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Download KingoRoot Apk Latest Version For Android:

Being open-source, Android is one of the most versatile and flexible operating systems known to mankind. With the endless customization tools and developer options, Android can do wonders on your smartphone and in life too. With the ability to root Android devices and unlock access to everything, you’re free to fly like a bird.

After rooting an Android device, you can pass the manufacturer lock. Rooting an Android phone could be a hectic process if you are new to Android’s developer community. For all such users, we have the KingoRoot Apk to help you gain access and pass through the manufacturer lock in a couple of moments.

What Is Rooting And Is It Risky?

Before we proceed with rooting your Android device, you should know what the process is and its merits and demerits. Well, rooting was never an easy and straightforward process. However, the launch of KingoRoot changed the definition of rooting completely. With the help of this application, you can root almost any Android with a couple of clicks.

Android Rooting

Rooting can make you access loads of customization tools and applications. Unfortunately, it has some demerits as well. You might end up voiding the warranty of the device forever. Thus, if you ever drop a rooted phone on the road and break it, the warranty can’t be claimed. Apart from that, there are some security concerns that manufacturers tend to lock. All that will go away, and your device will be free from any restrictions imposed by your OEM.

In all, rooting is not risky if done with proper guidance and information. Mentioned below is all the information you need and the guide to download, install, and operate Kingoroot Apk on any Android phone.

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KingoRoot Apk

Kingo Root Apk

Kingoroot is the most reliable, popular, and feature-rich application used to root an Android device. The Kingoroot application is available for free to use in the market and can be downloaded, installed, and operated with ease. With the help of this piece of information, you can root your Android device using Kingoroot Apk in a couple of minutes.

KingoRoot Apk Info.

App NameKingoRoot
File Size6.31 MB
File Type.apk
Required AndroidAndroid 5.0 and above
Total Downloads5 Million+

Mentioned below are some of the key features of the Kingoroot application.

Features of KingoRoot Apk

1. Compatibility


The relationship between you and your phone is worthless without compatibility. Well, Kingoroot is highly compatible with almost all Android smartphones available in the market. The Android version doesn’t matter while using this application. You might probably be running on Lollipop 5.0 or Android 10 Q, and the phone can be rooted with the easement.

2. High-Success Rate

high success rate

Compared to other one-click rooting applications in the market, KingoRoot has a higher success rate. A lot of different applications tend to lag or get stuck at some point while rooting any device. You might often see a message saying – ‘Congratulations, your device has successfully been rooted.’ However, you might be misled. Not all applications available out there can root your device without harm. Fortunately, KingoRoot apk is completely safe and has a higher success rate.

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3. No Data Loss

no data loss while rooting

When you root any Android phone manually, the chances of losing data are relatively higher. You may also end up soft-bricking the phone (the phone gets stuck on boot animation while booting). Also, some malicious apps may gain access to confidential data on your phone. However, the developers of Kinogoroot have kept this flaw in mind while designing the application. All of your data will be completely safe and secured on your phone.

4. Root Without PC

Root Without PC

The manual rooting process requires you to have a PC with decent specifications to successfully run the required applications to root any Android smartphone successfully. However, that’s not the case with the KingoRoot application. You can root your phone with the Kingoroot application without the help of a PC. Thus, it is easy and helpful for first-time users of rooting Android.

Now that you’ve read enough about the KingoRoot apklet’s get started with downloading and installing the application.

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Download Kingoroot Apk Latest Version File

Unfortunately, KingoRoot Apk is not available on Google Play Store. Thus, you have to download and install it manually on your smartphone. Download it by tapping on the Download button below:


How To Install KingoRoot Apk On Any Android Smartphone?

Installing the KingoRoot app is a straightforward process. Follow a simple procedure before installing the application on your phone mentioned below:

Step-1. Open the ‘Settings‘ app and navigate to the ‘Security Settings‘, the name of which will differ from device to device and OEM to OEM.

Step-2. Look for the heading of ‘Device Administration‘ and then find the sub-heading by the name ‘Unknown Sources.

Step-3. Slide or tap to enable the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’ It will enable the option to install applications from unknown sources.

Unknown Sources Setting

Step-4. Once done, click on the download button in the previous section to download the apk file, if you haven’t already. Then, follow the step by step guide described below to install the KingoRoot apk on your smartphone.

Step-5. Locate the apk file and tap on it to start the installation process.

Download KingoRoot Apk

Step-6. Tap on ‘Next‘ located at the right bottom corner until you see ‘Install.’

Install KingoRoot Apk

Step-7. Now tap on ‘Install‘ and wait for a couple of moments.

Install KingoRoot

Step-8. Once done, tap on ‘Open‘ to launch the application.

Open Kingo Root Apk

Step-9. Now, you can proceed with rooting the Android smartphone.

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How To Root Your Android Phone With KingoRoot Apk?

Here is a simple process to root your Android phone with KingoRoot Apk:

Step-1. Once you have installed the application on your phone, launch it.

Step-2. Then, tap on ‘Manage Permissions‘ and make sure you have granted access to all the required permissions for the application.

Step-3. Now, look for the ‘Root‘ button and tap on it. Wait for a couple of seconds until it says ‘100% Completed’.

Step-4. Once done, you will be good to go with customizing your Android smartphone more than you’ve ever imagined.

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Final Verdict

KingoRoot Apk is the best application in the market root any Android device. The flexibility to use the app on any Android device running any Android version is what makes it versatile. Look for it’s latest updated file whenever you’re rooting your Android smartphones. The link mentioned above is of the latest version of KingoRoot Apk.

Well, why do you want to root your Android smartphone? Are you doing this for the very first time? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. For more tech updates and information, keep following!

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