Download Facetime for PC: How to Use Facetime on Windows? (2024)

Download Facetime For PC – How to Use Facetime on Windows PC in (2024)? What is the process to install? Find every single detail here.

Since 2020 people have preferred working from home and opting for virtual video meetings over office visits. Facetime, google meet, and Microsoft Teams seem to be great partners throughout the time. In 2022, most companies interact with their clients, employees, and other persons using a video call.

Download Facetime for PC

Facetime became famous, and it was already the best solution for iOS and Mac holders. But do we know that; it is possible to download Facetime for PC?

Let me cover it up from the last paragraph. Yes, it is possible to download and install Facetime on a PC. We understand the concern, and we know Facetime is an apple software, and it is not available on any other platforms.

Facetime for PC

Facetime for PC is a great application that features iOS/Mac and helps people connect through a live video call. You can connect with people on a video call and enjoy varieties of stickers, emojis, and many things. During the covid 19 pandemic, video, and virtual meetings took a new spot in the working industry.

Since we already know there is no official version of Facetime released yet for PC. You can use it on the MacBook but not on the Windows platform. Although, other instant messaging applications likeGBWhatsappare available to make video meetings easy.

But, Facetime has something that people look for in its PC version. There is no need to worry. You’re here to find the solution to install Facetime on Windows PC. You’ll get the answer. You can install Facetime on Windows PC using the iOS emulator. You can even check on our list to find thebest IOS emulator for Windows PC.

Features of Facetime

  • Facetime supports both audio and video calls. You can connect with anyone.
  • Facetime delivers high-quality audio and video calls. We believe the Apple’s stability towards its products and services.
  • Facetime also supports picture-to-picture calls. Thus, it is possible to view how you look in front of the camera.
  • You can prefer priorities and choose who can reach you. Meanwhile, a simple block feature will help you save time from unwanted calls.

Download Facetime For PC For Windows 7 8 9 10 and 11

As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to download Facetime for Windows PC. You will need an IOS emulator to complete such a task. There is no particular iOS package file available to provide to our readers.

We can only add the installation process and link to download iPadian to run Facetime for Windows PC.

You can download theiPadian iOS emulatorfrom here.

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How to Install Facetime on Windows PC?

There is a simple process to install and use Facetime on a PC. You have to download and install iPadian to proceed further. You can find the download link to the iOS emulator above.

Let me add proper instructions to get it done.

Step – 1 (Download Emulator)

The first thing is to download the iOS emulator. You will find the download link to the iPadian emulator above in this article. You have to click on the link to download the setup file. The file is around 40 MB. You can download it directly using Google Chrome.

Step – 2 (Run the Installer)

The second step is to run the installer. You must have already downloaded the iOS emulator mentioned in step one. Just run the installer and follow the on-screen process to install iPadian on the computer.


You have to select the installation storage and proceed with the installation. It will hardly take around 5 minutes to complete the installation.

Step – 3 (Launch Application)

Your installation process might have been completed, and you will find the iPadian shortcut on the desktop. You have to double-click on the shortcut to launch iPadian on your computer.

Step – 4 (Login to Apple Account)

Likewise, you have to log in to your apple account for the android emulators. You have to open the app store and sign in using your Apple oriCloudaccount to proceed further.

You can open the app store and complete the sign-in process to move further.

Step – 5 (Download Facetime)

We are all set. You have completed the login process. Just open the App Store. You have to search for Facetime using the search bar. Just tap on the install button and wait until it gets installed on your emulator.

After the installation, you can use Facetime like the iPhone devices on your computer. There is no difference, and iPadian is faster than most android and iOS emulators available over the internet.

How to Use Facetime on Windows in 2024?

We have already mentioned that Facetime is not available for PC earlier in this article. You have to either install an emulator or use a MacBook to use it on a PC. But, the recent apple update of iOS 15 and above states the availability of Facetime calls on other platforms.

It means people from other platforms can join Facetime calls using their browser. Again, there is no official announcement or application for the same. But, people can connect with a browser-based Facetime call from other platforms.

Let me explain the process on Windows.

  • You need to ensure the best web browser has been installed on your Windows PC. You can prefer installing Google Chrome.
  • Your friends or family members have to open Facetime on their iOS devices.
  • You will find the new option to create a link. This option has been recently rolled out, and it makes it possible for other platforms to join Facetime calls.

Facetime create a link

  • Tap on create a link option and share the link with anyone you want to connect with.

Facetime share link

  • On a MacBook, if you are running MacOSx 12 or above. You will find the create a link button in the Facetime app.

Facetime create a link

  • You can tap on create a link and copy the joining link.

Facetime share link

  • Later, please share it with anyone and ask them to open the link on their chrome web browser.
  • They can connect with you at Facetime call using the same link.

Join Facetime on PC

  • That’s how it works.

Alternatives to Facetime For PC

There are some alternatives available to Facetime for PC. You can use them instead on your Windows computer. The other options can save a lot of your time while installing Facetime for PC.

#1. Skype

Skype is one such popular application often used for businesses. But, people can use this application to connect through audio and video calls. There are multiple options to share screens, enable recording, and much more through a call.

In short, Skype is the all-in-one solution to every business need in the world of virtual meetings. This application is free to install and use and is available widely on all platforms—honestly, an excellent comparison to Facetime.

#2. Google Meet

Google Meet is a web-based and application-based technology competing with meetings applications like Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Facetime. You can use google meet to connect with your employees and use most of its features like sharing screens, recording a video, and making audio-video calls at an instance.

You will findGoogle Meeta sweet and straightforward platform available to every other operating system. There is no need to install any software; you can use it from your web browser. In short, an excellent alternative to Facetime.

#3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook? Who is not aware of this giant social media platform. Every other person has an account on Facebook, and it has been widely used to connect with people worldwide. Facebook even provides its mobile application named Facebook Messenger, which helps people with audio-video calls.

It is a free application, and one can connect easily with this. Again, an alternative to Facetime.

#4. Viber

A free and secure messaging and calling application comparable to Whatsapp, Viber directly syncs contacts from the computer and phone to make it readily available on the dashboard. You can connect with people using an audio-video call.

It has a simple user interface, and most importantly, Viber is user-friendly. The end-to-end encryption will help secure the texts and calls. It can be an alternative to Facetime.

#5. Google Hangout

How can we forget this application? Google Hangout is a popular texting platform and is often used for making audio and video calls. People using a google account can connect using Hangout.

You can also add up to 150 people in a group chat and make a group call to discuss. Google Hangout can become an excellent alternative to Facetime.

The bottom line

Everyone is aware of the best quality features of Facetime. It offers both audio and video calling to its users. Although, the availability of this application across platforms makes it an issue as Apple primarily built it for its devices.

HD video calling is gaining popularity over the internet; people are looking for its PC version todownload Facetime for PC. In search of this, you have landed up over here. As promised, we have provided a quick guide that can help you install Facetime for PC. We hope it helps.

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