Top 6 Tips for Creating High Quality Screen Recordings

Nowadays, many professional video creators resort to screen record tools to build amazing content. People are fond of well-structured videos providing useful information. Tutorial videos are widely popular now, but many fail to create decent content.

In this article, you will find tips on how to screen record properly to become successful. Besides, there’s also a shortlist of the best screen capture software that will enable you to create quality videos.

screen recording tips

What Tools To Use?

This shortlist will allow you to find the best screencast recorder and produce professional content. You can easily record the screen using your device, for example, with the help of a built-in QuickTime Player if urgently needed. However, paying attention to the software functionalities, compatibility with operating systems, security, and the price is crucial. Explore decent screen record tools and choose yours.

1. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi is a decent screen recorder for Windows enabling incredible output. It’s perfect for creating instructions and tutorials due to its straightforward interface and lots of editing and recording options. Users should download the screencast recorder on their devices and easily adjust recording parameters. After recording, you can edit the video and save it in any convenient format.


2. Screencast-O-Matic

This capturing tool for Mac gained popularity thanks to a fast video creation solution for any purpose. Create a professional screencast video without much time and effort and enjoy results. Once recorded, your video can be personalized with creative editing tools, animations, and effects. Sign up and benefit from free recording services, stock library, and cloud hosting.


3. OBS Screen Recorder

OBS Studio is an open-source software operating on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Download the program and quickly create fascinating screencast content. OBS provides users with many advanced features like powerful configuration options, high performance, intuitive audio mixer, and studio mode.


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Tips for Creating Top Screencasts

Screencasts are video records of your screen often accompanied by audio narration and usually posts on YouTube. Here bloggers share their ideas and reach people by showing them the process on their screen. These tips will help you create decent screencast content and achieve incredible results.

#1 Tip: Create a Script

Recording everything you have on the screen is not a bad idea, but you should also comment on your recording. Prepare a plan to capture with timings, zooms, record a specific part of the screen, capture a web camera, and more.

With a prepared text, the process will be easier and more efficient. You will eliminate chances of pauses and mistakes and reduce editing time. It’s also great to create a plan and improvise if you do not want the comment to sound unnatural. So you will have action and narration plans.

#2 Tip: Don’t Use a Built-in Microphone

The audio quality of the screencast plays a crucial role in video success, so you have to prepare the necessary equipment. Very often, poor sound quality is characteristic of not only old computers, but modern models provide low audio quality as well.

The best solution is to use an external microphone and place it in a proper place. It should pick up your voice clearly and eliminate background noise. You can first choose the external microphone for a moderate price and get professional equipment when monetizing the blog.

Tips for Creating High Quality Screen Recordings

#3 Tip: Watch Your Mouse Cursor

On the one hand, the mouse cursor shows people where to watch, but it may distract viewers when used inappropriately. The cursor is a crucial element of screen recording, so mind the way you move it. Use special tools to make it clearly visible and colored.

And now we’ll focus on moving cursor don’ts, and firstly stop circling objects on the screen. Fast and monotonous cursor movements can make viewers tired and bored. Instead, it’d be better to accompany your statements with natural and purposeful movements.

#4 Tip: Keep It Short

Short informative videos are easier to perceive, but it’s essential you include all the necessary elements in the video without missing anything crucial out. A long video can be boring to watch if you do not segment it in separate blocks with useful data.

Thus, the length of your recording depends on the topic you are going to cover. Accompany the recording with energetic music, tell jokes, and be creative when making tutorials and instructions.

#5 Tip: Edit the Recording

Every recording requires editing, improving, as mistakes happen to all creators. Use a video editing tool or download a screen recorder on your device and perform the necessary actions. Sometimes, it happens that a cursor moves too fast or your voice is too quiet, and special programs can help you tackle any issues.

You can add special effects to the screencast, accompany it with music, text, animations, cut, trim, speed up, slow down, and many more. A decent tool is easy to use and allows people to benefit from a professional result. Here you can find great programs for screen recording.

#6 Tip: Know Your Audience

Your video will gain lots of views if you know your audience and adjust it to the platform where it’ll be posted. Screen recordings are popular on YouTube, and here you will have to be more general to engage the audience.

If the recording is a part of the email marketing campaign and is inserted in emails, be more specific and focus on the receiver’s interests and needs.

know your audience


Now you see that it’s vital to know some hacks and tricks to produce captivating screen record content. We hope that these tips will assist bloggers in moving forward and choosing appropriate tools for quality work that work on different devices and operating systems. Do not be afraid to stand out and show the world your unique content. Good luck to all video creators who want to learn new things and enhance their content.

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