12 Best Anime Streaming Sites/Apps (Watch Anime Online) 2023

If you are searching for the best anime streaming sites to watch anime online, then you are at the very right place as here I will be listing the best anime streaming sites.

If you are an Anime fan, and you stream anime frequently, you are at the right corner. You can use these below-mentioned anime streaming sites to watch anime online to kill your boredom.

What Is Anime?

If you are familiar with the anime character Naruto, then I don’t really need to explain what Anime series are. Anime is the word to which represents animation in Japan, and Japanese anime is famous globally for its fascinating plots, fabulous scenes, imaginative character, and more.

The anime is totally different from the animation we use to see in the mainstream. It projects excellent plots and stories with charismatic characters, which will certainly win your heart.

Best Anime Streaming Websites

There are currently thousands of websites to watch anime, most of them are associated with manga, while the others are authorized by anime producers originally.

Since there are so many types of anime for different tastes and so many websites on the internet, which offers anime streaming but it becomes challenging to find working websites that really stream quality anime series as per your expectations.

So without wasting any time, let us move on to the main subject.

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A few things to know before we move to the main subject:

  • Streaming anime online on third party websites for free is illegal.
  • Although streaming anime free online is not legal, you won’t get punished because it is online and difficult to punish millions of people.
  • The owner may be punished for stealing and uploading a copyright movie/show online without the permission of the owner.
  • The mentioned sites have not paid anything to us, and this article is totally un-bias and has come into existence just to help you and draw some knowledge regarding it.

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12 Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online in 2023

#1. Crunchyroll.com Anime Streaming

No wonder Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming sites which projects thousands of anime series for free. This site is not only a site that offers the latest and most popular anime online, but it also features forums for fans to discuss their favorite shows and theories.

Crunchyroll provides content for free as well as paid. However, anyone who doesn’t want to open the wallet—will have to settle for a limited selection of content at 480p resolution (all with commercial ads).

online anime streaming sites

In addition to watching the series through the browser, you can also access them through apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, & Xbox One. So if you are searching for streaming some anime shows, then this is your final shot.

#2. 9anime.to

It is another awesome anime streaming site for watching anime shows and movies online for absolutely free. This website also offers an application where you can easily access your favorite shows on your mobile phone.

Although this 9anime offers everything for free, it does look like a premium portal with a user-friendly design.

best anime streaming sites to watch anime online

Unlike some of the anime streaming sites, this website does have a search bar to find your desired anime as quickly as possible.

Apart from everything, it also features a cool theme switch button, which allows you to experience two different themes. 9anime.to is a live site, which means it is updated regularly, unlike other streaming sites. You may also like to download the MOD version of Pokémon GO apk.

#3. GoGoAnime1.com

It is a lightweight website that allows its users to watch thousands of anime shows and series without any charge. Apart from the streaming anime shows, this dark theme website also offers a massive collection of addictive anime movies.

Recently, they released their tv application and mobile app to make their platform more user-friendly.

online anime streaming sites

It also offers its users to download their anime and watch later offline. It also posts updates about the website on its official twitter’s and facebook’s social handles.

So if you are searching for sites that really projects quality anime series and movies, then GoGoAnime is the website you need to visit.  You may also like to read these three ways to get a Grammarly free trial account.

#4. KissAnime.ru

It is one of the oldest and most visited anime streaming website. This website projects anime shows, movies, and allows you to read Manga and Novels.

Being so popular makes it constantly improving the interface and uploading the latest anime series for their users. It also features the option of an advanced search where you can filter anime shows according to your taste.

free anime streaming sites

You can stream as well as download your favorite shows. KissAnime has a wide variety of shows, which never lets you down whether we talk about the dub quality or even the picture quality. If you are a regular watcher and want multiple sites, then you can certainly put this on your list. You may also like to check these best sites like Putlocker.

#5. Animefreak.tv

This online streaming website not only offers a search bar or mosaic but also shows what is popular and what is in the trend. Moreover, it features the most recent updated shows on its home page, which subjects the time too.

The thing I love the most about Anime freak is that it offers a live chatbox, but to be a part of it, you need to register on the website, which probably takes less than a minute.

watch anime online

With quality shows, you also get to know different people with the same interest you have. So without wasting any more time, you should go and enjoy the awesome anime shows with people all over the world.

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#6. Animeheaven.ru

Anime heaven is another anime streaming site that deserved to be on the best anime streaming sites list. As per the name depicts, this website is really a treasure or heaven for anime lovers.

It offers a wide variety of mainstream manga as well as originally produced anime shows.

best anime streaming websites

There are almost no ads served while selecting which anime show or movie to watch, and this means it is a user-oriented website. Also, it offers a smooth and quality experience while streaming shows.

Not only stream at anime heaven but also you can download and watch it offline too. You may also like to visit these best sites like Rainierland.

#7. Chia-anime.tv

This website features a very cool interface for its users and is one of the reasons why people prefer it over other thousands of websites on the internet.

It has a search for easy hassle-free searches and saves you from irritating scrolls. The best this about chia-anime.tv, which made us put it on this list, is the super-fast updates.

anime streaming sites

The chia-anime.tv team concludes many people and active mostly who uploads shows and series as soon as it gets live. So if you want to save yourself from creepy spoilers for your favorite shows, then this website will save you from all those.

You may also like to check these best sites like Coke and Popcorn and YesMovies Proxy sites as well.

#8. Funimation.com

This is the kind of website which offers a wide variety of animes, but you will be connected to a VPN to suffer this website as it is not available globally, and it might not be serving your country or region.

You don’t need to worry about VPN as there are millions of out there serving for free.

watch anime online

Unlike other mentioned websites, Funimation does charge for projecting the latest anime with no ads or surveys served to you, and it is entirely legal.

So if you are an anime lover and do not want to steal the content, then you can certainly sign up for Funimation.

Also, check these best torrent sites.

#9. Animedao.com

If you are reading this article, then most probably you don’t understand Japanese and is searching for dubbed anime, then Animedao is your shot to hit.

This website offers a wide variety of anime shows dubbed in universal language “English” and also in the original sound.

anime streaming websites

It does not allow users to download anime, but if you need it, then you can use software like IDM, which have the ability to download any file projected on the internet.

Now your favorite show is just a few clicks, and you can undoubtedly bookmark this website for your anime needs.

Some Other Popular Anime Streaming Sites:

Apart from those local websites, there are some other popular anime portals below:

#10. YouTube.com

watch anime online

It is not exactly a full option for fans of Japanese cartoons, but you can find some interesting content with a little research.

Companies like Funimation, for example, make part of their catalog completely free – which includes a few or sometimes full episodes of a show.

But there is very little chance to find your desired anime on YouTube, but trying your luck won’t charge you anything.

#11. Netflix.com

anime online streaming sites

Although it is not specialized in Japanese animes, Netflix dedicates part of its space to productions created in the country. There are some popular shows like Naruto and some anime movies listed.

So you can also experience quality anime on Netflix without ads or something, but it does charge a little some monthly, which you can easily afford to watch your favorite anime shows.  

#12. Primevideo.com

best anime streaming sites

Amazon Prime is a streaming service offered by Amazon, one of the largest multinational companies. It is another alternative to watch anime legally online.

One has to pay a monthly/yearly fee to access the streaming service and can watch ad-free premium content. Not only anime, but also you can stream other genre shows and movies using this website. You can access prime on your Laptop, Android, iOS, and other devices.

So these were some other ways you can stream your favorite anime shows.

Final Words

Anime shows or movies are not just animated cartoons, but an emotion for the people who relate with the plot or any character.

The stories and plots are so pure and appealing that people watch it again and again but never get bored. Anime has given some characters like Sasuke and Naruto, which became immortal in the heart of anime lovers.

I have shared the best anime streaming sites, and now you don’t need to wander around and search for animes.

I hope this comprehensive article satisfied all your queries, and if you have any problem regarding the subject, then you are free to make a comment below, and I will be back to it in a few milliseconds.

Which is your favorite anime show and which character do you love the most?

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