apk and also some relevant information regarding it.

I hope this comprehensive article helped you and cleared all the queries regarding FM WhatsApp. But if you have any issues, then please comment below. I or someone from our team will undoubtedly help you out.

Please share this useful piece of information with your friends and let them enjoy the benefits of FMWhatsApp.

Which is your favorite feature of FMWhatsApp? Please share your experience with FMWhatsApp. And, keep visiting

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