11 Best PS1 Games of All Time (Including 2024) You Must Play

Earlier, I have shared a list of best PS4 games, and in this article, I am going to cover a list of 11 most popular best PS1 games of all time, and I will also write a short review of every PS1 game. You can scroll down to see the list without wasting more time.

PS1 Games
PS1 Games

The year 1993 saw the launch of PlayStation in Japan, followed by the rest of the world next year. It was an instant success globally. It also introduced to us some terrific games that went on to join the list of the greatest video games of all time. The launch of PS1 was a sort of breakthrough in console gaming. It offered the gaming enthusiasts an experience of narrative-based games that were intensely engaging and challenging.

As PS1 celebrated its 25th anniversary last December, its birthday celebrations kicked off in style. Sony has launched its selection of perfect ones with a mini-PlayStation console loaded with 20 games. Her is our list of top 11 PS1 games that you must try. You may also like to check this list of best GBA games.

The list of 11 most popular and best PS1 games of all time including 2024:

Shortlisting the 11 best PS1 games out of the several iconic franchises can be challenging for any gaming expert. When you look back, you will find several hot titles from genres like action, stealth, racing, horror, and more. Our list includes classics like Resident Evil and Tekken, along with a few surprise entries. Let us begin a trip with the list of best PS1 games that revolutionized console gaming in the world.

#1. Gran Turismo 2

It built its reputation as the definitive driving simulation game for PlayStation. It took the Star Wars: Special Edition up for stiff competition. The game’s excellent graphics and gameplay are a joy. This version comes packed with more cars, more tracks, and even more races. The Gran Turismo 2 proved to be a worthy sequel.

Review: The game is a perfect transition for the enthusiasts who unlocked all the game’s secrets of the earlier version. The off-road rally racing mode is an incentive enough for this version. It comes in two CDs; the first one has arcade-mode racing and two-player with the split-screen.

Gran Turismo 2

The second CD has a simulation mode. You get more than 400 car models to choose from, including Volkswagen Golf and Chevrolet Corvette, and 40 tracks for racing are available. The responsiveness of the game is flawless, and the most prominent feature of the game is the off-road rally racing.

However, the polygon dropout was something that concerned us. It occurs at isolated camera angles, although it does not hamper the gameplay. You might also like to check these best games like mass effect.

#2. Final Fantasy IX

With this game, the developers excelled in technical execution and visual artistry. This role-playing video game published by Squaresoft is the ninth game in the Final Fantasy Series. The game’s plot centers around the war between nations in a medieval fantasy setting called Gaia.

Review: The graphics of the game take you to a new level of creativity. The battle scenes and the background graphics and the character animation seems real. Another thing we liked in this release is the presence of a proper villain. The battle sequences and the visual style of the game are the other attractive elements of the game.

Final Fantasy IX

The game tests your brain and your reflexes to the core. Musically, the soundtracks of the previous releases were unique, and in Final Fantasy IX, they took the bar a little higher. The two main melodies, along with a few tracks in the key moments, are fantastic. It adds to the appeal of the game.

#3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

It is an adventure action role-playing game that originally released in 1997 by Konami. Many professional reviewers and users prefer to call it one of the most exceptional titles of the PlayStation era. It is a fantastic addition to your PS1 games library and is a delight for Castlevania fans.

Review: The Castlevania series earned its reputation as a full RPG leveling system that brought a new life into the 2D platforming genre. The stats, loot drops, modern equipment, background music, and the overall experience are the attractions of the game.


The game’s deviation from the Castlevania norm was a welcome change by having you play the game as Alucard and not as Belmont at all. The game also offered you a vast selection of daggers and swords to choose from.

The graphics make the game look great, and the sharp 2D sprites are fantastic. The anime-style look of Dracula X now has a Roman approach with each area coming to life with vivid animations and stellar special effects. Also, try these total war games.

#4. Resident Evil 2

It is a classic horror saga with visuals that are realistic and heart-pounding. This survival horror game was developed and published by Capcom. It is the best game in the long-running survival horror series from Capcom. Now it comes with improved visuals, new controls, and a host of monstrous surprises.

Review: The fresh take of Resident Evil 2 has citizens transforming into zombies by a biological weapon. It happens two months after the events of the original Resident Evil. The overall experience of the game is intense and terrifying. The enthralling escape rooms have brutish puzzles with weird gems and gadgets. It has a complex sequence of numbers and rotations that reveal keys to the next locked area.

Resident Evil 2

The game is more lush and cinematic, and the scenes are well directed. Police officer Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield have separate playable campaigns and allow the players to see the story from both perspectives. You might also like to try these games like Skyrim.

#5. Metal Gear Solid

This game was released in 1990 at the time of the end of the Cold War. It is full of surprises with a strong storyline. The game is more like watching a movie. Its storyline and interactive play mechanisms make it a top-class and best one in this list of the PS1 games.

Metal Gear Solid

Review: In the game, you are Snake. You are a government agent on a mission with the plan to regain control of a secret nuclear weapons base from the terrorists. You have to avoid firefights to survive in this game. The game tells the story really well and keeps the gamer engaged. The state of the art graphics, textures, transparencies, models, and explosions backed by a gripping tale brings a cinematic experience to you.

Accompanying the graphics is the soundtrack that is pure extravagance and adds to the excitement of the game. The game was perhaps the first that made perfect use of the vibration functions, and it adds to maintaining the suspense in the game. This is one of my favorite ones in this best PS1 games list. Also, check these best clash royale decks.

#6. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Here is a game in the ideal 3D environment supported by punk rock music. As a player, you take control of several famous skateboarders and have to complete missions by performing skateboarding tricks and collecting objects.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Review: In this game, you work your way up by landing dangerous tricks in stiff competitions to get closer towards becoming the highest-ranked skate champ. The game adopts more of an arcade-like approach to skating. The objective here is to collect videotapes, much like collecting stars in Mario. Except for three competition levels, in every other competition stages, you have to collect five videotapes.

The game has ten real-life pro skaters with two categories- vertical skaters and street skaters. The difference between the two is of tricks. The soundtrack will appeal to many as it has tracks from Dead Kennedys, Primus, and Goldfinger. It is a game that calls you back even when you have mastered it. The design of the game is one crucial aspect that gives it longevity.

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#7. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is developed by Neversoft and published by Activision. The second one in the series, it was released in 2000. It will remain as one of the last truly fantastic games released on PlayStation. It is an excellent example of making a sequel to an already amazing game.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Review: In Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, the level is more challenging than the previous version, the trick library is extensive, and the goals per level are doubled. Overall, the developers have done a fine job here. You can create your own skater with different skin and model types. Except for one, all other modes can be played simultaneously.

The textures are extensive, detailed, and colorful, and the graffiti on some levels is impressive. In the previous edition of the game, the soundtrack was a bit disappointing. Therefore, this time around, it is well taken care of by breaking the monotony. It has a wide range of artists, including Naughty by Nature, Papa Roach, Bad Religion, and more.

#8. Wipeout XL

The original version became an instant classic. In Wipeout XL, you have a new brutal generation with racing that defies gravity. The graphics are faster and look cool, with more tracks and crafts and a wide range of weaponry. Overall, the improvement is in every way over the original.

Wipeout XL

Review: WipEout XL is set in the year 2097, which is four decades ahead of its predecessor. If we take things ahead of F3600 anti-gravity racing competition, the game offers you faster and a more dangerous tournament – F5000 AG league.

There is a similarity in the gameplay system to that of the previous game. The only thing is that this time around, the game is set in high-speed futuristic environments. You can liberally pick weapons and use it against opponents, finishing the game in the highest position.

Every vehicle has a shield, and it explodes when breached. There are four difficulty levels in the game. Along with the championship mode, you also have the challenge modes wherein the winner wins the rewards with new tracks and vehicles.

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#9. Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is designed by Kazunori Yamauchi and published by Sony Entertainment in 1997. It is a straightforward game of racing that is classy in a unique way. It even teaches you a thing or two about driving etiquette. Overall, the game gives a racing perfection beyond measure. The grace, speed, precision, and playability are exceptional.

Gran Turismo

Review: Driving a go-kart, a fusion engine concept race car or a standard Ford Focus provides the players with a wealth of fun and unique challenges. The opening of the game is captivating, and the cinematic scenes are captivating. The in-game action is exciting, and the handling of the vehicles is superb. The game is challenging, and as you master the nuances of driving a racing car, it is immensely satisfying for the user.

The sounds of the game make everything looks so authentic, the care engines, breaking, and even the collisions. The best aspect is the gameplay options in this game is the multiplayer setup. The races are very competitive and participative.

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#10. Tekken 3

It is a fighting game and the third installment in the series. It was released in 1997, with additional modes and the state of the art FMV and some of the best fighting that you can find anywhere else. In this PS1 games list, Tekken 3 is one of my favorite fun PS1 games.

Tekken 3

Review: Tekken 3 has time attack, team battle, practice mode, and survival mode, all included from the previous versions. The Force mode has four levels that pit players against several ninjas. The gameplay is identical to the arcade, and every move and character is transferred alongside introducing a few new characters.

The sound effects are terrific, and so is the music. The graphics of the game enhance the viewer experience, and the background is in 2D form looks absolutely incredible. This is one of the best games in this underrated PS1 games list. You may also like to check these best sports streaming sites and manga sites.

#11. NBA Live 2000

It is the 2000 edition of the NBA Live video games series. It offers every conceivable option for a basketball game available. In this version, they have added every conceivable gameplay option.

NBA Live 2000

Review: The game comes with an incredible control feature. Not even a single move of the game is missing here. Start with shoot, pass, turbo, and jump commands, and if you need more control, it is already there in the game. Another noticeable improvement is artificial intelligence.

The computer controls the other team and makes the game more exciting and competitive. The graphics have smooth animations and excellent gameplay. Overall, NBA Live 2000 is a great basketball game with depth and gripping gameplay. Also, try these best anime streaming sites.

The Bottom Line

This list of 11 best PS1 games will keep you busy for a long time. There are other games like Spyro the Dragon, One, Silent Hill, and several others that have not made it to the list but are equally worthy of your attention. These 11 games are PlayStation 1 classics and make perfect sense for you to play these today. Same fun and excitement, these games are real gems for the PlayStation fans.

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