Spotify Alternatives | 15 Best Apps Like Spotify (FREE) 2024

In today’s article, I will be sharing a round-up of the 15 best Spotify alternatives with you. I will also include a short review that can help you decide which Spotify alternative app will be a good option for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is Spotify?


Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming services that you can find on the internet. However, it is not the only option out there that can help you with your needs of listening to music. There are many better music streaming services available, and some of them are even more pocket-friendly and offer better features than Spotify. Therefore, if you are looking for the best apps like Spotify, this article will be beneficial for you.

15 Apps Like Spotify (Alternatives) In 2024 | Pros And Cons:

Apps Like Spotify Alternatives

Before proceeding further, let me clarify that this list is not structured in a sequential form. Each of the music streaming services mentioned in the list has its own pros and cons, and you have to pick the one that suits you well.

#1. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a Google-owned music streaming service that recently took Google Play Music’s place in the music streaming industry. The best thing about YouTube Music is its massive content library. Its library contains both official and unofficial music tracks that have been directly taken from YouTube’s content library.

Youtube Music

Further, if you connect YouTube Music with your regular YouTube account, it will automatically fetch your already subscribed music channels from YouTube to your YouTube Music account. YouTube Music can be your best bet if you are primarily interested in live performances, music videos, and individual covers.


  • Freemium platform
  • Fewer ads than any other music streaming platform
  • Massive content library
  • Impressive AI-based recommendation feature
  • Offline mode


  • Offline mode,ad-free access, and other features are only available to premium users
  • No podcasts

#2. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is Amazon’s counter to Spotify and other music streaming services. It comes pre-included in Amazon Prime subscription. Therefore, if you are an Amazon Prime user, you don’t have to pay anything extra for an Amazon Prime Music subscription. The music catalog of Amazon Prime Music contains well over 2 million songs.

Amazon Music

Obviously, the content library of Amazon Prime Music isn’t as big as other music streaming services. Even Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon’s standalone music streaming platform, offers more than 60 million tracks with Hi-Res audio content. But Amazon Prime Music is still a decent option for occasional music listeners, considering that it comes bundled in with Amazon Prime subscription.


  • Free with an Amazon Prime subscription
  • Decent collection of music content
  • Personalized recommendation
  • Integration of Alexa


  • Limited song library
  • Lacks non-music content

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#3. Apple Music

Apple Music came into existence in 2014, and it didn’t take much time to become one of the best music streaming services out there. Surprisingly, it is also one of the few apps from Apple that is available for Android smartphones. So, it is good news for all the Android users out there looking for Spotify alternatives.

Apple Free Music Streaming

Apple Music boasts a massive library of over 70 million tracks, and on top of that, it gives a three-month free subscription to test their service out. The AI-based recommendation feature does a fantastic job of suggesting the music according to your taste. Apple Music might not be the best Spotify alternative, but it has everything you need.


  • Extensive music library
  • Three months free trial
  • High-quality streaming
  • Live internet radio


  • Lacks free version
  • UI seems a bit cluttered

#4. Tidal

Tidal is a Spotify alternative that promotes itself as a platform that puts the artists first. It boasts over 70 million tracks, original video series, and podcasts. It is one of the few music streaming platforms that offer Hi-Res audio streaming. However, that High-Res music streaming is only available to Tidal HiFi membership subscribers.

Tidal Music Streaming Website

The platform primarily caters to audiophiles and serious music lovers rather than casual listeners. This is the main reason the platform just has around 4 million paid users. The recommendation function on Tidal is very impressive, and if you have good taste in music, I highly suggest you try Tidal.


  • Lossless music streaming
  • Over 70 million tracks and 250,000 videos
  • Excellent UI
  • Completely ad-free
  • Offline mode


  • No free tier
  • Plans are a bit costly
  • Not available in every country

#5. Deezer

If Tidal is a bit overpriced for you, then Deezer can be an excellent choice to listen to High-Res music at an affordable price. It boasts a library of over 73 million tracks and operates in over 180 countries. However, India is still not on their list, which sounds surprising because the music streaming industries are booming in India.

Deezer - FREE Music Streaming Sites

The main feature of Deezer is obviously Hi-Fi streaming, but along with that, it has a powerful recommendation feature, easy-to-manage EQ controls, and a very clean user interface. However, apart from that, Deezer is available almost everywhere. Further, it lets you try Deezer Premium free for three months.


  • Hi-Fi streaming with 360 Reality Audio
  • Three months trial
  • It has a free tier with limited access
  • Clean UI
  • Strong recommendation feature


  • The podcasts section is limited
  • Hi-Fi streaming isn’t possible on smartphones

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#6. is not primarily a music streaming app. Instead, it is a platform where you can find new tracks and artists. Spotify now powers it, and therefore, it automatically integrates the music library of Spotify. Further, you can also opt to stream from YouTube if you prefer YouTube over Spotify. Music

The thing that sets apart from others is its advanced “Scrobbled” tool that helps you by providing personalized music recommendations according to your music taste. It also features top charts where you can find top music tracks, artists, albums, weekly charts, etc.


  • Personalized music recommendation
  • Integration with popular music streaming apps
  • Top charts


  • Lacks other audio content such as podcasts, live content, etc
  • It has a bit of cluttered UI

#7. SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is another popular music streaming app that you can ever come across. This platform is quite popular among independent creators all over the world. The music library of SoundCloud is filled with covers made by non-professional musicians, demo versions of songs, and tracks from established artists.

SoundCloud Music Streaming Sites

SoundCloud is heaven for all music lovers who want to explore new, untapped artists. Also, it is very easy to collaborate with other artists on the platform. It is a reason SoundCloud boasts over 150 million audio tracks.


  • Extensive music library
  • Lots of professional tools and monetization options for creators


  • Annoying ads with the free account
  • Free tier lacks some major-label music
  • UI is a bit confusing

#8. Pandora Music

With over 60 million monthly active users, Pandora Music is definitely one of the world’s largest music streaming services. The statistical data shows that the user base of Pandora Music is continuously decreasing in numbers –all because of the rise of Spotify. However, that doesn’t mean it is a lousy service. Pandora Music has its own pros and cons, and you have to identify if it fulfills your needs or not.

Pandora Free Music Streaming Website

One of the major reasons behind the fall of Pandora Music is its music library. It has nearly 25 million songs which is considerably less than half the size of the content library of Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, or YouTube Music. But that is mainly because Pandora Music lacks covers, tributes, and karaoke tracks. If you are not much into that thing, then Pandora Music can be an excellent alternative to Spotify.


  • It has over 10 million stations
  • Lifetime free plan
  • Podcasts
  • Solid content library


  • Lacks Hi-Res audio streaming
  • The number of tracks is significantly lower than other competitors

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#9. Gaana

Gaana is one of India’s most popular music streaming services, and if you are from India, I highly recommend you give it a try. However, for anybody not from India or maybe, if he doesn’t have Indian taste, then Gaana might not be a good choice for you, and there are certain reasons for that.

Gaana Music

One of the primary reasons for that is that even though Gaana boasts over 50 million songs (almost twice what Pandora Music offers), it primarily has Indian regional songs and Bollywood songs. The English songs section is improving well, but still, it lacks specific sub-genres.


  • Good collection of Bollywood and Indian regional songs
  • Great user interface
  • Offline mode


  • The English music section isn’t well and needs some work.

#10. JioSaavn

Following Gaana, we have JioSaavn on our list – another music streaming service primarily focused on Indian music listeners. The good thing here is that it has a better collection of English music than Gaana, but it will still not be the best bet for you if you primarily listen to English music – especially English singles and covers.


However, Indian listeners will enjoy the catalog of JioSaavn as it features songs in many regional languages, Bollywood songs, covers, and songs from independent artists. Plus, I enjoy it the most because the free version of JioSaavn doesn’t boast much advertisement.


  • Good collection of Indian regional and Bollywood songs
  • Live time free plan
  • Offline mode


  • The English music section needs work.

#11. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio isn’t like an ordinary on-demand music streaming service. Rather, it brings tons of radio stations across the globe directly to your smartphone with the help of the internet. You can tune into these radio stations to listen to music, podcasts, live radio broadcasts, and even live sports.

TuneIn Radio

Obviously, since it is a radio station, you cannot search for the exact song you want to listen to, but you can pick any radio station of the genre according to your mood. Note that the platform boasts over 50 genres that include jazz, hip-hop, folk, etc.


  • Massive collection of AM and FM radio stations
  • It contains over 50 music genres
  • Over 600 commercial-free stations


  • Not an on-demand music streaming platform

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#12. iHeart Radio

Similar to TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio is another great app for streaming radio and music on the go. The best thing about iHeart Radio is that it also boasts a premium on-demand music streaming service. However, the song collection is very decent, but that is not a big deal, considering it is primarily an online radio.

iHeart Radio

The radio selection on this app is pretty much on point. You can tune in to thousands of FM and AM radio stations from a variety of genres that includes music, sports, talk shows, podcasts, comedy shows, and news. Overall, iHeart Radio can be an excellent alternative to Spotify if you are more into radio things.


  • Thousands of FM and AM radio stations
  • Extensive collection of podcasts
  • On-demand music service


  • No offline mode
  • No pause or rewind option

#13. AudioMack

AudioMack is a music streaming app similar to in terms of functionality but mainly targets the African region. Therefore, you will mostly find African artists and their music on the app, but it also has plenty of songs from other artists.


The best thing about AudioMack is that it doesn’t force you to opt for its membership. Even free members can download songs for free.


  • Free tier
  • Offline mode


  • The content library isn’t much impressive.

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#14. Slacker Studio

Slacker Studio is not primarily an on-demand music streaming platform. Instead, it is like a radio, but it lets you choose what you want to listen to. Here you can find playlists curated by other users, or you can create your own playlists.

Slacker Studio

The music database of Slacker Studio is not as huge as Spotify, but still, it is pretty decent. However, if you are an audiophile, then I won’t suggest Slacker Studio to you as a Spotify alternative.


  • Impressive UI
  • Offline mode
  • Unlimited skips


  • Most features can only be accessed after premium membership
  • The music catalog isn’t good

#15. Wynk

Last but not least, Wynk is a great app that you can use to stream both Bollywood and Hollywood music. Plus, you can also find a good collection of local songs in the Indian regional language. The overall collection of songs is awe-inspiring.


Although this music streaming platform is more Bollywood and Hollywood-centric, you can still find many international commercial and non-commercial artists here. It also has the radio station option, but that is not quite up to the mark.


  • Offline mode
  • Fewer ads with free membership
  • Good collection of Indian regional songs
  • Very affordable compared to Spotify


  • The music catalog lacks untapped international artists.

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The bottom line

So this was a list of the 15 best apps like Spotify.

Spotify is the leading music streaming platform on the internet, but it is not the only option. There are several other applications, and we shared a list of 15 best like them.

If we missed any Spotify alternative that you think deserves a place on this list, let us know about that by leaving a comment below.

With that said, here I am wrapping up. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section. We will try to answer your queries ASAP.

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