360 Super Root Apk Download for Android (Latest) (2024)

Do you want to unlock the core potential of your android smartphone? Yes, it is possible by using the 360 Super Root Apk application on your android device. Android is an open-source platform. The latest smartphones come along with limited facilities.

People cannot access its full variant unless they unlock the core potential of their smartphone. You must have come across this article because you are looking for one such application named 360 Super Root Apk.

As we said, it is possible to unlock the core potential of your smartphone. You can open it by rooting your android phone. Rooting an android device might look simple, but one mistake can brick your smartphone or void its warranty.

360 Super Root APK

Therefore, most people prefer using a one-click application for rooting their smartphones. In this article, I’ll update the same.

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What is 360 Super Root Apk?

360 Super Root Apkis a one-click rooting application. This application is only available for Android smartphones, and people can unlock the core facilities of their smartphones by using this rooting application.

You do not need a computer to get the rooting process done. Unlike other applications, it is one of the safest ways to root your smartphone. You only need to download, install and open 360 Super Root and follow the on-screen instructions to get the process done.

But remember: Rooting your smartphone might void its warranty. You cannot visit the service center for any software-related issues.

Features –

  • Quick Root Access:You can instantly root your android device running an Android version 2.2 to 4.4. It might work on the latest versions as well. However, it is a one-click rooting solution. You only need to open the application and click on the root button.
  • Uninstall Pre-installed applications:As mentioned, we get access to the core features. Therefore, it is possible to uninstall unwanted pre-installed or system applications to clean the smartphone.
  • Remove cache:You can remove the cache data and get the system cleaning done with a single click. It helps increase the overall performance of the smartphone.
  • Lock Gallery:You do not have to install any other application to put an app or gallery lock. You can lock your gallery and secure your private photos using this application.
  • Quick Rooting:You can root your device within seconds. You do not have to wait longer to get the process done.

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Download 360 Super Root Apk for Android (Latest)

We now know enough about this application. To be precise, 360 Super Root is an android rooting application. It helps in rooting smartphones in one single click.

Must you be thinking about the APK file? This application is not available on the Google Play Storedue to security and privacy reasons.

You can only download the apk file from the below-given link. We have updated the latest version of this application. So, there won’t be any issues while installing it on the smartphone.


It is essential to download the latest version to ensure it will work perfectly.

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How to Install 360 Super Root Application on Android?

Have you downloaded the 360 Super Root application? If not, then download it from the link given above.

The latest and upcoming smartphones do not let users install applications from unknown sources with ease until they update the settings.

No worries, proceed with the installation steps given below:

Step 1:To get it started, download the 360 Super Root app from the link we have added above in this article.

Step 2:You have to enable ‘Unknown Sources.’ under the settings. It is essential for installing third-party APK files.

  • Just open the settings of your smartphone.
  • Search for the Unknown Resources.

Enable Unknown Resources

  • Just enable the Unknown Resources installation from the settings.

Step 3:You must have already downloaded the application. Therefore;

  • Open File Explorer or the downloads section of your web browser.
  • Look for the Apk file.

Install 360 Super Root

  • Tap on the application file and click on the install button.

Install 360 Super Root

  • Provide all the required permissions.
  • That’s all. 360 Super Root has now been installed on the smartphone.

How to Root Phone with 360 Super Root App?

In our previous section, we have added a detailed process for installing 360 Super Root on the android device. At the same time, there is nothing hard in this process. Rooting a smartphone from 360 Super Root App is a one-click and seconds process.

But to ensure the process is correct. We have added a reference.

  • First, open the application.
  • There is a green-colored ‘Root.’ button on the homepage.

Root smartphone using 360 Super root APK

  • Click on it.
  • You now have to wait for a few seconds until the process gets completed.
  • Once it gets done, restart your phone.
  • That’s all. The rooting process is completed.

Update 2024:

In 2024, Rooting is not more straightforward as it was before. The applications like 360 Super Root quit their future updates and development of the current application.

Below are some of the updates made by them:

  • 360 Super Root is Discontinued:The developer has officially stated ‘360 Super Root will no longer get any updates.’ This application is now discontinued.
  • Testing Result:We tried rooting a smartphone with android 4.4 and above. But, it fails. The developer claims – this application was capable of rooting only 9000 devices.
  • Credits:This application was developed by 360 Security Center. Therefore, all the honors and rights go to its developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions in your mind regarding this article. No worries; we have tried answering all the common questions in this section.

Why will 360 Super Root no longer get any updates?

It is because this application is now discontinued from the developer’s end. Therefore, it will not get any further updates.

Is it possible to root any android device running version 5 and above with this application?

We do not think so. It has been stated that this application can only root a smartphone running an Android version 2.2 to 4.4.

How quickly does the rooting process get done using this application?

It only takes a few seconds to complete the rooting process as it is a one-click rooting solution.

Rooting a smartphone will void the device warranty?

Yes, rooting a smartphone will void your smartphone warranty. You will no longer be able to visit the service center for any software-related issues.

The bottom line

360 Super Root apk is an android application made for rooting a smartphone in one click. You do not need the help of the computer while proceeding towards rooting your smartphone.

Unlike other applications, it only supports the smartphone running an android version 4.4 and lower.

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