11 Coke and Popcorn Alternative Sites (FREE Movies) 2024

Are you searching for the best Alternative sites like Coke and Popcorn TV to watch premium movies, TV shows, and web series online? Do you like streaming movies for free on websites like Coke and Popcorn?

What is Coke and Popcorn?

Cokeand Popcorn is some of those popular websites that offer premium movies and shows for free. It is the most popular website that offers a free online streaming service for premium TV shows and movies. You can get a vast list of movies and TV shows on this website which are absolutely free. If you love watching Indian web series, Coke and Popcorn website is the best fit for fulfilling your needs as it offers almost every Indian web series.

Coke and Popcorn

Unfortunately, due to some issues website is not live, and now people are looking for the best alternative to Coke and Popcorn website. That is why I came up with this article.

In this article, I will share some potential and effective Coke and Popcorn alternative sites that will help you watch your favorite tv shows and movies. Also, check these best torrent sites.

Why use Coke and Popcorn alternatives?

People are fond of movies, but they do not have time to go to the theatre so often, and there comes the play of these third-party websites, which let you stream premium content for absolutely free. Coke and Popcorn was such a website that offered various video content, but unfortunately, it is not online anymore due to some copyright strikes.

I will share some potential websites that project premium video content for free. People struggle a lot to find a portal to watch or download movies online, but due to many fake sites, it is an almost impossible job to find a good alternative site like Coke and Popcorn. But, we have done it all for you. So, let us not waste any more time and move further to the subject.

Before we move further to the subject, have a look at these points:

  • No website has paid us to list their names in this report, which is an unbiased, comprehensive article.
  • Streaming websites that offer free movies and shows streaming are not legal but don’t worry as it is impossible to punish millions of people for such a petty crime.
  • Always use a VPN before surfing or streaming movies or shows on these websites to be on the safe side.

Best Alternative Sites Like Coke And Popcorn in 2024:

Millions of streaming websites on the internet projects movies and web series on their platform for absolutely free, but it is tricky to find reliable websites as they get blocked easily. I have done the research and testing job for you and reported the best Coke and Popcorn alternative sites.

Coke and Popcorn Alternative Sites

Here is the list of best alternative sites like Coke and Popcorn:

  1. Solarmovie.fm
  2. Popcornflix.com
  3. Putlockers.cm
  4. Primewire.to
  5. 1watchfree.me
  6. TVseries.net
  7. Sonycrackle.com
  8. Showbox.ws
  9. Streamlikers.com
  10. Movierill.com aka MovieZion
  11. 123Movies.fun

#1. Solarmovie.fm

Solar Movies has topped our list as the best site to watch premium movies and TV shows for absolutely free. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface that even a kid can handle. The best thing about Solar Movies is that it does not ask you to sign up or log in to watch movies or shows. Instead, solar Movies features a large variety of content for you, including new episodes of your favorite series & recently released movies.

coke and popcorn alternative site

Unlike other third-party websites, Solar Movies is fast and does not have any bugs in it. Apart from these many cool features, it also features a search box, making it easy for you to find your desired shows. If you search for a reliable source to watch HD quality movies, concerts, and anime, then Solar Movies is the perfect option for you.

#2. Popcornflix.com

Popcornflix is another movie and shows a streaming website, which was launched in the year 2011 and still serving its audience by displaying excellent quality content, which includes videos and shows. Popcornflix is a popular streaming website, and that is the only reason it keeps uploading new content like new TV shows and recently released movies. Moreover, to enhance the user experience, it recently released a mobile application for Android & iOS users.

alternative to coke and popcorn website

Like Solar Movies, it is not mandatory to sign up and log in to stream the available content, but it is necessary to make an account to stream the desired content on your phone. Popcornflix features a wide variety of high-quality movies, TV shows & web series. It is a lightweight website with a user-friendly interface that makes it a reliable and fast website. If you do not want to compromise with your watching experience, Popcornflix is the perfect option. You may also like to visit the best sites like Rainierland.

#3. Putlockers.cm

Putlockers.cm is a platform popularly known for updating new web content (Netflix & Amazon Prime Content) at the very first, and that is why it engages millions of people from all around the world. Unfortunately, recently, Putlocker had some copyright issues, which resulted in a sudden stop of its service, and that is why it lost many users. Nevertheless, it offers excellent quality movies and TV shows, and the best thing about Putlocker is that it is continuously updated with newly released premium content.

sites like coke and popcorn

The website is banned in several countries, but you can stream it over a virtual private network (VPN) as it manipulates your location and serves you to surf the desired content. I have personally used Putlocker, and I believe that it is one of the best streaming websites I came across. Your search to unlimited premium movies and shows for free ends here as Putlocker is a reliable alternative site to Coke and Popcorn.

#4. Primewire.to

I know that you can dig and search millions of websites that enable you to stream your desired content for free, but those websites are not reliable as those get down in a short span of time. I am only stating the best and reliable portals to satisfy your streaming needs, and Prime Wire is one of those reliable portals. Prime Wire serves people with high-quality movies and shows for free for a long time and is also fierce competition for Coke and Popcorn. A minor drawback of this website is that you will need to do quick signup before streaming your desired content.

alternative sites like coke and popcorn

It features a basic page with sides subject recent & popular content. Prime Wire also offers you to live chat with other users from all over the world. If you feel something they should work on or change, you can send them the feedback, and in the next update, you will find your issue solved. Prime Wire is a user-centric and reliable streaming website, which I, too, recommend you. Also, check these best anime streaming sites.

#5. 1Watchfree.me

As per the name, Watch Free signifies projecting movies and shows for absolutely “FREE.” Although you might witness some ads, Watch Free does not show ads like other low-quality websites. Watch Free is updated frequently and allows you to watch movies and shows in excellent quality. It features a simple and user-friendly interface that helps you surf through the website without any hassles. Like most of the other popular streaming websites, you are not required to sign up or log in to watch your favorite show or movie.

free sites like coke and popcorn

The tidy and straightforward interface will surely enhance your watching experience and treat your eyes with high-quality visuals & crystal clear audio. Apart from Hollywood movies, Watch Free also drops Bollywood flavor to its vast collection. You will be required to connect your device to a virtual private network to surf the website. Considering all the aspects of this website, I can subject it as one of the best Coke and Popcorn alternatives. Also, check these best sports streaming sites.

#6. TVseries.net

This portal mainly projects TV Series on its platform, which is why it is titled a TV Series. Apart from premium TV shows, it allows you to access high-quality movies for absolutely free. TVseries.net offers a friendly interface that is easily accessible to everyone. It also ranks movies according to the ratings, making it easy for you to select the best-unwatched movie for you. From American TV shows to Korean classics, everything is available on this massive platform.


The search bar allows you to search your desired movie or show and save you from creepy scrolling. To watch any content on this streaming website, you are required to sign in to it. Signing in will also make you a member of the TV SERIES, and you can discuss the movie or show you watch below the discussion forum or comment box. If you are a consistent watcher of TV shows & movies, then you must try this platform and enhance your watching experience. Also, check out this list of best iOS emulators for PC.

#7. Sonycrackle.com

Sonycrackle.com is a licensed streaming website that offers premium content for free. It is nothing like Coke and Popcorn as it is legal, and you do not need to connect your device to a virtual private network (VPN). Crackle is a streaming service offered by Sony Entertainment and is available for everyone. It features a smooth interface that can be operated easily by anyone.

coke and popcorn website alternatives

Crackle does not provide a wide variety of content as it only features movies and shows which are licensed under Sont Entertainment. However, unlike other third-party websites, it is totally safe and secure to stream content on Crackle. It also has launched a smartphone application to search and surfer content quickly and easily. I recommend you try Crackle as I personally rely on it for my watching needs. You might also like to check these best Xbox emulators.

#8. Showbox.ws

Showbox.ws is another third-party streaming service that allows you to choose your desired content’s picture quality and format. It became popular with the title “Free Netflix” as it projects all the content featured on Netflix, and apart from that, it also allows you to watch other premium movies and shows. In addition, ShowBox has released its mobile phone application to improve the user experience, and you can download its application from ShowBox’s official website or other third-party stores.

alternative sites like coke and popcorn

The app is super-light and has easy-to-use features. ShowBox is just another premium streaming service but for absolutely free. With a wide variety of quality content, ShowBox scored the highest number of streamers in 2018, which gave it more hype and recognition. I will suggest trying this out, and I say that you will make this your primary streaming portal. Visit: Best Android Emulators For PC.

#9. Streamlikers.com

Streamlikers.com is a platform that provides premium movies, web series, and TV shows for free, and unlike other streaming portals, it not only allows you to stream but also download your favorite movie or show and watch later. Moreover, you can stream or download the content in high resolution, which is rare and appealing. Moreover, it is integrated with a simple and user-friendly interface, making it a more reliable and satisfactory option for movie lovers from all over the world.

best sites like coke and popcorn

It is perfect for those who are dead by watching the same content repeatedly as it will undoubtedly revive them with new & fresh movies, shows, and web series. So, if you search for a reliable source to watch movies and shows online other than Coke and Popcorn, Streamlikers.com is undoubtedly a potential and trustworthy option. However, there are chances that it might not open for your region, and in that case, you should try connecting to a virtual private network, and it will spoof your area. Also, check the best Games Like Skyrim.

#10. Movierill.com aka MovieZion

Movierill.com (MovieZion) is a fantastic Coke and Popcorn alternative site but has limited content for now. It is limited with all the popular releases and is updating more & more movies day by day. You can browse your search, but if you want to watch any film, you must create an account on Movierill.com. Besides, it drops smooth functioning by projecting “Search Bar,” which allows you to find your desired movie by typing the title or cast names.

Free streaming sites like coke and popcorn

The best thing about Movierill.com is that it has categorized the film into their genres and divided the best & trending ones separately. These small things make a user-centric and quality streaming website. Although it does not have much content, it is streamed by millions of people in a day. If you create a list of streaming websites to switch to, you mustn’t miss Movierill.com. Plus, you are not required to connect your device to a virtual private network (VPN) to watch or stream movies. I recommend at least try this website once. You may also like to download Pokémon GO Apk.

#11. 123Movies.fun

Last but surely not least, 123movies is a powerful alternative to Coke and Popcorn. It is just another streaming website with a variety of quality content, which includes movies & TV shows. Your ISP provider might restrict you from surfing the site. Still, you can manipulate your region or IP address by connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) and stream without any technical hassles. If you face any more breakdowns on the website, do not worry, as the developers will fix it soon.

alternative sites like coke and popcorn

Also, 123movies is updated regularly with new released shows & movies from all over the world. The popular content is featured on a subdivision page, making it easy for you to choose your next watch. A consistent watcher? 123movies is ideally a wise choice for you. So these were some of the potential streaming websites to rely on for your watching needs. Also, check this best guide to get a Grammarly premium free account.

How to Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

These third-party websites are blocked by some regions due to copyright issues and are completely dead for the people in those restricted regions. Still, you can overcome this problem by connecting your device to a VPN, and that will change your IP address and spoof your location.

There are thousands of free VPN out there for explicitly accessing restricted websites. I use TURBO VPN, which works superfine for me but shows some ads too. It is available on Play Store, and you can switch to it in just one click after the download, although the paid versions are more effective than the free ones as paid VPNs don’t sell your data to anyone. You may also like to know how to turn on the Whatsapp fingerprint lock?

Final Words (Coke and Popcorn Alternatives)

Movies and shows are like a drug to some people. Without watching one, their day seems incomplete, and for people like those, third-party movie streaming sites are a sure treasure. In this article, I have shared some potential Coke and Popcorn alternative sites, and no doubt, you can rely on them for your watching needs.

Apart from that, I explained the concept of a virtual private network (VPN) and comprehensively answered the “How to use a VPN?” query.

I believe that this article helped and satisfied your search regarding the best alternative to Coke and Popcorn site. But in case you face any issue or problem or have any kind of doubt regarding the subject, please comment below, and I or someone from our team will revert to your query with a helpful response.

Also, share this brief report with your friends and let them enjoy unlimited premium movies & shows absolutely free of charge.

Which is your favorite streaming third-party website other than Coke and Popcorn? Did you find anything better on this webpage?

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