11 Best Coronavirus Trackers (Covid-19 Websites/Apps) 2024

If you are also curious or concerned like me and looking for the best coronavirus trackers where you can get all the information about the COVID-19 spread, and recovery reports, then you are on the right page.

There are several online trackers and maps available on the internet that can help you keep track of this pandemic that seems to be changing every minute. Here, in this article, I am going to enlist 11 best coronavirus trackers that you can use to keep track of the spread of this novel coronavirus.

As the COVID-19 has made its way to all across the globe, I somehow settled a routine of checking the coronavirus daily updates on cases and recovery reports.

I know it seems like I have become a little obsessed with it, but I like to see a clear picture of what’s going around the world—how this novel coronavirus is impacting the world and how the world is making progress and dealing with it.

What is COVID-19?


COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, is a contagious virus first encountered in Wuhan city in November 2019. It has affected over 6,049,486 people worldwide and caused the death of more than 367,230 people as of now.

This COVID-19 can cause a variety of symptoms and illnesses, ranging from pneumonia-like symptoms to severe diseases like MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. The WHO named this novel coronavirus as COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and said that it is a new strain of the virus that had not been earlier identified in humans before Dec 2019.

The people who got infected with this virus are reported suffering coughs, breathing difficulties, dizziness, and several other symptoms, including fever. Things got worse when a report said that more than 40% of people who found COVID-19 positive did not show any kind of symptoms.

That means we don’t know who is infected with this virus roaming around us. Although a lot of medical research companies and countries are working hard to develop vaccines to deal with this virus, none of them have actually succeeded in it. As of now, the only way to deal with this virus and stop its spread is to maintain social distancing.

That was all about the COVID-19, and it’s time to start our list of best coronavirus trackers.

Here is the list of best Coronavirus trackers of 2024:

best coronavirus trackers
Best Coronavirus Trackers

1. Google

Google has created a dashboard inside its Google News section that allows anyone to keep track of the spread of novel coronavirus. It also includes details like confirmed cases, the number of recovered cases, and the number of deaths caused by this virus.

Google Coronavirus Tracker

Along with that, in the sidebar, you can find the latest news about this pandemic, and how the world is dealing with it. Google is using ‘Wikipedia‘ and the ‘European Center for Disease Prevention and Control‘ as sources to get the data of this coronavirus.

When you scroll the page a little, you can find some graphs reporting how the spread of this virus is increasing over time. Along with that, you get a map on the top of the page that shows which country has affected the most and the least with this virus. You can either use the search bar or the list of countries to get the classified details of the countries and their data. You may also like to check these best manga sites.

2. Bing

Bing, another popular search engine, has developed a COVID-19 tracker that gives all the information about the spread of this virus. This COVID-19 tracker has an impressive organized, easy to use user interface that includes pieces of information like total confirmed positive cases, number of active cases, recovered cases, and number of fatal cases.

Bing Coronavirus Tracker

It allows you to choose what kind of data you’re looking for. You can diversify the data according to the country, region, or worldwide. Along with that, it surfaces the news journals related to this pandemic.

Another thing that impressed me about Bing COVID-19 is its layout. It offers a map view graph to overview that can be used to get the overall condition of the globe, country, state, or even city to find out how they are doing.

It also features a comparison graph that you can compare to two countries, states, or cities to see which one has more cases and other stuff. Overall, it’s a feature-rich coronavirus tracker that you can use to keep an eye on how the world is dealing with it.

3. Coronavirus.app

It is a great, feature-rich coronavirus tracker developed by three friends, Kevin Basset, Maxime Michael, and Gyubin Byoun, who lives in Taiwan. They developed this tool in January when this virus was on the rise. The UI has an impressive but pinkish layout.

Coronavirus Tracker

Once you reach its homepage, it will show you all the details like the total number of cases across the world, recovered ones, and overall deaths. The best thing is that you can filter out the details according to cities, states, or countries.

This coronavirus tracker allows you to compare different cities, states, and countries under a feature named Coronalytics. It lets you look at how the virus has impacted those regions relative to the time. You can also get the details of the exact number of cases by hovering over an area.

When you choose a specific area, it shows you dozens of important information like total cases, deaths, active cases, population, fatality rate, cases per millions, deaths per millions, recovery rate, and so many other things.

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4. COVID-19 Dashboard by CSSE

The Center for System Science and Engineering (CSSE) develops this coronavirus tracker at Johns Hopkins University. This map is based on the data aggregates from 17 different sources, including the WHO, ECDPC, and others. It features the total number of confirmed cases, total deaths, and the total number of people recovered from this virus.

CSSE Covid-19 Tracker

This site also features some graphs and other information that shows how this pandemic is growing and how the world is dealing with coronavirus. This is an excellent place to start if you want a detailed yet straightforward place to find out the pandemic’s reach.

5. HealthMap COVID-19 Tracker

The HealthMap COVID-19 tracker is an affiliated program by the nonprofit Boston Children’s Hospital that is very popular for monitoring infectious diseases. HealthMap COVID-19 tracker uses artificial intelligence to provide a real-time report of the spread of coronavirus. It is a very lightweight dashboard that comes with a dark-grey theme.

HealthMap COVID-19 Tracker

Unlike most other coronavirus trackers, it doesn’t feature much of the graphs and other fancy stuff. Instead, it comes with an animation that you can play to see how this virus has spread around the world. Overall, it is an excellent coronavirus tracker for those who don’t like fancy stuff and looking for a neat, clean UI.

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6. Coronavirus Dashboard by TheBaseLab

Initially popularized by the name of The Wuhan Virus, it is now named as Coronavirus Dashboard by TheBaseLab. It offers a real-time report about the coronavirus spread on a global scale.

TheBaseLab Coronavirus Tracker

It provides a dark black and blue color scheme, a clean and high-speed loading user interface. Like John Hopkins University’s dashboard, it also collects data from the affected countries across the world.

It also publishes its own stories where it shows the latest reports about coronavirus and compares it with other major pandemics. However, the top to down layout is very long, especially for PC users as it is ubiquitous in smartphones.

7. WHO Coronavirus Disease Dashboard

The World Health Organization also offers a dashboard that provides all the latest updates about this novel coronavirus spread along with details of total infected people, the number of deaths, affected countries, and recovered people.

WHO Coronavirus Tracker

The only issue with this dashboard is that it doesn’t provide real-time reports. Nevertheless, it is considered one of the most authentic sources for the coronavirus outbreak statistics. The UI offered by this dashboard is easy to read and very clean. You can also hover over the map to see direct statistics of coronavirus cases across the world.

8. Nextstrain Covid-19 Tracker

Nextstrain’s coronavirus tracker is one of the most tech-savvy tools to keep track of this epidemic. It is not created for regular users, but if you are an enthusiast or a scientist who wants to know all the intel about COVID-19 and its evolution, then this is the perfect dashboard for you.

Nextstrain Covid-19 Tracker

This vast collection of information makes the dashboard look a bit messy and ruins the overall UI. But it also features animated maps and breaks down the genome of the COVID-19. Overall, it is an excellent place if you want to get detailed information about coronavirus; otherwise, you won’t like it very much.

9. TrackCorona.live

TrackCorona is a tool developed by some undergraduates at the Stanford University of Virginia. Like the dashboard created by JHU and TheBaseLab, it also collects information from 17 different sources.


The user interface offered by TrackCorona is very futuristic and clean. The homepage provides data like total confirmed cases, total deaths, number of recovered people, infected countries, and others.

It also features different types of graphs and tables to find out how this pandemic is traveling across the world. It also comes with an animated map that shows the coronavirus growth over time. Overall, it is a beneficial tool for anyone looking for the daily updates of this epidemic.

10. CoronaTracker.com

CoronaTracker is a community-based project developed by a team of 460 volunteers worldwide, ranging from medical professionals, data scientists, UI/UX designers, full-stack developers, and others. It features a very simple and clean user interface. You can find all the necessary details like the total number of confirmed cases, recovery rate, complete death counts, and others.


It also features an animated graph that shows how these statistics have grown over time. You can also see the data categorized according to the countries. Almost all the content on the website is handpicked, filtered, and curated by the volunteers to ensure that they won’t share any unreliable information on their website.

11. Covid19India.org

If you’re from India and you are looking for a coronavirus tracking website that shows only Coronavirus stats for India, then this website is for you.

Covid19India.org Tracker Website

The user-interface is very easy to use, and the website is very fast in terms of loading. You can also see the numbers of Covid-19 patients in your locality. So, if you’re an Indian, then you should use this website.

The Bottom Line

There you have it – the list of best coronavirus trackers. I made this list after testing multiple coronavirus tracking dashboards and maps online. This pandemic has affected the entire world, and almost all the countries are suffering from it. It is always an excellent idea to keep a sharp eye on what’s going on across the world, especially in your country.

Do note that there are numbers of fake dashboards and coronavirus trackers that seem virtually identical but are designed to infect your devices with malicious files. So, I suggest you use the links that I have mentioned above to visit the dashboards. Also, avoid any kind of download from these tools to be on the safer side.

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