Does Grammarly Offer Student Discount? Check Out This Guide

If you are searching for Grammarly Student Discount, read this article completely. Does Grammarly offer an educational discount for students and teachers? If you want to know the answer to these questions, then this Grammarly discount guide can help you.

Grammarly Student Discount

Grammarly for Students

Grammarly for students is a great writing tool. In the Grammarly Premium version, students can get all of the great features — like clarity and tone suggestions, plagiarism detector, robust grammar checker, vocabulary enhancements, and customization options.

Is there any Grammarly student discount in 2024?

I will not confuse you. Grammarly does not offer a student discount. But, you can get the official discount offer which official Grammarly itself promotes. Yes, you read it right. Instead of paying $29.95 every month, you can opt for Grammarly’s best value plan offer. This plan will cost you $11.66 per month, almost 61% OFF compared to the monthly subscription option. If you’re a student, then you can consider it as a Grammarly student discount.

Moreover, there is another option available as well to get Grammarly Premium at up to 55% off. These Grammarly student offers are legit and officially promoted. So, there is NO RISK at all. I know, Being a student, buying tools like Grammarly Premium is not easy. But, if you’re a student and want to use Grammarly Premium, you can opt for the official promotional offers up to 55% off. And in this article, I’ll guide you on how to avail of the maximum Grammarly discount being a student.

Grammarly Student Discount
How To Get Grammarly Student Discount?

Millions of students want to use this grammar checker, but the pricing is the biggest issue. Mostly, students can’t afford it. Well, I can save you 50% off on the total pricing of Grammarly Premium.

Do you want to know the secret strategy to get up to 50% off Grammarly student discount? Okay, Let me guide you on how to get a substantial Grammarly Student Discount:

Get 50% OFF Grammarly student discount (Secret Method)

Hello Students! In this part of the article, I will show you how you can get a massive student discount for the Grammarly Premium subscription. But, first, I want to confirm that the method mentioned below is legit and officially promoted by the Grammarly team.

The screenshot is attached below to validate my statement. I got a 50% OFF deal from the Grammarly team. 🙂

Grammarly 50% OFF Students Discount
Grammarly Student Discount

Are you interested in getting Grammarly at a 50% OFF price?

Follow the step by step Grammarly student discount guide to avail of the best available offer for premium subscription:

#1-Step. Register for Grammarly Free by Clicking Here.

#2-Step. Once you register for the free version, continue using it for a couple of days. The free plan is sufficient to detect common errors.

#3-Step. After a week, Grammarly sends you weekly performance reports in your Gmail account. Don’t forget to check Gmail’s performance section. The screenshot below is taken from my Gmail account.

Grammarly Student Discount Promotional Emails

#4-Step. After a few days, you will notice an offer at the end of your performance report. You will be receiving such offers periodically. Never forget to claim them as these exciting offers are available for a limited period only.

Here is the screenshot attached below to prove my words.

Grammarly Discount $75 USD Offer

#5-Step. Click on the Claim This Offer or Go Premium link to activate the offer.

*Note: Once every month, you will receive a huge discount offer from Grammarly.

Grammarly Discount For Students

#6-Step. Upon claiming, you will be redirected to the Grammarly subscription page, where you can easily buy premium features at a discounted rate.

#7-Step. This way, you can get up to 50% off discount on Grammarly and enjoy seamless proofreading while saving your money at the same time. I can assure you that you cannot get a better Grammarly student discount than this.

I also used the same method mentioned above to buy Grammarly Premium and got a 50% off deal.

However, hundreds of misleading and fake Grammarly discount coupon articles are available when you Google, don’t fall for them. Of course, you will not benefit by following those fake links, but I can bet that you will not get any better Grammarly deal than the one mentioned above.

Why Should Students Use A Grammar Checker Tool?

We often make silly mistakes while typing a letter, an email, or any other official document. To make the entire process of writing a lot easier, online correction tools like Grammarly become essential.

However, the market for online grammar checkers is flooded, and there are a hundred different options available, making it quintessentially hard to choose just one.

Grammarly is the safest bet you can go for since it is chosen by most of the customers that look for such tools. It guides you in every step of your writing and helps cut off errors to improve your content.

Grammarly Student Pricing Plans

The basic plan is available for Free and enough to correct common writing mistakes. However, the premium subscription of Grammarly is expensive in my point of view. The monthly plan costs $29.95 per month, quarterly costs you $19.98 per month, and the price for the annual option is $11.66 per month. You can read this Grammarly review to explore more information.

FAQs Associated With Grammarly Discount For Students

Here I am going to talk about Grammarly and the FAQs associated with it. Read ahead to get a deeper understanding of the services offered by this tool.

Does Grammarly Offer Student Discount?

No, there is no student discount offered by Grammarly.

However, if you are a regular user of Grammarly, you can avail of some discounts, irrespective of whether you are a student, teacher, or professional writer. If interested, follow the Grammarly student discount guide mentioned earlier in this article.

Beware of fraudulent discount coupons and deals surfacing the Internet, as these are not exactly what they seem to be. Always rely only on the genuine way of grabbing discounts like the one mentioned above.

What is Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium is Grammarly’s paid upgrade that ensures high clarity, engagement, and aptness of your writing. In addition, it offers over 400 cutting-edge features including, grammatical checks, vocabulary enhancements, plagiarism detection, citation suggestions, and more.

Advanced grammar checks, spell checks, and increased accuracy levels are a part of the Premium tool. So, if your goal is to attain the peak of accuracy, the Grammarly Premium is yours.

Grammarly Premium Editor

Overall, the Premium tool works beyond just grammar checks to enhance your writing skills and maintain precision to meet professional and academic standards.

How Much Does Grammarly Student Cost?

There’s nothing like ‘Student Cost’ to be specific.

Grammarly’s premium subscription starts at $29.95 per month that is open to all. However, if you want to save a little, you can opt for quarterly or annual payments at $19.98/month and $11.66/month.

By choosing a quarterly plan, you can save up to $100 on yearly costs. Similarly, an annual plan can slash down about $219.45 of your per annum expenses.

It is worth mentioning that the billing of quarterly and annual subscriptions offered by Grammarly is on a one-time basis priced at $59.95 and $139.95, respectively. So, by now, you must have understood that purchasing a unique plan has its perks.

Grammarly Pricing

However, it’s up to you whether you opt for a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan.

Does Grammarly Have a Free Trial for Students?

Yes and No! The answer can be both, depending on your profile. Yes, if you are a student and, at the same time, a Youtuber or Blogger, you can avail Grammarly Premium free trial account for 30 days.

However, if you are only involved in studies and are not a Youtuber and Blogger, it’s a no.

Remember, the free trial is only for a limited period, and you cannot extend it under any circumstances. You can continue enjoying the advanced features only after you buy a premium subscription.

But if you are reluctant to pay for a premium upgrade and still want to enjoy correctness to the maximum level, I would like to share a great tip with you.

Curious to know? Well, Grammarly 2024 is up with probable error detectors, even if you are using a free version. Once you are done with the free checks, you will notice some parts of your content underlined in yellow. Those are the parts that require correction.

So, a little trial and error of the underlined portions would help you remove erroneous stuff in your writing. It is a tried and tested method. And believe me, it works wonders.

I have been applying this technique for a long time, and you know what? Most of the time, I end up with a perfect 100 overall score. At times, I do get a score between 90 and100. But that isn’t bad, though. It is closest to what you get using a premium tool.

So, even if you can’t avail of a free trial all the time, you can surely make the most of the free version by following this simple tip.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It for Students?

Yes, Grammarly Premium is worth the value for students, especially the college-going ones. It is because it fixes about 250 grammatical issues and scans your writeup for plagiarism or duplicate pieces.

It is also user-friendly and easy to use, everything that a college student looks for. However, Grammarly may seem to be a bit pricey in the beginning. But, looking at its efficiency and user comfort, I can say that it is worth it for students and professional or academic writers.

Moreover, a student or an amateur writer usually does not possess advanced writing skills, and thus, their writing is often prone to incoherent phrasing that weakens the expression. Such things are generally left undetermined in a free version. But the premium one never skips those.

Thus, the premium tool serves to be an excellent approach in detecting the content’s weak parts and ensuring its optimum accuracy. Hence, Grammarly Premium is just the right one for not only students but anyone.

You can go for the premium subscription at 50% off by following the above-mentioned Grammarly student discount.

Is Grammarly A Reliable Grammar Checker for College Students?

Yes, Grammarly is the most reliable grammar checker for students at the college level. As the name suggests, Grammarly’s in-built features are specifically designed for checking even the minutest grammar errors in your text.

It picks up grammar mistakes from the core of your content and guides you with the right one, which is the exact thing a college student requires.

Grammar check is the priority of this tool, both in free as well as premium subscriptions. As a whole, it works as the perfect online assistant for all grammatical needs of your content. Thus, when it comes to grammar checks, Grammarly is unarguably the best fit.

Is Grammarly Free For Students?

Yes, the basic plan is free for everyone. However, suppose you want to access advanced features such as Plagiarism Checker, Citation suggestions, etc.; in that case, you need to go for the Premium subscription that is available on a quarterly or annual basis.

The pricing of the premium subscription is already mentioned in the first part of this blog. The type of plan you choose entirely depends on you, and there are no obligations in this regard.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, you can also get a Grammarly Premium free trial account if you are a student and a blogger or YouTuber simultaneously. However, this facility is not for everyone.

Should You Get Grammarly Premium?

I guess Grammarly Premium is the right choice if you are keen on improving your writing and delivering error-free content. Whether you are a student or a professional, Grammarly serves to be a universal checker for all.

Grammarly’s free version is a helpful tool in identifying several common errors that most of your free checkers don’t. And if you opt for a premium subscription, it’s like the cherry on top of your cake.

Besides the regular spelling and grammar checks, a premium tool identifies additional issues like inappropriate voice, bland word choice, punctuation mistakes, repetitions, etc. Besides, you get a plagiarism checker that helps you edit duplicate sentences from your content.

Thus, all I can say is, if you are passionate about your writing and to get 100% proofread content, you should get a Grammarly premium without looking back as it is entirely worth it. Follow the Grammarly student discount guide mentioned above in this article to save your hard-earned money.

Is There Any Better Alternative To Grammarly?

No, I have tried a lot of alternative tools for checking and rechecking my contents, and after all that, I can conclude that there’s no better alternative to Grammarly.

It displays the quality of your writing quickly and uniquely to get an explicit knowledge of the standard of your content. In addition, various aspects such as engagement, clarity, and correctness indicators are exclusive to Grammarly, which no other tool offers.

However, Ginger Software is a good option if you are not interested in using the Grammarly tool. It works well in eliminating errors from your write-up and is also compatible with desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

So, Grammarly is always the first choice, and Ginger Software would be the second. And I guess this would be the case for most of the writers out there because once you start using Grammarly Free or Grammarly Premium, to be precise, you will not feel the need to try other checkers.

Is Grammarly Good for Students?

Yes, Grammarly is a good one for students and everyone else who wants to enhance their writing. Moreover, it is a great one for aiding you in your written communication with the utmost perfection.

It measures your writing on different parameters and also indicates the overall score of your writing based on those. This way, you get a defined structure of the standard of your content if you further point out the areas for improvement to make your write-up flawless.

And the best part of Grammarly is, it is a one-stop solution for fixing all your writing issues without the need for a second eye on your content. Moreover, you don’t have to recheck your write-up in a second tool once you have used Grammarly.

It is self-sufficient in ensuring your optimal satisfaction level. In other words, Grammarly can be placed under the tagline, ‘one tool, and billions of satisfied writers.’

If you are interested in trying the Grammarly Premium, this Grammarly student discount guide can surely help you save your few bucks.

The Bottom Line – Grammarly Student Discount

Being a consistent Grammarly user, I can assure you that you will love this tool if you are a student and a passionate writer at the same time. The amount of precision it offers is incomparable to other devices, and I can bet on that.

I hope this article helps you solve your queries relating to Grammarly and lets you enjoy a seamless service. After all, your writing can impact the nation in so many ways. And Grammarly can make that happen in the right manner.

Don’t forget to drop your comments about this secret Grammarly Student Discount. Enjoy. 🙂

Last Updated: 12 January 2022

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