Is Avast Safe To Use? Detailed Avast Review 2024 (Must Read)

Is it safe to use Avast antivirus? Do you want views of an antivirus expert about Is Avast safe or not? Do you think Avast is dangerous? Here in this article, I will share the answers of an antivirus expert who shared his views about Avast antivirus.

Is Avast Safe Or Not
Is Avast Safe?

One of the most talked-about and trending antiviruses online is the Avast Antivirus. Recently launched, it has stirred up the competition, claiming to be the best antivirus there is. The conversation has been mostly positive, but apprehension can still be seen among consumers regarding this new, state-of-the-art software.

To clear all your questions, like is Avast safe or not, here is a detailed review by an antivirus expert, diving into the details of this software and ridding you of your worry.

What is Avast?

Avast is an Antivirus, which is completely safe, installed into your personal computer to protect your device from malware, online threats, and breaches. It is available for Android systems, IOS systems, Windows PC, and Mac systems as well. It comes with impressive features and is pretty easy to install.


It comes with three versions, Free Version, A premium variant, and an Ultimate option. Avast uses a multi-layer security system and can be downloaded easily from online resources. Avast has a 435 million-plus user base and is quite popular among security seekers.

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Avast AntiVirus Features

Here is the insight into the various features of Avast:

The Smart Antivirus

It detects any spyware, malware, virus, phishing software and sends it to be analyzed. It uses smart analytics to determine the risk and exposure to any threat.

Cyber Capture Technology

It detects the threats online and on the device immediately and blocks all kinds of threats. Then, it sends the threats further to its cloud for analysis. Prevention is always better than a cure.

WiFi Inspection

It provides round-the-clock check-ups for your WiFi to detect any vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. Furthermore, it notifies you immediately when it detects any such discrepancies. It also notifies you periodically of who is using your WiFi and what device to detect if any strangers are freeloading on your WiFi.

Smart Scanning

The periodic device scans tell you of all the risk factors your device has and its exposure to threats. It also protects all your passwords from any privacy breach.

Multi-Layer Security

This is an impressive security shield made up of many components to give you the best protection. The various components of this shield are:

  • Fake Site Protection Shield to protect you against phishing and fraudulent websites.
  • Download Protection to protect against malware and faulty software.
  • File Shield scans your internal documents and ell the emails.
  • Behaviour Shield keeps a check on applications to protect against risky updates and malicious software.
  • Cyber Capture to predict real-time risks and online threats.
  • Ransomware Shield, to protect against hacking and ransomware theft software.

Avast Antivirus Plans:

1. Avast Free Version

Avast Free Antivirus

The free version has all the must need features that an everyday user requires. In addition, it gives a baseline and basic protection that you will need for your Personal computer.


  • Removes Malware and Viruses upon detection.
  • Gives around-the-clock protection.
  • Regular scanning of your WiFi for any security-related weaknesses.

2. Avast Premium Version

Avast Premium Security

With the limitations in the free version, you might want to switch to the premium version, and rightly so, it has a lot many added features. This version has an advanced level of protection.


  • It protects against ransomware.
  • It keeps a regular check on your WiFi network security.
  • It makes sure you avoid any fake and risky websites.
  • It also protects you from phishing websites and emails.
  • It comes with a powerful firewall that protects against privacy breaches and hacks. Secures all your passwords.
  • Protects against all sorts of spyware.

The pricing for the Avast Premium version is:

  • For 10 devices, it will cost you $34.41.
  • For One PC, Mac, Windows Laptop, it costs $26.47.

3. Avast Ultimate Version

Avast Ultimate

The Ultimate Version of Avast is for all the people wanting to safeguard their devices with the most advanced security. The ultimate version has added benefits and also entails a more robust version of some premium features.


  • You will get a Passwords Premium plan to secure the credentials of all of your accounts.
  • It also gives the option of a SecureLine VPN for more secure and safe online browsing and an added layer of privacy.
  • It comes with the added feature of Cleanup Premium, which boosts the functioning of your device and tunes up the performance for smoother functioning.
  • A more advanced and powerful firewall to protect against theft software and hacking attempts.
  • Rectifies all the security-related vulnerabilities of your WiFi.
  • Protects against zero-second threats.

The pricing for the Avast Ultimate version is:

  • For 10 devices, it will cost you $43.68.
  • For One PC, Mac, and Windows Laptop, it costs $52.95.

For more information, you can visit the Avast Store page.

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How Does The Avast Antivirus Work To Make Your Device Safe?

Avast antivirus software is probably one of the easiest to install and use antivirus programs, offering maximum security to your computers and other devices. However, even when some software provides a magnificently user-friendly interface, there always remains a doubt in the mind of users. They always think they’re missing out on something. Well, let’s see what Avast can and cannot do?

Is Avast Safe to Use for Malware Protection?

With its one-of-a-kind multi-layer security system, Avast is completely safe and reliable when it comes to malware protection on your computer. Avast comes equipped with protection against threats in real-time. It does regular scans of your device and detects spyware, malware, threats, or breaches.

Avast Ransomware Protection

The working and efficiency of its threat protection features are commendable. The only catch about this feature is that the free version does not give the level best protection against threats. Therefore, for people regularly exposed to risky content or business owners, it is recommended to use the premium or the ultimate version as it provides an amazing firewall. Moreover, the antivirus updates itself continuously with any new threats it should be on the lookout for.

The final comments about Malware Protection are pretty basic in the free version, but for all-around threat protection, Avast premium is recommended.

Is Avast Safe for Web Browser Security?

The paid subscriptions of Avast provide you with features like cyber capture, etc. which makes Avast very safe for Web Browsing. Moreover, it predicts any threat and sends them for analysis to the cloud.

Although Avast free version does come with online security only in the Avast security browser, you cannot avail of security protection in other browsers like chrome and Firefox. For that, you need to subscribe to the paid versions of the Avast Antivirus.

Avast Antivirus

The Avast Security browser has excellent privacy and security settings, which give you the best protection. Still, you will have to switch from your regular browser to the Avast browser to avail of its online security benefits. If you have the subscription, remember to enable access to your browser so that the Anti-virus protects your default web browser.

The final comments on web browser security will be, the Avast security browser is a good alternative for people using the free version for the antivirus, but people who want to use it with their default browsers should opt for the paid subscriptions.

In short, For browser security, Avast is considered safe only when you have a working paid subscription. In the free version, you will not get any browser security features.

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Is Avast Safe For PC Optimization?

The free version of the Avast antivirus can’t be relied on for any PC optimization. Although it does provide regular scans for optimization, it is where the problem lies. The regular optimization scans give redundant and unnecessary cleaning up, which, rather than optimizing the device’s functioning, slows it down further.

Avast Smart Scan

The story is very different from the free subscription compared to the premium version. First, it has the premium clean-up version, which does provide the device with better optimization. The clean-up premium comes with features like a duplicate finder and regular cleaning alerts. It also comes with tools like a driver updater and battery saver, which provide one of the best device optimizations.

So, the answer to this question is: Avast is a safe option to optimize your PC when you have a paid subscription to the software.

Is Avast Safe for Privacy Protection?

Though Avast may have a tainted history of collecting users’ browser information, it is not that kind of operation anymore. Avast is now safe for privacy protection too. With over four million users, there have been no reports about Avast collecting data of its users.

The antivirus software’s privacy protection services come with multiple features to protect your privacy. The premium version protects all your passwords and credentials. It also safeguards your device against spyware and malware. The Ultimate version will also come bearing the feature of a secure VPN, which is a great way to browse the Internet securely.

Avast Privacy Protection

Final Comments on the antivirus’s privacy protection: The free version does not do justice to your privacy. Still, the paid subscriptions of Avast have many great features to protect your privacy, and we can consider it a safe antivirus to protect your privacy.

Is Avast Safe for Online Protection?

Avast is 100% safe and reliable antivirus for online malware protection because it realizes that whenever you are browsing the internet without protection, you become vulnerable to many online attacks in the form of malicious emails, risky popups, unknown installation of theft software, piggybacking of spyware, and several other scary threats.

Avast Firewall

The free version of the antivirus does not provide you with protection against any of these as it does not contain a firewall. However, when you subscribe to a paid version of Avast, it comes with a stunning multi-layer firewall. This firewall is all you need to protect yourself from online attacks, breach attempts, and risky websites. The multi-layer firewall gives you notifications about alerts, regularly scans your websites, calculates your risk exposure, and protects you against real-time online threats.

The final answer on the Is avast safe for online protection: The free version does not do much to protect you from online attacks and threats, but the paid subscriptions come with a plethora of features to give you one of the best online protection services. So, if you want to use a secure antivirus, then Avast Premium or Ultimate version is the best fit for you.

Does Avast Antivirus Offer A Good User Interface?

One of the most attractive features of the Avast antivirus is the user interface. It is unlike anything there in the market. It is effortless to use. It has a smooth feel when using it, and it is straightforward for the consumer to understand and walk through the entire software.

Avast User Interface

The software gives you an elaborate description of all its analytics and finding. The software, in and of itself, does not lag or run slow. The notifications are timely, and the graphics of the interface are really explanatory and well organized.

The final comments on the user interface are a great user interface, which has consumer appeal and is efficient in working.

Is Avast Safe or Not?

Avast is undoubtedly safe and trustworthy antivirus software. However, the protection level it provides varies depending on the version you use. The free version offers basic protection and does not do much for an avid user. The premium version is the most recommended because it has a plethora of added benefits and does wonders for the security and working of your device. Finally, the ultimate version has the most premium benefits for people looking for an all rounding smooth experience.

The online debate about whether Avast is safe or not, it should be used or not, can be quite confusing for anyone. Therefore, we considered specific factors, and we can surely say that Avast is safe, in our opinion.

One thing that should be noted is, in a scenario where the core files of the antivirus have been corrupted, the software begins to malfunction. It downloads its secure browser and makes it your default browser. The malfunctioning also results in the software updating on its own without your permission.

In the scenario of malfunctioning, the software will also be hard to uninstall, and you will need special tools to remove it from your device. However, this is an infrequent case and is unlikely to happen.

Is Avast Safe? – Avast Review

After reading the reviews, knowing the features, and rating this software, it is easy for me to say that Avast is a good and safe software to use. If you’re looking for basic protection and don’t have essential data on your device, then the free version is recommended. If you are an avid and heavy user and possess sensitive information on your device, the premium version is recommended. Finally, for people looking for optimization and the best online security and willing to invest, the ultimate version is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Avast antivirus?

The Avast antivirus has three versions. First, there is a free version that you can use without much hassle and at any cost. But if you want the real stuff, you should turn to the premium or the ultimate version of Avast for a single device cost of about $26 and $52, respectively.

Is Avast good antivirus software?

Avast is one of the top antivirus software with varying benefits depending on the version you are using. With the trust of millions of users worldwide and the numerous awards it has earned over the years, it guarantees a more-than-satisfactory service. If you think that is avast safe or dangerous, then I would like to tell you that Avast is fully safe to use.

Does it require a plugin for installation?

No, the software does not require any plugins for installation. You can download it from the Avast website and install it directly on your computer. The installation pack of the software will install everything necessary on your device. Even with such a simple installation process, Avast gives you a full-fledged customer helpline to help you with the process if you need any help.

Is Avast a virus?

No, Avast is not a virus. Avast is completely safe antivirus software that is aimed to protect and safeguard your computer from malware and malicious software. You can download and install it without any reservations on your mind, although you might need to take care of your download source. You should always download your software packets from the official websites.

So, this was all about “Is Avast Safe” or not. Let me know if you have any other doubts in your mind.

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  1. I have a small business and have been using Avast forever! They always do a great job of taking care of sensitive data, protection, cleaning up my pc and spending literally hours remotely cleaning up messes I make!! It does however seem to cost me an awful lot. $159/yr for one pc which includes tech support, $19.99/yr for vpn, $59.99/yr for cleanup and so on. I am looking at these prices right not although they do an awesome job of protecting sensitive data regarding my business.

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