11 Sites Like Mercari & Alternative Apps (2024 Updated List)

Are you looking for alternative sites like Mercari in 2024? Do you want to use apps like Mercari to buy or sell your products? If yes, you’re on the right page. I’ve listed some popular and well-known Mercari alternative apps and sites below. Scroll down and find the list.

What is Mercari?

Mercari is a market-based app that has so far done wonders in Japanese and American markets. In the year 2013, when Mr. Shintaro Yamada, a Japanese entrepreneur, decided to launch Kouzoh Incorporated, the name given to the franchise before Mercari, in February.

Mercari.com website image

The app was launched for iOS and Android platforms in July of the same year, and within a year of its launch, about more than a million people downloaded it. For a very long time, there were no competition or alternative sites like Mercari.

Mercari is a community-powered marketplace app rooted in Japan but has a good base in America and other international marketplaces. The application allows an individual to sell and purchase through this medium. The seller can be a proper businessman or an individual who wants to make a one time trade for easy money; this app works for all.

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Why Is Mercari So Famous?

In Japan, Mercari holds about 94% marketplace in such apps categories. The app has now developed newer features like Mercado NOW, which allows instant trade and instant cash; this makes the app even more appealing.

What made Mercari so famous amongst people is how easy it was to use, how easily it helped one make money, and how it provided opportunities for buying and selling to all.

11 Best Similar Sites Like Mercari (Alternative Apps) in 2024:

Alternative Sites Like Mercari
Alternative Sites Like Mercari.com

Today, we will take a quick look at all the apps that are now strong alternative websites to Mercari.com and are making their name noteworthy in the online marketing industry.

With similar features, nationalities, user-friendliness, we will check out some of our time’s best marketplace apps that stand as massive competitions to Mercari and may even surpass it to reach a new height.

#1. LetGo.com

Letgo.com - Best Alternative Site To Mercari

Let go is the app you need if you have a vast collection of unnecessary things taking up your space, but you are too hung up to let go of them.

Although these things have memories attached to them, they don’t serve your household’s practical purpose and is better off with someone who needs it.

Letgo allows you to sell these things second-hand, making sure you find a buyer who will respect your object and treat it right. Letgo simultaneously helps you to make some quick money, and it is the best alternative site like Mercari in my perspective.

#2. Poshmark.com

Poshmark.com - Website like Mercari.com

Poshmark is the app for all your fashion problems. So many of us have that one dress that we’ve loved so dearly but don’t fit in anymore or that one bag you just can’t seem to use anymore.

These are the exact instances where Poshmark becomes the beacon of hope. You can now make a quick buck from the things that you’ve only spent money upon.

The sellers get amazing deals for the best dresses and accessories. The items sold in the app include clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and ends in makeup equipment of different kinds.

This is a one-stop app that can quickly turn your wardrobe around without a nasty pocket pinch.

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#3. OfferUp.com

Offerup.com website image

OfferUp is an app that allows you to sell the things you wish to trade in and around your neighborhood and community. It makes sure you do not have to go too far to make a sale and allows you to also sell your stuff to people you potentially know and have an idea about.

This (alternative app like Mercari) is like a digital version of a garage sale. Not just that, if you are a buyer, you will have a lot of discounts, and in addition to that, you will get the new things you already may know and trust. If you’re looking for some best alternative sites like Mercari, you must check this website.

#4. SG.Carousell.com

Carousell - Site Like Mercari.com

Carousel is a website or app that allows one to sell their items second hand to interested buyers. The articles can be old comic books to bicycles to toys to go knows what else.

The app gives the buyers limitless access to all the materials upon sale, and they can choose the item that suits them the best and proceed to check out. It is an excellent app for buyers and sellers alike.

#5. Shpock.com

Shpock - Alternative to Mercari Website

Shpock is a noteworthy digital marketplace because it sells objects and articles, but it also simultaneously sells services, such as nannies, tutors, nurses, deliveries, etc. I consider it a strong alternative to the Mercari.com website.

The app also equips the buyers with no contact transaction, which means they can buy stuff without having any contact while buying or delivering. The app is central to the United Kingdom, but it is still an app worthy of being.

#6. Vinted.com

Vinted.com Alternative website to Mercari

Vinted is one of the most significant buying and selling platforms on the internet that deals with fashion. The second-hand clothing and accessories website now has 25 million members and is thriving happily with the transactions and making an international market base.

This site sells dresses, shoes, to bags, to jewelry, to any other accessories you can think of, and that is too affordable and discounted. You may also like to check out these sites like Soap2day.

#7. OpenBazaar.org

OpenBazaar.org website image

Open Bazaar is a revolutionary application in the online marketing space. This site does not only let people buy and sell, but also earn through Cryptocurrency.

The app provides unrestricted and limitless access to get things, and the sources are indigenous and local markets that are unknown to masses.

Small businesses from Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, and other Asian nations thrive on this market, and great deals such as jewels and rare gems are found here as well.

#8. Etsy.com

Etsy - App Like Mercari.com

Etsy is an online marketplace & good alternative website like Mercari.com that takes immense pride in being helpful and supportive to small and local businesses; one can find mostly decorative and aesthetic items such as lanterns, candles, crafts, toys, clothing, jewelry, and many things as such.

The site doesn’t usually feature large scale famous brands, but you are sure to get excellent and inexpensive products.

#9. Craigslist.org

Craigslist - Website Like Mercari

Craigslist is one of the internet giants of online marketplaces, and anyone who has been on the internet has at least once come around Craigslist. For me, it is one of the best alternative sites like Mercari in this list of 2024.

The site is essentially an online version of classified advertisements in newspapers. The posters can vary from services to things up for sale, which consequently makes it easy to find anything on Craigslist. You may also like to check how to get Grammarly Premium for free.

#10. Particl Marketplace

Particl Marketplace

It is a digital marketplace owned and administered by network users. The app allows a person to person e-commerce, which eliminates the need for a middleman, and the transaction happens directly.

This online marketplace’s idea is to turn the economies around and make the global economy accessible to all at minimum cost. It has a learning curve, but its worth it ultimately. I will recommend you use this website if you’re looking for some best sites like Mercari.

#11. TheRealReal.com


Therealreal.com is an excellent app and one of the best alternative sites like Mercari. If you have a taste for branded things, you should visit Therealreal.com. This online marketplace is dedicated to bringing branded stuff at a very reasonable rate to you.

The only catch being that these branded articles are second-hand. But rest assured, the quality of the products will be top-notch, and the brands are genuine. The only reason why there’s a decrease in price is that the purchase is second hand.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketplaces have become literal saviors of this generation and hour. Given that it doesn’t require one to make a purchase, it is a lot safer for people to get items they need or want without the fear of getting sick.

The online marketplaces also save people from a lot of hassle with regards to payments. Furthermore, online marketplaces’ flexibility when it comes to debt is another reason to commend its convenience.

We hope this list of sites like Mercari was helpful to you, whether you are a buyer, a seller, both, or neither.

We’re sure these legitimate and safe Mercari alternative apps will help you find a diverse range. On that note, happy trading.

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