Backwards 3 [Ɛ] How To Type It? (The Quick Way!) 2024

In Latin, reverse 3 or backwards 3 is termed an epsilon in the lower case. It also symbolizes the number 3 in reverse or ampersand. That’s what is known as the reverse no. 3 or reverse letter E. There is a section in Arabic script, read as ‘ain’ for non-Arabic speakers and pronounced as ‘eye-n.’

Backwards 3

How To Type Backwards 3 or Ɛ>?

Generally, people use “Ɛ>” this symbol to type “Ɛreverse 3. So to save your time in typing epsilon, you can copy-paste it directly from here.

What’s The Use Of Reverse 3?

Reverse 3 Heart Maker

Nowadays, this symbol often acts as an online intimacy. People tend to send these symbols as a token of their love and compassion to their loved ones as an emblem of the heart (as it creates an image like that in the head). The backward three are used in mathematical or research papers, making it difficult for them to type it out.

What is the reverse 3 symbol?

The ampersand in a simplified form termed as reverse 3 or epsilon in the lower case. It is an epsilon with a point above or below it or a vertical line above or below it.

The reverse three or Ɛ-Alt code

You can make this epsilon in your word document by following a simple step. Type ‘0190’ and then ‘Alt+X’. Then enter. Your 3 will automatically get reversed.

Does Ɛ look like an E?

Yes, It looks more or less like backward capital E. It is nothing; you can interpret it in many ways.

Other Ways To Type Backwards 3 (Ɛ)

You will get a range of character types in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Click on the ‘Upload‘ key, then tap on ‘symbol.’ Then a new window will open where you can find dozens of characters or symbols which you want to use, from where you can find the backwards 3 symbol very quickly.

Note that you have to use font Arial or Times New Roman to get so many choices.

Another Alternative

For Microsoft Word, you can use this option.

Click on the ‘Insert‘ tab given in the ribbon, then click on the symbol. A new window full of special characters will open from selecting various symbols sling with backwards 3.

Use a font of Times New Roman and Arial that will help you to get even more options.

The bottom line

Similarly, Greek letters like this have different English titles, preceded by a backslash. To type in the lower case type ‘/delta,’ for the upper case type ‘/Delta.’ So, from this example, it seems evident that you have to labor a bit to type out these greek alphabets.

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