One Click Root APK Download Latest Version for Android 2024

One Click Root APKis one such application that is famous for rooting an android smartphone in one single click. As said earlier, rooting a smartphone allows you to access various elements or perform multiple operations on your android device.

You must have landed on this page looking for the process or application to unlock the root facility of your android smartphone. Rooting a smartphone might void its warranty, but it allows users to access its core features. You can access almost every element in a rooted android smartphone.

Download One Click Root APK

Despite rooting, a rooted smartphone provides many benefits and access to the core potential. But rooting an android smartphone device can be a little complicated sometimes. Here comes the need for one-click rooting applications such asOne Click Root APK.

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What is One Click Root APK?

As mentioned earlier in this article, One Click Root is an android application that allows users to perform the rooting process. It helps Root an android smartphone in one single click. This application is available across all android smartphone devices and is eligible for rooting them.

There are no such issues or problems reported yet for this application. As said earlier, it is a one-click root solution. You can root your android device using a single click with this application.

But do we know the best part? No. The best part is we do not need help from the computer to root our android device. The excellent and straightforward user interface allows users to root their smartphones using this application in a single click only.

Before coming to the primary part, let me come to the features.


Despite being considered the best rooting application, it has always been preferred compared to other rooting applications likeRoot Master APKfor rooting a smartphone.

Anyway, let’s come to the features part.

Easy to use

  • One Click Root APK has a simple user interface. You can download and install this application without having any professional technical knowledge. For instance, anyone can use this application.
  • It does allow users to root their smartphones using a single button. You only need to open the application and click on the root button to get it started.

Customer Rom & Recoveries

  • After rooting your smartphone, another application, SuperSU will get installed. You can install custom ROMs and recoveries using SuperSU.
  • SuperSU is one of the primary elements of a rooted smartphone. No other application provides this access. Moreover, it is impossible to install custom ROMs and recoveries without SuperSU.


  • One Click Root is capable of rooting all android devices. Unlike other applications, it can help you root your android phone.
  • The compatibility of this application is perfect for all the customer android operating systems. Meanwhile, a phone brand that uses a customer android OS can be rooted using this application.

Safe and Secure

  • One Click Root app is a trusted application. If you have used this application earlier, there will be no doubts regarding its security. It is one of the safest and most trusted applications for rooting an android smartphone.
  • It uses varieties of security features and checks. Therefore, a user will not face any issues while rooting their smartphone. You can trust and use this application.

Download One Click Root APK (2024) (Latest Version)

Ensuring that you download any rooting application from a trusted source is essential. We know the rooting applications are not downloadable from theGoogle Play Store.

It is because such applications do not comply with Google guidelines. Therefore, it is only possible to download its APK file online. Sometimes, a link can contain malware. Consequently, we stated that downloading the rooting application from a trusted source is necessary.

Since most application files are available online, finding the correct APK file was not hard. We even have uploaded and added the direct download link for the same. You can download the same from the link given below.

Download APK

How to Install One Click Root APK?

You might have already downloaded the One Click Root APK file from the above-given section. But, the main concern is about installation. The latest smartphones do not allow users to install any third-party applications directly on their devices.

Therefore, one needs to enable unknown sources installation under the settings to install this application. For this, we have added detailed steps below.

You can install any third-party APK file after enabling unknown sources under the settings.

Step – 1 (Open Settings)

  • It is essential to know about your smartphone.
  • To enable third-party installations, you need to open the settings of your smartphone. (You can refer to the screenshot below)

Security option

Step – 2 (Security Menu)

  • Under the settings, find the security option.
  • You now have to visit the security section.
  • Find the option to enable unknown resources.

Step – 3 (Enable Unknown Resources)

  • You are now at the security>unknown resources option.
  • From there, enable the unknown resources. (Refer to the image below)

Enable Unknown Resources

  • It allows your device to install third-party and anonymous apk files.

Step – 4 (Install APK File)

  • Open the downloads section or ES File Explorer.
  • Look for the downloaded APK file. (It must be in the downloads folder)
  • After that, tap on the downloaded APK file.
  • An installation message will appear on the screen.

Install One Click Root APK

  • Tap on the ‘Install.’ button.
  • Let the system complete the installation process.
  • That’s all.

Step – 5 (Open One Click Root App)

  • Once the application gets installed, you can now open it.
  • Just tap on One Click Root from the home screen.

You now have successfully installedOne Click Root APKon your android device. The next step towards unlocking the core features of your smartphone is to root it.

How to Root Android Phone using One Click Root apk?

Have you downloaded and installed a one-click root application on your smartphone? If not, then consider installing it first. As mentioned earlier, there is no need for a computer to root your android device.

You can root your device without the help of a computer. The simple user interface of this application allows you to root your android device in one single click.

Furthermore, a SuperSU will get installed on your device. It means all the applications will work smoothly even after getting your device rooted. Anyway, let’s come to the rooting process.

  • You have to open the One Click Root application on your smartphone.
  • After that, allow all the permissions to this application.
  • From the home screen, you will find the green-colored root button. Tap on it.

One Click Root

  • The rooting process will now get started.
  • You need to wait until the process gets completed.
  • Once it gets finished, it will pop up a success message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people ask us some common queries about rooting applications and the process of rooting a device. Therefore, we are adding up this section to clear all the possible doubts.

If any query has not been answered in this section, consider asking us in the comments section.

Is One Click Root a trusted application?

Yes, the one-click Root is a trusted application. It uses varieties of security features and checks.

Therefore, users will not find any difficulties or issues while rooting their smartphones.

Do we need to pay anything for rooting an android device using this application?

We do not have to pay anything for rooting an android device using this application. This application comes free of cost. You do not even need to pay for installation or get the APK file.

Does rooting a smartphone void its warranty?

Yes, it is true. Rooting an android smartphone will void its warranty. You will no longer be able to take your smartphone to service centers for any software-related issues.

However, the hardware-related issues are still covered under warranty.

How much time will it take to root a smartphone?

Rooting a smartphone using a one-click root application will only take a few seconds. It depends on your smartphone processor and specifications. However, it hardly takes a few minutes to complete the process.

What is SuperSU?

SuperSU is a rooting program that gets installed to access special root features of an android device. You can install almost every application if Superuser is installed alongside the rooting process.

Is it possible to install custom ROMs and Recoveries without rooting a smartphone?

We do not think installing custom ROMs, and Recoveries is possible without rooting a smartphone. However, some custom ROMs do not require a rooted smartphone. You can find out the same over the internet.

Is One Click Root capable of rooting all android devices?

To date, One Click Root can root all android devices without any issues. We recently conducted a test on the latest android device, which was successful.

The bottom line

Here we come at the end of this guide. This article is solely created to provide detailed information on installingOne Click Root APKon their android device.

One-Click Root is a rooting application that allows users to unlock the core potential of their smartphone. A user can root their android device using a single click.

Apart from this, we have provided the latest version of the APK file in this article. You can download and proceed further by following the installation and rooting process we have added above.

Still, if you got any other doubts? You can consider asking us in the comments section.

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