How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on iPhone and Android

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on iPhone and Android: You must be looking for an automation process to send messages on Whatsapp on your behalf. Let me tell you; it is something like scheduling Whatsapp messages to send at a specific time and to any group or person. Yes, it is possible to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Your search will end up in this article as we have provided complete information on how to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on iPhone and Android?. To be precise, there are three ways to schedule Whatsapp messages. You can either do it via Whatsapp Business application or third-party applications available on both iPhone and Android.

Schedule Whatsapp Messages on iPhone and Android

There are plenty of options available to schedule your messages on Whatsapp. You can continue reading this article till the end to see what we have added to schedule Whatsapp messages.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on iPhone and Android:

Since it is a premium feature, you will not be able to use this on the primary Whatsapp application. You have to install Whatsapp Business on your Android or iPhone device to schedule Whatsapp messages. There are plenty of other options available for both Android and iPhone users.

The Android Smartphone users can install a third-party application to schedule the messages on Whatsapp. iPhone users can use the inbuilt Shortcuts application to do an automation task. Although, we have covered everything in this post. Let’s get it started with Whatsapp Business Application.


1. Whatsapp Business Application

Both iPhone and Android users need to install the Whatsapp Business application on their smartphone to use its famous “Away Message feature.” To do this:

  • You need todownload Whatsapp Businesson your smartphone.
  • Complete the registration using your number and OTP.
  • Set up your profile and visit the settings option.
  • You will find the option to select Business Tools. Just click on it.

Whatsapp Business

  • Tap on the “Away Message feature.”

Whatsapp Business

  • Enable the toggle for the “Away Message feature.”

Whatsapp Business

  • Tap on the Schedule button and set the timings by custom.
  • Lastly, select the recipients you want to send this scheduled message and click on the continue button.
  • That’s all.

2. Siri Shortcuts (iPhone)

The next method that can help you schedule your messages on Whatsapp iPhone is by using Siri Shortcuts. Apple Shortcuts application lets you complete most things on automation. You only need to create a one-time automation task to get it repeated.

Let’s come to the process to schedule your Whatsapp messages on iPhone using Siri Shortcuts:

  • You need to open theShortcuts applicationon your iPhone. If it is not pre-installed, then download it from the app store.
  • Open the application and select the automation tab from the bottom.
  • Tap on the + icon and find the option to create a personal automation task. Just click on it.

Siri Shortcuts (iPhone)

  • You must now select the time and date to send the particular message. You can do this by clicking on the time settings option.
  • Select the time and proceed further.
  • Now, tap on the create action button.

Siri Shortcuts (iPhone)

  • You can now select send messages on Whatsapp. You will find this option under the suggestions. Else, search it manually.
  • Again, tap on the + icon and type your messages. You also have to select the recipients.
  • Once selected, tap on the Next button and review your date and time settings.

Siri Shortcuts (iPhone)

  • That’s all. You have successfully scheduled a Whatsapp message on your iPhone.

3. SKEDit App (Android)

There is another possible way to schedule Whatsapp messages for Android Smartphone users. It works great if you have been using an Android phone for a long time. It can help in the automation process and help you schedule your Whatsapp messages, Facebook posts, and many more. Let’s see how.

  • First, download theSKEDit applicationfrom the app store. If you have already downloaded then ignore this step.
  • Open the application and complete the registration process. (It is a must)
  • After that, tap on the + icon from the application and select Whatsapp from the list of applications.
  • Give all the permissions this application requires.
  • Again, visit the application and select the Whatsapp contact.

SKEDit App (Android)

  • Type your message and set the time.
  • You can schedule your messages on Whatsapp by selecting a time and date.
  • You can also tick on the feature “Ask me before sending.” So, the application will ask you before sending any scheduled message on Whatsapp.

SKEDit App (Android)

  • That’s how you can schedule Whatsapp messages on an Android device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are repeatedly asked. We cannot answer every user individually, so we added this section to answer all the frequently asked questions.

Do we have to pay anything to schedule a message on Whatsapp?

No, it does not cost anything. We do not have to pay anything to schedule a message on Whatsapp. It works free of cost on both iPhone and Android devices.

How scheduling a Whatsapp message helps in saving time?

It can help you save a lot of time if you have to send the same messages to many people. It can help you properly run broadcasts. So, yes, scheduling a Whatsapp message helps in saving time.

Is there any other method to schedule a Whatsapp message on iPhone apart from the Shortcuts app?

Yes, people can use Whatsapp Business instead of Siri Shortcuts to schedule a message on Whatsapp. Luckily, the Whatsapp Business application is available for iPhone and Android users.

You can download the same from the Apple App Store. We even have added a process to schedule a message on Whatsapp using the Whatsapp Business application.

The bottom line

So, this is our article where we have added all the information on scheduling Whatsapp messages on iPhone and Android devices. These are the best possible ways to schedule a message on Whatsapp without using any unethical trick.

If you ask for our recommendation, we prefer using Whatsapp Business and Siri Shortcuts to automate Whatsapp messages. Still, our readers are always open to giving their suggestions in the comments.

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