How Old Is My Computer or Laptop? (3 Quick & Easy Ways!)

Not sure how old your computer is? Do you want to know the age of your laptop? If you’re not sure & searching for how old my computer is, you’re on the right page.

How Old Is My Computer

How Old Is My Computer? 3 Ways to tell your laptop’s age:

Using a computer is fun, making our lives a lot smoother, but taking care of it is essential. Whether you need to run an update or check for a few changes, knowing your computer’s age always helps.

You will also be able to find out if your device is still under warranty or not, and lastly, decide if you want a new machine.

How To Check The Age Of Your Computer

It might sound silly when we say we can accurately tell your computer’s age, but we can. No magic or guessing games are needed, but just a few simple steps can tell you the exact age of your computer.

These means can help you make the necessary changes and decisions as per your device’s conditions. Without any more delay, let us jump right into the basics of finding your computer’s age.

1. Check Using CPU Release date

One of the easiest ways to learn the age of your computer is by checking the release date of the CPU that your computer has. Although this will not give you an exact accurate date, it will provide you with the correct time period. The time when your device was manufactured ideally gives you the details that you might need.

It is important to note here that many companies also use older CPUs in their low priced computers. Even if you buy a new computer, your CPU might date back to a specific time period. Thus if you are looking for your computer’s age just for fun, it wouldn’t do you much good.

To check your CPU’s release date, you first have to know the CPU model name. Click on a search engine, type out your CPU model’s name, and follow up with ‘release date.’ This will give you search results about how old the CPU is and the exact date it was launched.

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2. Check Using The Serial Number

If your device is a laptop, it is easier to find a date, mostly because they are not an assimilation of different machines. Your computer should have a sticker somewhere on its body that will have a serial number.

*Note: The serial number of a computer can be found on the back of the computer.

This serial number can give one the exact manufacturing date. One has to go on Google and type out the serial number; its website should show up. Therein you will find the details against the serial number you put in. This will give you a more accurate date, or period, of when your device was manufactured.

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3. Check BIOS Version Using The Command Prompt

The BIOS system info command helps a great deal when trying to find out about your computer’s birthday. There is a bunch of information that can be availed regarding your device.

The commands are useful for many things, and this is an incredibly important section of the same.

  1. You have to first go to the Windows search box, therein type ‘cmd‘ and enter.
  2. This will take you to the command prompt window, type in ‘systeminfo.exe‘, and enter again.
  3. A list will come up, from here, scout out the ‘BIOSVersion‘ option and click on it.
  4. You will see the date listed.

The date listed is not the exact accurate date of manufacture, but it is the closest estimate you will find. The date in the BIOSVersion section for self-made computers is valid as well. However, there is one drawback to this.

Windows tend to reset install dates as their new products are launched; this alters your device’s actual birthday. You can also update the date in the system prompt, so that too can misguide you.

If your device is a second-hand purchase, there is no guarantee that the last owner didn’t change. Considering all these factors, you should cross-check the date with some other methods.

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The bottom line

Usually, it is challenging to get the real date of your device’s manufacturing because a device has multiple parts that are manufactured at different times and then assembled. However, finding out a short estimate range of time is not difficult.

A time period will give one an elaborate idea about what kind of updates have followed. The upgradations necessary is also easy to figure out by the time range. Most importantly, tracking the advancement and capabilities of the device is also a more comfortable factor hence.

We hope this article will help you in taking the steps you need to take. By following these processes, one can quickly figure out a timeframe and have a clearer idea about their device’s origin.

Although in certain situations, one cannot immensely help with just an accurate period. For instance, if you wish to give your computer a birthday party, you’d need a date.

We advise you to take the date of your purchase as your laptop’s birthday and have fun.

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