All Pokémon Games in Order (Best Games Updated List) 2024

Are you looking for all Pokémon games in order? If yes, you’re on the right page. Here, we have listed all Pokémon games list (of course, in order). So, let’s dive right into the main topic of this post.

A kid from the ’90s had a lot many things to grow up with. There are very latest and amazing toys every other week: the outdoors, summer camps, television, and video games. We would spend hours on end having the best time of our lives on these things.

On TV, one of the people’s favorite Pokémon shows how Ash and his buddies caught pokémon and became the best trainers in the world, with tiny Pikachu on his shoulder all the time.

All Pokémon games in order (2020 Best updated list):

All Pokémon Games In Order
All Pokémon Games In Order

We had the best childhood with a fantasy world, perfectly vivid and bright for children. The last movie, Detective Pikachu, only worked to bring back those beautiful childhood memories.

Many of us know about Pokémon as a TV series, but in reality, Pokémon has an even bigger franchise of video games. Due to its parallel universe story where there are magical creatures who can possess powers based on the elements they’re grouped in, the games have endless possibilities and variations, which the company uses thoroughly.

Today, we will take a look at the best Pokémon games in order which are available now:

#1. Pokémon Snap (1999)

Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap is a follow up from a game in 1999 by the same name. This game is played by researching various kinds of Pokémon in their natural habitats, such as jungles, mountains, and beaches. You use your phone’s camera to make a Pokémon Photodex and observe and learn new Pokémon behavior on your phone.

Release: March 21, 1999 (JP), June 30, 1999 (NA), and September 15, 2000 (PAL)

Developed by: HAL Laboratory

Genre: Camera Action

Platform: Nintendo Switch

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#2. Pokémon Crystal (2000)

Pokémon Crystal

This game is one of the most vintage games, and if you’re a true Pokémon fan, this is a must-try game. This game will let you experience the first appearance of innovations that happen in the Pokémon universe, such as the first female. It is a game made for Pokémon devotees.

Release: December 14, 2000 (JP), July 29, 2001 (NA),  November 02, 2001 (EU), September 30, 2001 (AU)

Developed by: Game Freak

Genre: Role-playing

Platform: Game Boy Color

#3. Pokémon Battle Trozei (2014)

Pokémon Battle Trozei

Pokémon Battle Trozei is a game where you don’t begin by teaming up with a partner, on the contrary, you have to defeat your opponent Pokémon to capture them through a puzzle-solving game, every capture of yours is called a Trozei. You aim to make every Trozei in the game.

Release: March 12, 2014 (JP), March 13, 2014 (NA), March 20, 2014 (EU), March 14, 2014 (AU)

Developed by: Genius Sonority.

Genre: Puzzle Game

Platform: Nintendo 3DS.

#4. Pokémon Art Academy (2014)

Pokémon Art Academy

Again, this is not a popular game app, but still an exciting addition for a Pokémon enthusiast. This version of the art academy teaches the user to draw more than 40 different Pokémons in 2D, and it is a great way to pass the time and learn a new skill.

Release: June 19, 2014 (JP), July 04, 2014 (NA), July 05, 2014 (EU), October 24, 2014 (AU)

Developed by: Headstrong Games

Genre: Drawing Game

Platform: Nintendo 3DS.

#5. Pokémon Rumble World (2015)

Pokémon Rumble World

This adventure-based game is again a great game for Pokémon nerds. It lets you collect around 719 different Pokémons and even mega evolving Pokémons. The more Pokémons you befriend and master, the higher your rank goes, and the better score you are.

Release: April 08, 2015

Developed by: Ambrella

Genre: Action Role-Playing

Platform: Nintendo 3DS.

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#6. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (2015)

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

The Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is a game for absolute Pokémon Nerds who know all the Pokémons to exist, as this game encounters every Pokémon, even mystic ones. This exploration game leads to a journey with the Pokémon of your choice as your partner, and it will be a great experience.

Release: September 17, 2015 (JP), November 20, 2015 (NA), February 19, 2016 (EU), February 20, 2016 (AU)

Developed by: Spike Chunsoft

Genre: Roguelike

Platform: Nintendo 3DS.

#7. Pokémon Picross (2015)

Pokémon Picross

Pokémon picross is a lighthearted, easy game that is puzzle-based. One has to venture out with their Pokémon friends to solve problems and make them into portraits to level up. The game is very relaxing and fun.

Release: December 2, 2015 (JP), December 3, 2015 (NA), December 3, 2015 (EU), December 4, 2015 (AU)

Developed by: Jupiter

Genre: Puzzle Game

Platform: Nintendo 3DS.

#8. Detective Pikachu (2016)

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu, the game goes exactly like the story. Detective Pikachu is a tough-talking, healthy coffee-loving, and adorable little detective who pairs up with Tim to find Harry, Tim’s father, and his partner by solving clues.

Release: February 3, 2016 (JP), March 23, 2018 (NA),  March 23, 2018 (EU), March 24, 2018 (AU)

Developed by: Creatures, Inc.

Genre: Adventure

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

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#9. Pokken Tournament (2016)

Pokémon Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament is one such game where the characters look more dynamic than any other game. The realistic-looking animation makes the tournament matches look a lot better and worth experiencing. It is a strategy based game where one chooses the Pokémon they favor and strategize a game plan to win the tournaments they are a part of.

Release: March 18, 2016

Developed by: Bandai Namco Studios

Genre: Fighting

Platform: Arcade, Wii U, Nintendo Switch.

#10. Pokémon Go (2016)

Pokémon Go

This game is the most famous game by the Pokémon franchise. The virtual reality game brings Pokémon in the real-world through screens, and one can walk around and collect Pokémons through your camera. You expand your collection of Pokémons and use them when you deem necessary.

Release: July 06, 2016

Developed by: Niantic

Genre: Augmented reality and location-based game.

Platform: Android and iOS.

You can download Pokémon GO for Android using this link.

#11. Pokémon Duel (2017)

Pokémon Duel

This is a straightforward game where you have to build your own set of Pokémon figures and partake in the battle against your friends. You will be allowed to have six Pokémon per team, and they are all unique in their ways, so some strategy is required there.

Release: January 24, 2017

Developed by: Heroz

Genre: Digital board game.

Platform: Android and iOS.

#12. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon (2017)

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon

These games are extensions of the original Sun and Moon games. The game discovers four unexplored islands filled to the brim with native and regular Pokémon. With occasional run-ins with team skulls, the villains of the game. The exploration is fun and enjoyable.

Release: November 17, 2017

Developed by: Game Freak

Genre: Nintendo 3DS

Platform: Game Boy Color

#13. Pokémon Quest (2018)

Pokémon Quest

This is a rather fun game. Located in Tumblecube Island, the Pokémons are oddly cube-shaped, so is everything else, from landscape to rivers. The super adorable block versions are also great companions to explore the rest of the game with.

Release: May 30, 2018

Developed by: Game Freak

Genre: Role-playing

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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#14. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! And Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! (2018)

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! And Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!

These are the same games with two cute Pokémon alternatives. You begin the game by befriending either a Pikachu or an Eevee based on which game you choose. Then you go ahead and explore the game as your cute, but sturdy Pokémon rides on your shoulder or head.

Release: November 16, 2018

Developed by: Game Freak

Genre: Role-playing

Platform: Android and iOS

#15. Pokémon Masters (2019)

Pokémon Masters

This game is almost a life simulation of the Pokémon show that we have watched. You get the role of a trainer and meet other trainers in the process, these trainers become your friends, and you venture into being the best Pokémon trainer and Gym leader in the world.

Release: August 29, 2019

Developed by: DeNA

Genre: Role-playing

Platform: Android and iOS

#16. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield (2019)

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Pokémon sword and Pokémon shield take place in Galar, an expansive region in the Pokémon universe where Pokémons and humans have lived as equals and made a life out of it. The Pokémon battles are enormous; you aim to beat all your rivals and challenge the Gym leaders in Galar to be a part of and win this game.

Release: November 15, 2019

Developed by: Game Freak

Genre: RPG

Platform: Nintendo Switch

#17. Pokémon Home (2020)

Pokémon Home

Pokemon Home is not a game per se, but it is one of the most impressive and vital apps one can get if they are severe Pokémon gamers. Pokémon Home is where you can store all the Pokémon you have from different Pokémon games and not just that, you can trade and exchange your Pokémon with anyone else who has the same app, anywhere in the world.

Release: Feb 11, 2020

Offered by: The Pokemon Company

Genre: Other

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS.

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#18. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (2020)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

This game is a combination of the previous mystery dungeon games, the Red rescue team, and the Blue rescue team. This game lets you play as a Pokémon Avatar, and you will have a partner of your choice.

The mission you and your partner have is to save the rest of your Pokémon friends from the dungeon. The best part is they will do a quiz to check which Pokémon matches your personality best, making you that Pokémon.

Release: March 06, 2020

Offered by: The Pokemon Company

Genre: RPG

Platform: Nintendo Switch

#19. Pokémon Cafe Mix (2020)

Pokémon Cafe Mix

This puzzle-based game is made for lighter, stress-relieving purposes. The game is all about making you a Pokémon friend and then solving puzzles; as you solve a problem, you unlock more drinks and dishes for your cafe. The Pokémon that you employed is beneficial, too, and will help you solve the game.

Release: June 23, 2020

Developed by: Genius Sonority

Genre: Puzzle

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS.

#20. Pokémon Unite (2020)

Pokémon Unite

The game demands a team is going against another. Each unit consists of five members, the teammates are supposed to catch and evolve wild Pokémon, and the battles too are not one to one, instead of team vs. team and require quite some strategy making skills to win. You can read more information here as well.

Release: June 24, 2020

Developed by: TiMi Studios

Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena and real-time strategy.

Platform: Android‎, ‎iOS‎, and ‎Nintendo Switch.

The Bottom Line

So these were all Pokémon games in order. I hope you will like this complete in-order list of popular Pokémon video games.

Pokémon has been a significant part of most of our childhoods. We’ve all been comforted by the idea of having tiny, cute, but powerful animals as our friends, and now, these same adorably super-powerful creatures can be a part of our lives through these games.

We are almost helping all to go back to their childhood and space of comfort. We hope you find the same through this list.

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