Content:// – What this link is for?

Content:// – Do you want to know what this link is for? In this article, you will get to know how this link works and how to change the default home page in the Android browser easily and quickly. Moreover, I will also let you know how you can change the default home page on Chrome and Firefox browser on your Android phone.

A browser is one of the essential apps on your mobile, and it can transform your total experience of browsing. Android browsing (content:// has the right features and performance. Generally, all the android phones have Google Chrome as the default browser and integration with a default homepage as well. If you do not like the default homepage and wish to change it then, we will help you out. Also, check out these best games like Skyrim.

Here, you will learn about content:// and guide you on how to change the default homepage of your browser.

What is content://

Content:// is a link that defines the default homepages in the browsers of android phones. Out of all the browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc., each has a unique default page. This default page is stored in content:// You have the option of customizing the homepages as per your requirements; however, the method varies from browser to browser.


It is the syntax for changing the default settings for the homepage on your android based devices. There are other content syntaxes for Android browsers as:

  1. content://
  2. content:// search
  3. content://
  4. content://
  5. content://
  6. content://
  7. content://

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Refer to our guide as below to set the default homepage in different browsers:

Let’s start with the following steps:

Step-1. Begin by opening the internet browser app and tap the menu button on the top-right hand side of the screen.

Step-2. Click on ‘settings’ and then go down to the sub-menu. Here search for the ‘Android Browser Settings.’ Once located, click on it.


Step-3. Open ‘General’ settings and click on the ‘set homepage.’

what is content://

Step-4. Provide the URL here that you wish to set as the default page. Else you can also opt for the blank page.


There are possibilities that you may not find this option as the manufacturer hides it in some cases. If this is so, then we have the following solution to it:

Step-1. Open the URL that you wish to set as the homepage and then press the menu button.

Step-2. Save this page to your bookmarks.

Step-3. Now go to the Bookmarks / History on your browser.

Step-4. Locate your preferred site, tap and hold it for a few seconds.

Step-5. A menu pops up in front of you. Choose ‘Set as homepage.’

Best Content Android Browsers You Should Try

Do not let your dissatisfaction overtake you when it comes to the browser on your mobile phone. You have a valid number of options available that can ease out the things. If you are looking for ways to change the default android browser on your smartphone, all you have to do I to reach out to the settings and explore the ways to improve it.

Pick the browser that you feel will suit your needs the best. However, you need to keep a few things in mind while finalizing which browser to download; features like the size of the application, multi-device, and multi-account sync functionality, and level of support to online streaming and other sets of powerful features you should look before downloading the internet browser for your needs.

Here is our recommendation list:

  • Firefox browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Brave Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Samsung Internet Browser
  • Opera’s Browsers
  • Tor Brower

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How to Change the Default Browser in Your Android Phone?

The question is why you should be pushed into using the default browsing application provided by the smartphone manufacturer. You have several better options available that rich in features and easily accessible on Google Play store. Most of those are free to use and are a simple one-click installation.

You can go for any from the list provided above. Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera remains the preferred option for most users.

Search for the browser that you wish to install in the Play Store and download it. Else, you can also download the .apk file by going through the official website and subsequently make it your default web application with the below listed steps:

Step-1. Open the ‘settings’ on your smartphone. Scroll down and find “Apps & Notifications” and tap to open it.

set default android browser

Step-2. Tap the ‘default applications’ option from the list.

Default Apps

Step-3. Now, search for ‘Browser’ and tap it.


Step-4. From the list, pick your preferred browser.

Set Android Default Browser

From now on, any website that you open or any link that you click, it will open only in your chosen web browser.

How To Set A Default Home Page On Google Chrome Browser?

For setting Google Chrome as your homepage, follow these steps:

Step-1. On Google Chrome, open settings from the provided options.

Set Default Home Page On Google Chrome Browser

Step-2. Click the Home Page option, and after that, turn ‘on’ the homepage.


Step-3. Now, just below it, You will see an “Open this page” option. Click on it and enter your desired website URL address.

content:// - chrome browser

Step-4. Open the Google Chrome page again, click on the home button, and you can observe that the homepage has been changed.

That’s it. This is how you can easily change the default home button address as you want. Also, check out these best IO Games. If you are still facing problems, then you can visit this page.

How To Set A Default Home Page On Firefox Browser?

Step-1. Open the Mozilla browser and click on the three dots on the top right-hand corner.

Change Firefox Browser Default Home Page Android Device

Step-2. Open the settings and select a general option.

Change Default Home Page Firefox Android Browser

Step-3. Now, click on the home page option.

Change Default Home Page Firefox Browser

Step-4. Now, here tap on the ‘set a homepage’ option.

Change Default Home Page Android Firefox Browser

Step-5. Select ‘custom’ and enter the URL for your preferred homepage, and after that, click ‘Ok’ and close the browser.

Default home page firefox browser

Step-6. Reopen the browser and notice the changes applied successfully.

Open your favorite browser and find your preferred home page as default. Follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy the browsing experience. You may also like to check these best clash royale decks. For more information, you can explore this web-page.

The Bottom Line

We all seek customization with our android devices and love to add a little personalization to it. Let us have a device that symbolizes us when it comes to features and corresponding displays—customizing your browser can the first logical step.

There are several web browsers available on the internet and Google Play Store that you can download. Make a transition today from the bloated and inferior software to a sleek, secure, and fast browser.

You can also get plenty of extensions to boost your productivity and your entertainment experience. Thank you for visiting Let me know if you still have any doubt in your mind. I or someone from my team will surely help you out.

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