How to Change Twitter Handle Without Losing Followers (2024)

Do you want to change Twitter handle? I mean, you want to know how to change Twitter handle without losing followers in 2024? Well, if I’m not wrong, then you’re on the right page. In this article, I will discuss how you can change the username of your Twitter account without losing your followers. So, scroll down this page and learn how to perform this task in a few easy steps.

How To Change Twitter Handle?

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging platforms, as well as a social media portal. Connecting with brands, their customer services, and influencers has never been easy without Twitter. Just give them a tweet by tagging them and voila!

By the way, did you take a crappy username in college such as @headboyjohn? Well, you’re not head boy anymore, and the college is over. Thus, it would be best if you had a better and professional username.

However, you might lose the upcoming followers on your account. Your profile URL will be changed, the previous mentions won’t be available to view anymore, and people won’t be able to find your previous username.

However, the good news is you can change your Twitter handle, that too without losing followers. This piece of information revolves around how you can change Twitter handle without losing followers.

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What happens after you change the Twitter handle?

Well, before you move on to change your Twitter handle, you must be aware of the consequences. Here are some points that you should be aware of before changing your Twitter username to a new one. Have a look at them, and you may proceed after that.

#1. Effect on Profile

To be honest, you won’t be losing any of your followers after changing the username. However, your upcoming follower base might be affected. People won’t be able to find you easily as your previous username will no longer be available. Also, mentions under your name will redirect the user to an empty page as your account won’t be displayed under the previous username.

All your previous tweets, retweets, mentions, will be disowned. Only the tweets available on your profile will be displayed to your followers. Not just that, your profile URL will change. If you’ve used the profile URL anywhere, you need to change that. However, if these points don’t matter, you may proceed. You might also like to read this Grammarly free trial guide.

#2. Are Twitter Handle & Username different?

Changing your Twitter handle will have zero effect on your followers or profile. However, the impact of change on your username has already been mentioned in the previous point. In simple words, your username is unique to your profile. People can easily find you with it. However, the Twitter handle can be the same for multiple people using the platform.

How to change Twitter handle/username without losing followers?

How to change Twitter handle / username without losing followers?

Now that you are aware of the basic facts about Twitter handle and username let’s discuss how you can change it.

Ground Rules to Remember while changing Twitter Handle

Mentioned below are some of the basic rules to follow while changing the Twitter username:

  • The username can’t be more than 15 characters.
  • The username that you are going to use should be one of a kind and not being used by anyone else before
  • The username can’t be substituted with the words’ Twitter’ and ‘Admin.’
  • It should contain alphabets, numerals, and underscores only.
  • Usernames of deactivated, suspended, or banned accounts can’t be used.

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Change Twitter Handle on Android phones.

Mentioned below is the step by step process to change your Twitter username on any Android smartphone:

Step-1. Launch the Twitter app and navigate to the account of whose username you want to change. Or if you’re not signed into the app, then enter the username and password to sign in.

Launch Twitter

Step-2. Tap on the menu bar from the top left corner.

Twitter Menu

Step-3. Navigate to Settings & Privacy > Account.

Twitter Settings And Privacy

Step-4. Look for the ‘Username‘. Tap on it to delete the same.

Twitter Username

Step-5. Type the new username for your account and wait for a couple of seconds.

Change Twitter Username

Step-6. If you see the green tick (denoting the username is available), you may proceed. If you see the light-colored cross icon, try typing something new.

Step-7. Once you are sure with the username, tap on ‘Done‘ to proceed.

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Change Twitter Handle on iPhone.

Mentioned below is the step by step process to change your Twitter username on any iPhone:

Step-1. Refer to the first step as of Android phone and proceed.

Step-2. From the profile page, tap on ‘Settings & Privacy

Step-3. Look for ‘Account‘ in this menu and tap on it.

Step-4. Check out the ‘Username‘ option available on the top and tap on it.

Step-5. Enter your new username. Wait for a couple of seconds for the username to get a check for availability on the platform. If you don’t see the green tick verifying the availability of the entered username, try something else.

Step-6. Once you have confirmed a username, tap on ‘Done‘ to proceed.

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Change Twitter Handle on Desktop

Mentioned below is the step by step process to change your Twitter username on any Desktop PC with an internet browser:

Step-1. Launch an internet browser application and enter the URL as or search for it.

Step-2. Sign in with your username and password to proceed.

Step-3. Left-click on your profile picture from the top right corner of the homepage.

Step-4. Look for ‘Profile and Settings‘ and click on it. From here, navigate to ‘Account’ or ‘Account Settings‘.

Step-5. Look for ‘Username‘. It is the topmost option available in the Account Settings menu. Click on it.

Step-6. Erase the current username and enter a new one. Twitter will take a couple of seconds to check the availability of the entered username. If it is available, you will see a green tick. Otherwise, you will see a light grey colored cross icon denoting the username is not available for use. Hence, try again with a different username.

Step-7. Once you are done with the username selection, click on ‘Save Changes‘ and you will be good to go.

Now that you know about changing the Twitter username on almost any device, what next?

What if you lose followers?

How to avoid losing followers? Let’s look into it!

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How to avoid losing Twitter Followers?

Well, losing followers could be harsh upon your gained followers and engagement rate. However, there’s a simple and guaranteed trick that will make sure you don’t use many followers.

Create a new account with your crappy username! Simple, wasn’t it? Okay, let me tell you how it works.

Use your secondary email address or phone number to create a new account with @oldusername. Use your previous username (after you’ve already changed it) to create this new account.

In this, all the comments and mentions under your previous username will redirect the user to your @oldusername account.

Meanwhile, your @newusername account will be safe with all your tweets and followers. Anyone coming using your @oldusername will see a new profile.

In the bio of this profile, write ‘Switched to a fresh account. Find me @newusername’. It will make sure the users coming @oldusername click on the @newusername from the bio and come to your account.

Now tell me, simple, wasn’t it?

However, you still have a drawback here. Your old mentions with @oldusername will no longer be available on your account with @newusername. Make sure you keep a check on that.

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Final Verdict

Well, changing your username on any Social Media platform is not a big task. However, you may not want to lose followers, do you? That’s what happens when you change the username on Twitter. To avoid the same, you can follow the steps above.

What was your crappy username before? Do tell us about your most embarrassing Twitter usernames in the comment box below. Keep visiting Cartel Press blog.

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