How to Unlock Bootloader Without PC On Android In 2024

How to Unlock Bootloader Without PC on Android? What is the process to unlock the bootloader on the android device? Find the details here.

Android smartphones are popular in this generation. It is because of its open-source connectivity. The open-source platform allows users to unlock the core features and change anything. The latest smartphone manufacturers lock and encrypt the bootloader. It is to ensure no other operating system should get available to install.

It depends on the smartphone manufacturers to allow unlocking bootloaders or not. While some brands allow and some want their users to stick on their original android OS. There is no need to worry. It is possible tounlock the bootloader without a pc on an android smartphone.

unlock bootloader without pc

Unlocking the bootloader is not tricky, but doing it without a computer may contain some risks. Therefore, it is recommended to backup all the data and files before proceeding further.

What is Bootloader?

A bootloader is a software program that tells the hardware of the smartphone. Its programs in a way that helps turn on the operating system.

Every smartphone has a bootloader that is compatible with its motherboard. It decided whether the bootloader was consistent with the hardware or not.

If the bootloader of a device is locked, one will not be able to make any changes to the ROM or install any custom ROMs.

How to Unlock Bootloader Without PC On Android?

You must be having some issues connecting your device with your PC. No worries. It is possible tounlock the bootloader without a pc onan android smartphone.

Before anything, let’s come into the things we require and read the disclaimer.

Things we require:

Disclaimer:Unlocking the bootloader of the smartphone may void its warranty. You will no longer be able to get the smartphone into the service center in case of any issues. Therefore, proceed further at your risk.Cartel Pressdoes not take responsibility for breakage or damage to your smartphone.

Let’s come straight to the guide and use Kingo Root, Flashify to get root access. Later, install the TWRP recovery to complete the process.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader Without PC:

We have divided the process into two specific sections. Each section has its function. You can read and follow all the steps below correctly before proceeding further.

  • To unlock bootloader without PC, we need to root our android device.
  • You can download Kingo Root APK to start the rooting process.
  • You now have to install the APK file.
  • Once installed, launch the application.
  • On the homepage, you will find the option to Root.
  • Tap on the One Click Root button.

One Click Root Button

  • The rooting process is now initiated.
  • Wait until the process gets finished. A popup Root Finished will appear; tap on it.

Root Finished to unlock bootloader without pc

With the help of this process, you will be able to root your android device and gain superuser access. Kingo Root is the best one-click root application that helps people root their smartphones. It is also safe and trusted.

Now, we will install Flashify. Here are the steps to install it to unlock bootloader without PC:

  • You now have a rooted smartphone.
  • You now have to install Flashify. You can install it from thePlay Storeor using the above-given download link.
  • Launch this application and grant all the superuser permissions.
  • A disclaimer will appear. Just tap on the accept button to continue.

Flashify Disclaimer

  • After that, tap on the flash option and then select the recovery image. (You can refer to the image below)

Recovery image

  • On the next screen, tap on the download TWRP button.

Download TWRP

  • After that, select your smartphone from the list.
  • A popup will appear and ask your permission to complete flash recovery. Tap on the Yes button. (Refer to the image below)

Flash Recovery to unlock bootloader without pc

  • That’s all.

This process will help you install TWRP recovery and flash the ROM. You can even install custom ROMs using Flashify.

Note: Please do not reboot your device using Flashify. It may result in a boot loop issue. Kindly manually restart the machine to get the effects.

Things to Know Before Unlocking Bootloader

It is essential to understand and know a few things before proceeding further with the unlocking process.

  • Please ensure you have complete knowledge of unlocking a bootloader and rooting.
  • Rooting a device and unlocking its bootloader will void its warranty.
  • The applications must be original and downloaded from a trusted source.
  • Your device battery must not be less than 80% charged.
  • Please ensure backing up all the essential data before proceeding further.

You need to understand and read the above-given points before making any decision or proceeding further with the unlocking process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – How to Unlock Bootloader Without PC

Everyone has some questions in their mind. No worries. You will find the answer to every specific question in this section. If your query is not mentioned here, please comment below.

What is a Custom ROM?

Custom ROMs refer to the customized operating system. It is often used to add a new operating system on an android device without even the official update.

Moreover, it is only possible to install custom ROMs on the rooted smartphone.

Why is the android smartphone bootloader locked?

It is to prevent customers from installing custom ROMs on their android devices. The three reasons will clarify this question.

  • First, the manufacturers do not want their users to run any other operating system on their manufactured smartphone.
  • Second, installing custom ROMs has a lot of risks. If any mistake happens during the installation, the smartphone software might get damaged.
  • Third, it will void the device warranty. After unlocking the bootloader, a customer cannot visit the service center for software-related issues.

Why unlock the bootloader? Any specific reasons?

Unlocking a device bootloader allows the user to access its core and full potential. It means the device will enable you to install custom ROMs, recoveries, mods, and anything on your rooted smartphone.

You can do much more than your regular android OS.

What happens after unlocking the bootloader?

Everything has two sides. Despite the positive things, unlocking the bootloader might also negatively affect you. Let’s look into the pros and cons.


  • It allows you to install custom ROMs & recoveries.
  • It will enable you to access its core.
  • You can install official firmware before its official release.
  • You can install Dolby Atmos.


  • It will void the device warranty.
  • Your smartphone might get brick or damaged during the installation.
  • It affects device privacy and security.

Can I lock the bootloader again?

Yes, it is possible to lock the bootloader again. But, there is no such benefit. Nothing will like its official version. Moreover, it will state ‘device is relocked.’

You cannot restore the original default.

Is it possible to unlock the bootloader without a PC?

Yes, it is possible to unlock the bootloader without a PC. You can do this with the help of the Kingo Root and Flashify application. For instance, we have added a quick guide for the same above in this article.

Rooting a smartphone is Legal?

There is no specific answer to this question, despite the availability of rooting applications. It is not legal to root a smartphone. It is because:

  • Rooting a smartphone may void its warranty.
  • Rooting a smartphone increases the chances of getting a phone damaged.
  • Rooting a smartphone will not get any company facilities such as a service center.
  • Rooting a smartphone will risk a user’s security and privacy.

Unlocking device bootloaders is illegal?

Yes, unlocking the device bootloader is illegal. No manufacturer wants their users to move into different ROMs. Therefore, all smartphones come with a locked bootloader into the system.

Moreover, specific risks are attached during the unlocking process. The risks are:

  • Unlocking the device bootloader will void the device warranty.
  • Unlocking the device bootloader might brick or damage your smartphone during the installation.
  • It affects device privacy and security.

What are the chances of getting mobile damaged?

Multiple chances are there of getting mobile damaged. A single mistake will brick the device and its hardware. Moreover, a rooted smartphone does not have any warranty.

Therefore, it won’t be possible to take the damaged smartphone into the service center.

The bottom line

Unlocking a device bootloader is a big task, and doing it without a PC is a headache. Unlocking the device bootloader without the help of a PC is a risky process. But, most people were looking and searching for the term How to Unlock Bootloader Without PCthe reason we have added this guide.

It is dangerous to unlock the device bootloader despite quick rooting and flashing applications. A single mistake will damage the smartphone. But, wait a second. There is a specific process to unlock bootloader without PC on android.

You can open it without any issues. Using a Kingo Root and Flashify application helps people minimize the risk of getting a phone damaged. We have added a complete step-by-step process in this article. Just follow each step correctly to avoid any issue and comment down your results in the comments section.

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