7 Important Things To Do Before You Sell Your Car In 2024

If you’re going to sell your used car and looking for some most important tips before listing it on buy-sell websites, you’re on the right page. In this article, I’ve listed 7 most important things to do before you sell your car in 2024. Scroll down this page to know how these tips can help you fetch some extra money from buyers.

Things To Do Before You Sell Your Car

Cars can be very different things for different people. For some people, cars are their personal vehicles and carriers of transportation; for some, they’re collectibles, and a few people consider their cars as joyrides.

One factor remains unchanged; cars are expensive! No matter if you are buying a car just for transportation or to collect a limited edition, You will undoubtedly burn wholesome money from your pocket. Considering a second-hand car is a good option hence, and so is selling a used car.

Here are 7 things to do before you sell your car in 2024:

Important Things To Do Before You Sell Your Car

If you’re going to buy a new car, I will recommend you buy a used one instead of burning your money. Who buys used cars can save hell a lot of dollars, and I think intelligent and middle-class people (Like Me) always go for the used cars.

Whenever I want to upgrade my car, I consider buying a used car because it can help me save my hard-earned money. Selling your old car will not only fetch you a few bucks, but it will also give someone a choice to make a good investment.

So, if you own a car and now you want to sell it, take a quick look at these 7 things that you should remember before you sell your used car.

#1. Ensure Your Car is in Proper Condition

This first thing that matters when we buy a second-hand car is how good the car’s condition is. If it is perfectly okay in appearance and functionality, it plays a significant role in the price your vehicle should come at.

good condition car

If you are selling your car in premium condition with parts working extremely smoothly, your vehicle can yield a reasonable price.

Furthermore, it is only good courtesy to ensure that selling someone is worth being sold at the price set.

Hence, ensuring your car’s quality, interior, exterior, and parts are in good health is a must!

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#2. Do Background Check on Buyer

The next thing we will discuss will sound rather fishy, but doing a background check on your car’s new owner is essential.

buyer background

It is considered necessary by many because you will be selling something so dear to you. Additionally, making sure your car’s modern buyer is reliable makes the monetary transaction smoother.

If you truly trust the person, you can go for more payment options like installment payment and bank transfer. Knowing your customer is significant because it is not a trinket you are selling, but your car.

#3. Share Proportional Premium

Now that we have spoken about the non-technical aspects of selling a car, let us also consider the technical sides. The proportional premium is essentially the money you have to pay for your car coverage.

car insurance

The money you paid as a proportional premium should be added to the car price since you will no longer use it. The successor must have the car’s premium, and installments paid.

If you have paid for some time and are selling your vehicle before the end of that period, you can also ask for a portion of that money.

Say you have paid for a year and selling it after half a year, you can surely ask for half the premium money. Also, check out these best laptops under $300.

#4. Set Up A Legal Agreement

Often, there may occur a disagreement between the buyer and seller about several aspects of the car in question. To avoid factual errors and get into a nasty fight, it is advisable to draw up a Legal Agreement.


Legal agreements essentially help completely eradicate the off chance of either the buyer or seller changing their stance on something. For instance, say you mentioned earlier that a particular policy needs to be renewed, and later the buyer refuses to know about that, you can get into a disagreement.

On the contrary, if you mentioned the same in your legal agreement, the buyer cannot disagree because even if there is no verbal statement, it is written and agreed upon through the document.

Therefore, Legal contracts are a savior in this regard. You can visit this page to get a template copy of vehicle sale agreement and make changes as per your needs.

#5. Create a Car Maintenance Record

A car maintenance record is the record of all the repairs, maintenance services, or washes the car has been to. The form will help you by presenting itself as a testament that your vehicle is in good shape and taken care of.

Maintenance Record

Consequently, a well taken care of car will yield a lot more money, the selling price will be higher than a low maintained vehicle.

Creating a car maintenance record will show that you have done your part in taking good care of the car. Helping your case further and allowing you to negotiate a higher price, car maintenance records are a must.

If you’re an android user, you can also use this app to note your car’s maintenance history.

#6. Obtaining A No Claim Bonus

Obtaining an NCB or a No Claim Bonus retention letter from your insurance company is a smart move. You can enjoy the perks of an NCB even when you transfer the policy because NCB is not transferable.

No Claim Bonus

You can retain the NCB and enjoy its perks even when you buy a new car insurance policy for your new car. Ensure that you take care of the legal steps properly and submit every form and proof as demanded by the insurance company. You might also like to check out these best manga reading sites.

#7. Maintain Transparency With Buyer

As much as you need to do a background check on your buyer, it is also essential that you are honest. Maintaining complete transparency is necessary to eradicate any potential issues later.

Buyer Transparency

Come clean about the damage the car may have undergone and any criminal cases registered against the car number. Not coming clean about such things may lead to accusations and getting sued on the dishonesty and misinformation.

Creating a car maintenance record and a legal agreement are also parts of being honest to your buyer. Admittedly, they are more customary and technical, but they also prove that you are honest about your car.

You can skip talking about why you are selling the vehicle and if it associates excellent or bad memories as they are personal.

Sharing relevant details of the car is extremely important, as it eliminates you from being accused, and it also gives full information to the buyer.

The bottom line

Cars often become a vital part of our lives; we create great memories with our vehicles and experiences. Understandably, letting go of something that is potentially so dear to you can be very hard.

Selling a used car can be a great thing; you will be ready for an upgrade, get another vehicle that you can make more memories with, and have an amount for that from the last car.

You will also be allowing someone to invest in a car to realize if they want to or not. Someone who has just learned driving can be overwhelmed by the idea of getting a new car, and that can be solved with a second-hand car.

We hope this guide will help you through making a soft sell and be safe in the process! Keep visiting Cartel Press blog for more interesting reads.

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