Freedom Apk Download (Unlimited Coins) Latest Version 2024

Download Freedom Apk and hack unlimited coins in android games. Freedom is one of the best android apps which can be used to modify android games and other paid applications to bypass in-app purchases.

Do you love playing Android games to get relaxed after a hectic day at work or school? Well, smartphone games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run have been popular among Android users for almost a decade now. Google Play Store has more than 2.2 Million applications and games available to download and play right away!

However, certain games demand you to pay a few bucks to proceed with the gameplay. Not everyone can afford to pay the hectic amount regularly. To overcome this problem, the developers of Freedom Apk launched the application with an idea to surpass in-app purchases. This little piece of information here will guide you through everything that you need to know about the latest version of Freedom Apk for Android.

Freedom Apk – Everything you need to know!

Freedom Apk Latest Version

Freedom Apk Android App – Introduction:

Freedom Apk, as the name suggests, gives you the freedom to perform in-app purchases without actually paying anything. You can hack and surpass them in a couple of minutes. Thus, you can have unlimited coins and gems in games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

Freedom Apk is not available for downloading on Google Play Store as it goes against their community guidelines. Thus, you need to download and install it manually. Haven’t installed apps from third-party sources? Well, this article will guide you through it later.

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Why do you need the Freedom Apk?

The developers of the applications and games available on the Google Play Store or App Store need money to keep working on the projects. Thus, they rely primarily on the advertisements that you watch while playing any game. However, this money can’t fill the void of the actual need for cash.

Therefore, they use the amazing tool offered by Google for Android app developers, know as ‘in-app purchases’. You must have encountered this term while playing smartphone games. Although the tool was offered for developers to earn extra cash, they have been using it to force people to perform in-app purchases.

You would have seen that to unlock a certain level, car, character, etc., you have to perform an in-app purchase. But do you want to spend your money on game purchases? You don’t want to pay this amount. That’s why you’re here reading this.

Freedom Apk Info.

Well, you would have gotten enough information about Freedom Apk by going through the details mentioned above. Given below here are the necessary details about the application’s current version for Freedom Apk.

Apk NameFreedom
Developer NameKominike Development
Required AndroidAndroid 4.0.3 and above
Apk Size1.94 MB
GenreEntertainment and Adventure
Total Downloads1 Million+
Root AccessRequired

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Features of Freedom Apk

Freedom Apk is not just any other game hacking application available out there. Instead, it is an application to bypass the in-app purchases for premium and/or paid applications such as PicsArt, Kinemaster, Power Director, etc. Thus, if you are a budding creator on Social Media platforms, the Freedom app can help you out in getting video editing, photo editing, etc., apps without paying a single penny.

Freedom App is loaded with features and tools for all your requirements and preferences. Mentioned below are some of the notable features of the same:

#1 Free Stuff

Have you ever stuck in a certain game because of being low on coins or gems? Well, the app will ask you to pay for getting extra coins in exchange for a few bucks. However, you don’t want to do that. That’s where Freedom Apk can help you out in getting coins, gems, points, etc., without any hassle, and that too for free.

#2 Bypass In-App Purchases

As mentioned before as well, the Freedom application will help you in bypassing the in-app purchases. Not just in gaming applications, but you can bypass in-app purchases from various other applications as well. The most common ones include PicsArt, Cyberlink Power Director, Kinemaster, Viva Video, etc. Thus, as a budding content creator, you will be benefited a lot!

#3 Get Full Access to Applications

As soon as you bypass the in-app purchases, you will be able to access the premium and paid tools and services. This will give you an opportunity to grow in various sectors apart from gaming. For gaming, you can go ahead and beat your friends by surpassing the levels quickly in games like Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, etc.

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#4 Multiple Patches

The Freedom application uses multiple patches and modifications to exploit the source code of games and apps. Thus, you will have higher chances of exploiting Android apps on your phone when compared to similar apps like Freedom. Sounds great?

#5 Remove Advertisements

Being an Android user, you would have encountered a lot of advertisements on certain applications time and again. Luckily, Freedom Apk can help you out in removing the unnecessary advertisements with ease. Thus, you can enjoy the gameplay without having to wait for a minute-long advertisement to get over with a skip button!

#6 Universal Support

One of the most remarkable features of the Freedom android apk is that it has universal support. It can be used on any rooted Android device with ease. The only condition is that your smartphone should be running Android KitKat or above. However, the majority of the Android devices in the world right now have Android Lollipop or higher versions. Thus, this condition shouldn’t be such a big problem.

#7 Regular Updates

The Freedom Apk receives regular updates from its developers to keep up with the latest trending applications and games in the market. Thus, you need not worry about your app for getting the premium features and tools.

Well, you have had enough reading of features and the basic information of Freedom Apk. It is time for some real adventure that we are up for – minimum requirements, download link(s) and options, installation process, etc.

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How to Install Freedom Apk on any Android Phone?

As mentioned above, Freedom Apk is not available for direct download and installation from Google Play Store. Thus, you have to download and install it manually. However, not every Android device supports the application due to some conditions. Look at the following basic requirements of installing the app before actually downloading and installing it on your phone.

Basic Requirements for Installing Freedom Apk

Before you proceed with downloading and installing, you must know about the basic minimum requirements of Freedom App to get installed and/or run on an Android smartphone. Mentioned below are the notable points that you should keep in mind:

#1 Android Version and Specs

The most basic requirement for using Freedom Apk is that your phone should be running Android KitKat or higher. Then, you must have at least 512MB of free RAM to run it smoothly. You must also have around 100MB of storage free for using the full features and tools of the Freedom App.

#2 Root Access

The smartphone that you are using must be rooted, i.e., it should be able to grant root access to the application with ease. It is because the app would need to go the ground roots of the application and phone as well to help you with hacking the gameplay.

#3 Permission for Third-Party App Installations

If you have ever installed third-party applications on your phone before, you can skip this step. If not, let’s understand the concept behind it and help you out.

Basically, your phone does not want any third-party apps to interfere with the system due to security reasons. Thus, you need to grant special permission before installing any third-party app.

Follow the steps mentioned below for the same:

  1. Unlock your phone and head over to the ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Look for security and privacy settings. Tap on it expand the menu list.
  3. Now locate the ‘Unknown Sources’ heading along with ‘Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.’
  4. Once located, tap on the switch beside it to grant the permission.

As soon as you are done with granting the permission, proceed with the downloading and installation processes.

Download Freedom Apk Latest Version 2024

We are providing you with the latest version of Freedom Apk to download and install on your smartphone.

Download Latest Version

For more information on the apk, refer to the previously mentioned Apk details and basic information section.

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Step-By-Step Process To Install Freedom Apk On Android Phone:

Once you are done with downloading the Freedom Apk, follow the steps mentioned below to install it on your Android phone:

Step-1. Tap on the apk file that you have downloaded. You can access it from the Downloads folder using any File Managing app.

Download Freedom Apk

Step-2. Tap on ‘Next’ from the bottom right corner until you see ‘Install’

Install Freedom Apk

Step-3. Now tap on ‘Install’ and wait for a couple of seconds to get installed on your phone.

Freedom Apk Install

Step-4. Once the installation is completed, launch the apk from the app drawer or the shortcut on your home screen.

Open Freedom Apk

How to use Freedom apk?

As soon as you run the application after it gets installed, you will encounter a prompt message asking for root permissions. Grant the superuser permission by tapping on ‘Allow’ to proceed with using the app.

Now, follow the basic instruction mentioned below to bypass in-app purchases on an app:

  1. The application’s home screen will show you a list of all the apps and games installed on the device. If a certain app seems missing from the list, it means it is ineligible and needs to be updated on the Freedom Apk.
  2. Now tap on the app that you want free stuff for, and you will see the app getting launched by Freedom Apk. In some cases, this process might take a bit longer.
  3. As soon as you are done, locate and navigate the app’s store/purchasing section.
  4. Tap on the items that you would like to purchase to proceed.
  5. At last, you will find the Google Play Store prompt window demanding the payment for the same. Just click on ‘Continue’ and proceed.
  6. Wait for a couple of moments for Freedom Apk to perform the task, and you will be good to go with free stuff on the app!

Voila! You can now avail all the long-awaited free stuff on your Android smartphone without any hustle.

Well, after installing, some of you might encounter a small error known as the ‘Google Play Store No Connection’ error. This could be due to different reasons. However, you can easily fix it. Just go through the next section well.

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How to fix Google Play Store No Connection Error on Freedom apk?

Before you proceed with the step-by-step process to fix this error, download and install ES File Explorer, if it is not available in your country on Play Store, click on the button below to download and install manually.

Download ES File Explorer

Once done, proceed with the steps as follows:

  1. Locate and navigate to the ‘Root Directory’ using ES File Explorer.
  2. Now navigate to System > etc > hosts
  3. Once located, you have to edit the host file. Add the code written here at the last of the file: 127.0.0. localhost
  4. Save the file.
  5. Head over to Settings > Application Manager
  6. Now, locate the Play Store app and clear the same data.
  7. To confirm all the changes, reboot your device once, and you will be good to go.
  8. Try repeating the desired process, and you won’t encounter any errors now.

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Final Verdict: Freedom Apk

Freedom Apk is one of the best and most popular applications available in the market to modify apps and games to bypass in-app purchases. After reading the information mentioned above thoroughly, you would be all set to show off in front of your friends and cousins with unlimited coins, gems, and whatnot. You can set new high scores, beat anyone literally, and do what you wish to with the Freedom Apk.

What game are you going to hack and/or modify? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. For more amazing tech updates and relatable information, keep following Cartel Press.

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