KingRoot Apk Download 5.4.0 (Free) Latest Version 2024

KingRoot Apk Download Latest Version For Android For Free:

The rooting mechanism is used to alter the device’s software code. This ensures that even the app that the company would not want you to install is available for installation now. There are also benefits of rooting. You may also use this Apk to stable rooting.

The operating system accelerates, increases backup, prevents excessive drainage of the battery, stops ads, and eliminates crapware if your device is rooted.

Let’s aware of this significant benefit of rooting the smartphone that android offers. We become our phone’s superuser by increasing its efficiency. But it’s also a considerable challenge to root a phone!

When you root your phone, there are significant threats that target your phone and damage it. However, if you take the correct steps in the right order, the outcomes are satisfying. You may also like to download the KingoRoot apk.

What Is KingRoot Apk?

KingRoot apk is an Android app that is designed to root every Android smartphone or tablet. KingRoot Studio produces this efficient rooting technology, which is free of charge online. You are on the right page if you want to download KingRoot Apk in order to root your Android smartphone or tablet.


KingRoot Apk is an application that allows you to root your phone faster and easier. It encourages and makes it much smoother to root and requires much less effort than you thought! A minimal operating system of Android 4.2.2 is needed to use this program.

KingRoot Apk Info.

App NameKingRoot
Package Namecom.kingroot.apk
App Size10.99 MB
Total Downloads186 M+

Features of the KingRoot Apk:

1) Root in just one click:

With the help of the KingRoot app, you can root your Android smartphone or tablet like a cakewalk. You just need to download the KingRoot.apk, install it on your mobile, open the app, and press the Root button to root your android device. This is how you can easily root your android device in just one-click.

2) Android Free application:

The KingRoot apk is a free Android app, and without costing a penny, you can download and use it. Besides, the KingRoot app is available as a smartphone app to root your Android device, and also, if you are using a mac, you can make use of it. Also, download the CF Auto Root apk.

3) Internet Connection Not required

In order to root your smartphone, the KingRoot application does not require an active internet connection. You can root your android without turning on your internet after downloading the program on your mobile or tablet. This is one of KingRoot‘s most significant benefits over other one-click root applications.

4) No Process Data-Loss:

You don’t have to think about data loss using the KingRoot software to root your smartphone or tablet, as it roots your android without data loss. Using KingRoot apk would not affect all your personal data in your Android smartphone, including photos, videos, addresses, music, etc.

Recall points:

  1. The rooting of your mobile is a straightforward job using a KingRoot app. Only install the app on your Android smartphone, open it, and root your android device by clicking on the root button. Follow our step by step instructions tutorial on how to use Kingroot if you’re not yet sure how to do it.
  2. While KingRoot helps you obtain root permission easily on your android, your Android device promise is also voided. You won’t be able to demand a warranty until you unroot your android.
  3. During or after rooting, the appliances can be bricked/damaged.
  4. We would not be liable for any damage incurred by your android by using KingRoot apk. You may want to wait until you can root and do some analysis first if you are unsure about taking the chance.
  5. If you want to unroot, you can do it later.
  6. You can uninstall pre-installed apps, which is not possible on unrooted devices.
  7. Using KingRoot apk in the rooting process, you can root your Android smartphone or tablet without using a PC.
  8. You can also install custom ROM on your android after rooting it if you’re not comfortable with the stock ROM.
  9. In Android smartphones and tablets, the KingRoot app is one of the best and most popular rooting applications.

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Download Kingroot Apk Latest Version On Android

It is important to follow all measures carefully if you are going to download KingRoot Apk. Also, make sure that no precautions are skipped. In case if your device got dead while rooting, we take no responsibility for that. You are rooting your device on your own risk.

Here is the working link to download the KingRoot apk:


How To Use KingRoot App To Root Your Device?

Step-1. Start the app.

Open KingRoot App

Step-2. Click on the “Try It” option to root your device.

Kingroot Apk Root Android

Step-3. Wait for a few seconds. It takes time for the system to root.

Root With KingRoot

It will end rooting after a few seconds if your android is compatible. You will see the “rooted” screen if it is successfully rooted, meaning your android is successfully rooted.

Your device is rooted, and you can do whatever you want to do with your device without any restriction.

Moreover, I will recommend you use the root checker app to check whether the root is successful or not.

Also, Download the Framaroot Apk.

Why Use KingRoot?

If you’re wondering why I am asking you to use KingRoot apk to root your android device, let me clear that KingRoot is one of the best and most reliable android rooting applications available today. Advantages of using KingRoot apk are given below:

  • If you use KingRoot Apk in the rooting process, it will significantly improve your Android device’s efficiency.
  • It provides excellent performance and a more extended battery backup.
  • The software is easy to use, and any Android smartphone can be rooted with a few straightforward steps.
  • The bloatware with a rooted Android can be avoided.
  • Users can backup their entire phone data with a single click.
  • Another advanced functionality is using the new free update of KingRoot software to block or skip advertising.
  • Users can also customize their Android themes and appearance overall.
  • Developers are continuously modifying this rooting application and providing new releases and several other advanced features in every new update.

The flexibility of this program is one of the key benefits. With the installation of this android rooting application, you can easily root your android in just a few straightforward steps without connecting it to a PC (although you can also download a version of KingRoot for Windows PC).

To end this, it provides us with a step-by-step procedure in which the instructions provided on the screen must be followed, and the phone restarted until the process is complete. We can use any tool that analyses any smartphone’s root status to check if everything has been properly rooted or not.

However, you may run into problems while performing the restoration of your device’s factory settings when the operation is disturbed during the rooting process. It is indeed very important, before rooting, to back up all information saved on your devices.

Benefits Of Using KingRoot Apk To Root Your Android Device

Do you know there are various benefits of rooting your Android with KingRoot apkbesides the awesome ability to root with a click??

Any of the advantages mentioned below help you take full advantage of your mobile or tablet devices and unblock your device’s real ability.

  1. Delete Bloatware – Bloatware programs are vendors or telecommunications providers pre-installed in android and cannot be uninstalled. However, you may remove them using root access.
  2. Save your power – Rooting lets you increase the battery usage of your phone and keep it on one charge all day.
  3. Stop Ads – Ads are irritating, and fortunately, this advanced application will block phone ads.
  4. Improve Speed – Enhance speed by uninstalling inactive programs from your android device.
  5. Improve performance – Android seems to get slow after a while, but you can improve your Android device’s overall performance with root access.
  6. Better Settings – Root provides you administrative access to the Android operating system. Thus you can change user interfaces, including color, icons, and animations, to create a new look for your devices.
  7. Custom Flash ROM – Flash Customized ROM on your Android smartphone provides the best rooting advantage as it helps you flash your android with the newest and latest Android OS.

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The Bottom Line

It is essential to know the compatibility between your Android device and its rooting before you root your device. Why does this happen? It’s because if your android is not root-app-compatible, your phone will get horrible stuff, as explained below.

  • Your device can be completely destroyed.
  • You will lose all the data that you saved on your phone previously.
  • It is going to affect your experience with android.
  • It reduces your device’s efficiency.
  • It decreases the device’s speed.

Android 2.2 Froyo, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Android 4.4 KitKat, Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and Some models of Android 7.0 Nougat are compatible with KingRoot apk.

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