BOMBitUP Apk: Download Best SMS Bomber for Android (2024)

BOMBitUP Apk — The Best SMS Bomber 2024 Download Latest Version:

Prank becomes an official subject to tease anyone. Most people always try to find new possible ways to prank someone. It is not because of jealousy or something to make fun of. There are multiple ways of doing pranks, and if you have landed across this article looking for one such way? You are at the right place.


We are introducing a next-level program to make pranks.BOMBitUP APK is one such application that helps send multiple SMS or make anonymous calls to any person. For instance, it uses an inbuilt script to send multiple SMS (BOMB) to irritate a person.

Bombitup APK

BOMBitUP APK is available for android smartphones. It is one of the most efficient tools that will help you make pranks on your friends or relatives.

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What is BOMBitUP?

As mentioned earlier, a simple definition for this application could be SMS and missed call bomber. One such application can help you send multiple SMS or make various missed calls to prank someone.

For instance, the developer of this application officially stated that the BOMBitUP apk is for fun and educational purposes only; if someone uses it ethically, the developer will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

You can prank anyone anytime with the help of this application. There are no such restrictions, for example, limitations of sending SMS or making phone calls.

Sanchit Gera –He is the person who developed this application and stated all the possible legal points.

Apart from this, it is a trusted application. A simple use interface will help you understand this application quickly. You only need to spend two or more minutes understanding their concept.

Let me come to the features part.

Features of BOMBitUP Apk

We have had enough of its introduction, and now we all know its uses. Let’s discuss the features that attract the user the most.

No limitation

We even mentioned this earlier in the introduction part. There are no such limitations on sending SMS or calling any number. You can send as many SMS to prank someone. You only need to enter the number of SMSes and tap a single button to make it work.

Custom SMS Text

It is one of my favorite features. You can write a customer text SMS and send it to your loved ones. You can use this feature to send wishes or birthday SMS.

Just visit the section and type the custom text on it. Again, please enter the number of SMSes and tap a single button to make it work.

Email Blast

Have you ever thought of this feature? No. Email Blast is an additional feature that gets updated with its recent update. You can send as many emails to bomb a person’s email account. But do we know the best part?

The best part is that BOMBitUP APK’semails are not considered spam bygoogle.

Whatsapp Bomber

Alongside SMS bombing, a new feature was recently updated. You can now prank your friends on Whatsapp as well. You can send as many SMS on Whatsapp using the BOMBitUP application. Again, there are no such limitations on sending SMSes.

Free application

BOMBitUP APK is one such free application. You do not have to pay anything to download or installing this application on your smartphone. It comes free of cost.

There is no such option to subscribe for anything. You only need a smartphone and an active internet connection to download it.

No root required

You are not required to have a rooted smartphone to download or install this application. BOMBitUP App can also get installed on normal and latest smartphones.

However, there are no such restrictions for rooted devices as well. You can always root your device using aone-click root apk.

Missed Call Bombing

Apart from SMS, Email, and Whatsapp Bombing, you can also bomb or prank anyone using anonymous missed calls. It is one of the best ways to irritate someone with continuous missed calls.

Again, there are no such limitations on the number of calls. You only need to type the number and press the bomb button to work.

Easy to use

BOMBitUP APK has a simple user interface. Simple use interface will help you understand this application quickly. You will understand the complete concept once you spend more than 2 minutes on it.

Flexible application

There are such restrictions on time and location. It means a person can download and use this application from anywhere in the world. You can prank anyone from anywhere.

Keeps you protected

As mentioned earlier, it is a safe application. Apart from bombing anyone, it protects you from unwanted SMS and calls. Therefore, it also keeps you protected from such pranks.

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Download BOMBitUP APK for Android (Latest Version)

BOMBitUP Apkis an SMS bombing application that helps users send multiple prank SMS. You can not only bomb or prank your friends using SMS. There are various features like SMS, Missed Call, Email, and Whatsapp bombing.

However, the primary concern is all related to its download link. Due to privacy and Google’s policies, BOMBitUP APK is unavailable on Google Play Store. You cannot download it directly from the app store and use it on your smartphone.

Therefore, we have provided a direct download link. You can download the latest version from the below-given link.

Download APK

Download these apps as well:

The link we have added above consists of the latest version of the BOMBitUP APK. The newest version includes the following:

  • All the dead APIs are removed. You will find the latest and working API.
  • There is a new US SMS bomber. You can use it alongside the blast section.
  • The previous UK SMS Bomber is now fixed.
  • There is a new feature to send notification alerts to its users.
  • Button crashes.
  • The new security features will help you keep protected.

Be aware of the fake application –As this application is not available to download from the Google Play Store. Most websites took advantage of this. They copy all the exact files and make them look legitimate.

But such fake applications contain malware that can even cause damage to your smartphone. Therefore, it is essential to trust the source before downloading this application.

How to Install BOMBitUP APK on Android?

Have you downloaded the APK file? If not, then download it first to proceed further. We have mentioned in the above section; it is not possible to download the BOMBitUP apk from the play store.

The latest smartphone does not allow third-party installations. You cannot install any third-party application directly on your smartphone. Therefore, the process we are adding below will help you install BOMBitUP APKon your device.

Step – 1 (Open Settings)

  • You are required to visit the settings section.
  • Open settings and look for a security option.

Security option

  • Else, if you are using the latest smartphone, you can also search for the security option from the search bar.
  • You now have to visit the unknown resources page.

Step – 2 (Enable Unknown Resources)

  • From the particular page, open the unknown resources and enable it.

Enable Unknown Resources

  • You will now be able to install third-party applications on your smartphone.

Step – 3 (Downloads Section)

  • In step three, visit the downloads section or folder where the APK file is located.
  • Just locate the file and tap on it.
  • The installation screen will appear.

Step – 4 (Install APK)

  • You have to press the install now button. (You can refer to the image below)

Install Bombitup APK

  • Wait until the installation gets finished.

Step – 5 (Open the application)

  • You now have to open the BOMBitUP App.

Bombitup APK

  • You can now use it according to the need to prank someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some other questions on your mind related to this article? It is obvious. No worries, we are adding the answers to some relatable and common questions about the BOMBitUP application.

If the answer is unsuitable or not mentioned, you can always consider asking us in the comments section.

Is this application safe to use?

Yes, theBOMBitUP apk is safe to use. You can use this application without any worries. There is no such thing as a virus in the APK file provided above. You can download the latest version from the above-given download link to access the same.

Is there any malware in the APK file?

There is no such virus or malware in the file we have uploaded above, as this application is not available to download from the Google Play Store. Therefore, we request our readers be aware of some fake APK files. They might contain some malware.

How many fees do I need to pay to use this application?

You do not need to pay anything to use this application. BOMBitUP apk is free to use.

Do we need to root our phone to use BOMBitUP Apk?

No, you do not have to root your phone to use BOMBitUP apk. This application runs on an unrooted phone as well. You only need to follow the installation process mentioned above in this article.

In which countries can we use this application?

You can use this application from any country. But, the country in which this SMS bomber works are:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • US
  • UK
  • Nepal
  • Philippines

There is even a special section for the US.

Are there any limits on bombing SMS calls?

There are no such limits on bombing SMS or calls using this application. You can send as many SMS to prank anyone.

BOMBitUP apk is not available in the play store; how do I install it?

Yes, it is not available in the play store due to privacy and policies. But you can always install this application using its APK file. The installation process is perfectly explained above.

The bottom line For SMS Bomber BOMBitUP Apk

BOMBitUP APK is a perfect application to prank anyone or send as many SMS as possible. Whether it is for pranks or wishes, theBOMBitUP app is helpful.

However, this application is not available on Google Play Store. Therefore, we recommend people download the correct APK file to proceed further.

Note: This application is for prank and fun purposes. Please do not use it for any other intentions; the person will be responsible, not the developer.

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