10 Best NFL Streaming Sites in 2024: Free & Legal Websites

Do you love watching live football matches? Are you searching for the best NFL streaming sites that are free to use? In this article, I’ve made a list of the best, free, and legal football streaming sites to watch live National football league. Check out the below section for the top 10 best live NFL streaming websites.

NFL Streaming Sites
NFL streaming sites

What is the NFL (National Football League)?

NFL stands for National Football League. For years, Americans have taken pride in the NFL, founded on 20th August 1920. The NFL is the only football league that has made such a prominent presence. This year marked the NFL’s 100th anniversary too, and the entire nation comes together to celebrate the spirit of the NFL. The spirit is so high that one even watches NFL live streams, if not catch it in person.

NFL (National Football League)

For years, the NFL has entertained Americans and non-Americans alike and has united the nation. In the beginning, radio and television broadcasts would do it for people who could not watch. Then gradually came public broadcasts at pubs or cafes. Now, as technology advances, there are also options to stream these matches over the internet. Not all of these online streaming platforms are ethical.

Here are 10 Legal and Free NFL Streaming Sites in 2020:

NFL Streaming Websites
NFL streaming sites

It is essential to make sure you are watching the NFL (National Football League) from an ethical and legal site. A legal site ensures you are not contributing to piracy and paying illegal businesses. You will also be helping the right people who need and deserve that help. Lastly, you will not be accused of unlawful activities later. Today, let us, therefore, look up the different legal and free NFL live streaming sites.

#1. Foxsports.com/nfl

Fox Sports is one of the largest free broadcasting sports channels. This channel broadcasts many kinds of sports events. Our attention is towards the fact that it broadcasts NFL matches here as well. The games are also broadcasted in HD mode with absolute clarity. One can again watch the matches on TV.

FoxSports.com NFL Live Streaming Website

To get your Fox Sports subscription, you have to link your TV provider to the official website. You will be good to go once that is done. Not only will you watch the NFL matches, but you will also have access to NFL news and short NFL games. All these amazing things without having to spend a penny is a cool thing.

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#2. NFLwebcast.com

This webcasting platform is dedicated entirely to NFL matches, live commentary, news, and short games. The platform is entirely free, and it remains open for however long one uses it. There is no free trial period that will later be taken away. There is no subscription procedure one has to go through. One does not even have to give their card details, nothing.

NFLWebcast Live Streaming Site

Even a first-time registration fee is not asked upon first registering to the website. The site connects you through to CBS and Fox Sports, which are famous for broadcasting NFL matches. All a person needs to stream NFL matches here are a good internet connection and a high-resolution screen. NFL season, too, wouldn’t cause a crash in the site.

#3. ESPN.com/nfl

ESPN is a channel that has been around for decades now. It is a channel that has been well-known for being a hub of multiple kinds of sports. The channel has also catered to the needs, wants, and demands of the fans for years. There is no doubt about the fact that NFL fans are also given a lot of priority. The NFL is a massive affair at ESPN, and they take it seriously.

ESPN NFL Streaming Website Page

ESPN thus has enabled the fans to watch their favorite NFL matches through their website. This notably does not require any money and is entirely legal. So when you are in the mood for NFL matches, this is one of your escapes. If your mind shifts, there are other options too. Your options may be diverse, but your channel is one.

#4. NFLGamepass.com

The NFL Gamepass is one of the official sites by NFL. Most of you may know that this site indeed charges an amount, so why is it on the list? This allows an entire year as a trial period for the fans. It is an extended amount of time to consume the content this platform has to offer. It is considering that the content on this platform is endless.

NFLGamePass Live Football Streaming Website Page

This platform is the league’s official site, making the place the most trustworthy when it comes to updates. One can access all the videos of past matches and news and short games on the platform. Most importantly, one can rewatch their favorite matches through this platform. The site is not completely free, but it is worth checking out, especially if you are a true NFL fan.

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#5. Locast.org

During the NFL season, usually, there is so much traffic online that sites crash. Websites like Locast.org come in handy at such points of time. This is a mediating streaming platform that connects the viewer with the channels that broadcast NFL matches. Fox Sports, NBC, and CBS being a few of the channels that it relates to. The platform is free as of yet, and in all probabilities, it will remain so.

Locast.org Football Live Streaming Website

The only potential problem is that this platform is not widespread yet. The site is only active and available in 13 American states. Thus not everyone can use it. Those who can use it are up for a smooth watching experience that breaks the usual traffic issues. The site usually does not crash because of its limited users and gives the viewers a better experience. A viewer is merely not going to miss a second of the match between their favorite teams.

#6. NFL Mobile Apps

The app we will talk of next is entirely for mobile usage. Many people have to catch their matches on the go and cannot sit and watch at leisure. One can blame an active lifestyle or a demanding job for that, but that shouldn’t deprive them of their favorite matches. This mobile app is created, keeping in mind such people and anyone else who wishes to use it. The app strictly works for small screens like phones and tablets, not smart TV or laptops.

NFL Live Streaming Mobile Apps

The app lets the viewers live stream NFL games on and offseason. The archives also have past matches that can be accessed and viewed. The app also allows live streaming of matches that are being broadcasted on the TV. The local games and the national matches, too, get broadcasted. This app is the one for you if your fan hood is restricted due to your lifestyle!

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#7. NBCSports.com/nfl

NBC Sports is another famous channel that is viewed by millions of people globally. As it is, the channel broadcasts various sports events, but the NFL has a different fan-base. NBC has to do justice to that and dedicate an amount of time purely to NFL. The channel broadcasts the essential matches that the entire nation would want to see. The channel generally does not usually go for the local games.

NBC Sports Football Live Streaming Website

The only probable drawback of this platform is that you cannot access matches as per your wish. This is just a streaming platform, and if they decide they want to broadcast a game, you get to watch it. The video quality is superior and crystal clear on the channel. If you have a useful internet, all you have to do is register on the website. You will be set for a free yet premium NFL experience.

#8. Verizon Wireless

Mobile phones are quite easily our saviors and practically our world at this point. We access our mobile phones to check our health for our shopping needs. Mobiles have become a device usable for everything, along with communication. Verizon Wireless further equips the phone to stream NFL matches, making it all the more powerful. The only addition is one also needs to have the NFL Mobile app for this.

Verizon Live Streaming

The platform allows a viewer to watch every televised match. Be it the Sunday night football, Monday night football, Thursday night football, the play-offs, the Superbowl, and everything in between. The matches can be live-streamed or repeated. The viewer has a lot of control over what they want to watch and how they want to watch it. This is an app built for phones, but it gives one an upper-hand of mobility.

#9. Amazon Prime NFL

We all use Amazon Prime video for our daily entertainment needs. Movies, to series, to web series, to documentaries, and now sports. Amazon Prime is also a site that streams NFL matches. One will find in its archive the famous matches of the NFL. The viewer can also choose the quality of the video they want to watch.

Amazon Prime NFL

The Prime Video is, of course, not free, but it is an app most people already have subscriptions to. One also does not specifically subscription to this app just for NFL matches. This loophole permitted us to put this fantastic NFL streaming site on our list.

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#10. Yahoo Sports App

Not many people had the idea that one of the leading search engines also had a sports application. Yahoo Sports app is one of the most versatile and cool sports apps in the game right now. This app is, in fact, replacing the official NFL app and Verizon wireless when it comes to it. The app allows the fan to watch their favorite games, both prime-time and local category. Old matches or new ones that need to be live-streamed, the Yahoo Sports app has it all.

Yahoo! Sports App For Streaming NFL Matches

The application is available both in android and iOS formats. You can also log in to your NFL Game pass account and stream from there through this app. The app joins forces to give it’s viewers the best that can be offered to them. One can stream every possible game, from Monday night football to Superbowl. This app is a keeper when it comes to streaming on the phone.

The Bottom Line

So, these were the top 10 most popular free NFL streaming websites and apps. I hope you will like this list of legal websites. If you have any doubt, you can ask me by using the comment section. I or someone from the Cartel Press team will respond to you as soon as possible. Keep visiting CartelPress.com.

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