How To Ping a Phone To Locate its Location? (3 Easy Ways!)

Not sure what is pining a phone means? Do you want to know how to ping a phone to find its location? In this article, I’ve shared 3 different working methods to ping a cell phone. Scroll this page down to learn how you can ping a phone by following some simple steps.

How To Ping A Phone?

Pinging nowadays means sending someone a text, but that is not our topic of discussion today. Before pinging was decided to the word for message transaction, it meant checking the last signal received by phone.

What Does ‘Pinging A Phone’ Means?

Pinging a phone method was used by people to check someone’s location and the last place they may have visited. The process is still used by cops and detectives and people to locate someone through their cellphone.

Sounds super cool, does it not? Okay, another fun fact, pinging someone’s phone is not rocket science. One can easily ping someone and locate them by following a few simple steps.

If one method does not work for you, there is another. We are here today to teach you exactly how to do that; you will know how to ping someone and locate them.

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How to Ping a Phone and Locate its Location?

How To Ping A Phone To Locate Its Location?

This hack comes in handy in cases of emergency, to help someone out. If your funny bones are ticklish, you can even prank someone by surprising them by knowing their location.

Without any more small talk, let us get into the neat steps one can follow to ping someone and know their location.

1. Ping A Phone Using Google Maps

Since we are so used to using Google apps and widgets, it only felt reasonable, to begin with, the simplest. One would require the desired phone they want to ping for this to work. Once configured, this can be used again and again.


Start by opening the Google Maps app; you will find the settings icon on the screen’s top-left section.


Tap on the settings icon, and the settings menu will pop up; from there, tap on the ‘share location’ option.


A message will pop up, and an option to get started will pop up with it, click on the getting started option.


The basic configuration is done, now another option will pop up ‘share your real-time location’ click on it.


The options will be for an hour or more per your need or until you turn it off.


Click on the latter if you want to ping the phone and want to know where the user is in the future.


Now, to access the information from your phone, click on the Share Icon and send it through the app you choose.

Suppose you want your phone pinged by someone else. Do the same thing on your phone and send the link to the person you wish to ping you.

2. Ping A Phone Using Windows Command

Every cellphone has an IP address, just the way our computers and laptops have one for themselves. The phone that is being pinged and the computer that is pinging should have the same IP network.

Both the devices must usually be using the same Wi-Fi connection as well for this to work out. This only works with phones that use Android operating systems.


You have to begin by clicking on the Windows icon and the letter R simultaneously to open the ‘Run’ box.


You have to write “cmd” in lower case, and that will open the command prompt.


Type out “ipconfig” and press enter; by this process, you will have your machine’s IP address.


You have to write “ping Your IP Address,” followed by the phone’s complete IP address, the command line.


The commands will automatically send a ping to the cellphone; if successful, you’ll receive “reply from” messages. These messages will be from the cellphone’s IP address, and they represent the data packets that were sent.

Try shutting down the computer and then restarting the entire process if it does not work the first time.

Multiple reasons can cause this, such as an error in the IP address or a glitch from the router.

Shutting your devices down and restarting the procedure is your best bet at getting an accurate result.

The process is fast, and it does not just provide you with an accurate ping, but also the same data packets sent.

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3. By Phone Carrier’s Help

We are not sure if all the conspiracies regarding the government controlling our phones are real or not.

Google and Facebook may be watching our moves, but you can surely use your phone company to ping your phone.

The companies return all the GPS and location information to the cellphone’s service provider.

You can approach your phone’s carrier company, and they will provide you with the tracking data. This falls under their’ location services’ section; once the service provider is changed, they resumed the tracking.

One can also locate the phone based on the tower they are receiving their signals from. The process varies based on every companies service protocols; if you are in an emergency, you may have access.

People in emergency services such as the police or 911 officers have this access and can locate you. In fact, in the early 2000’s it was compulsory to speed up so that emergency officers can identify you with ease.

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The bottom line

So, these were some simple ways to ping someone’s phone. It is important to remember that pinging someone’s phone without their permission or consent is a criminal offense.

One would be accessing the personal data of an individual, which is their location, and one can be jailed if accused.

It is advised that one sticks to ethical ways if they want to ping and locate someone. Check for the other person’s consent and safely execute the task so that nobody gets in trouble. In these ways, one can quickly learn how to ping and locate someone and meet its purpose.

Safety measures have now been increased for the security of an individual’s personal information. Yet some ways can be implemented to know intimate details such as location ethically.

We hope you utilize this information responsibly and succeed in your ventures.

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