How to Delete Instagram Account Temporary or Permanent 2024

How To Delete Instagram Account:There is no doubt. Instagram is undoubtedly the best application that exists under the Social Media Platform. It is an application where you can share your photos, videos and interact with people worldwide.

A recent internet study shows the growth of Instagram users over the decade. But keeping up with the regular updates can become a headache. That is why most people look for the option to delete an Instagram account.

If you are tired of using Instagram or need a break from your social life, you can opt to disable your Instagram account for some time and reactivate it after a short time. There is another option for people who want to delete their Instagram accounts permanently.

Delete Instagram Account Temporary and Permanent

We have added both methods in this article to keep our readers updated with the information.

How to Delete Instagram Account Temporary and Permanent:

As mentioned before, this post provides information and guidance to our readers about deactivating and deleting the Instagram account. Remember, there is a difference between deleting and deactivating the Instagram account.

Deactivation can be of short duration, and people can get their account back as it was never closed. On the other side, deleting an Instagram account can cause permanent loss of data, and people will not be able to retrieve it later on purpose.

That is why we have added both options so the users can decide.

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Deactivate Instagram Account – Temporary

This process is for users who want to take a short break from Instagram and continue living their everyday lives. People can temporarily deactivate the Instagram account and get back to it when they feel confident.

Let’s start with quick steps to the topic:How to deactivate an Instagram account temporarily?

1. Visit Instagram

You cannot deactivate your Instagram account from the application. So you have to visit theofficial Instagram website. Just open Instagram on your web browser and sign in with your Instagram account.

You need to click on the login button and enter your username and password to proceed further.

2. Find the Deactivate Feature

The next step is to find the deactivation feature on Instagram. Once you get logged in to the Instagram web account, click on the settings and visit the profile option.

Delete Instagram Account Temporary and Permanent

Tap on the edit profile button and scroll down. You will find the option to disable your account temporarily. Just click on it.

3. Choose a Reason

You are now at the page to deactivate your Instagram account. When you click on the disable button, you have to choose why you want to leave Instagram. Just select it for any reason on purpose and proceed further.

Delete Instagram Account Temporary and Permanent

4. Deactivate Instagram Account

Lastly, enter your Instagram password, and your account will get deactivated within a few seconds.

Delete Instagram Account Temporary and Permanent

If you try logging into your account again, you need to wait for seven days before deactivating your account.

Since it is not a permanent deletion of your Instagram account, your account data will always be safe on the Instagram server. You can log in back anytime to access your account as it is.

Again, you can only disable your Instagram account once a week.

Guide To Delete Instagram Account – Permanent

This feature is for people who want to get rid of their Instagram accounts once and for all. We do not want to ask any reason as it could be due to anything.

Just follow the steps added below to delete Instagram account permanently.

1. Find Delete Instagram Account Page.

Again, it is impossible to delete Instagram account from the application. You need to find out the page to delete your Instagram account permanently. You can click on the linkto visit the permanent delete page of Instagram.

Delete Instagram Account Temporary and Permanent

Even though Instagram will not stop you from deleting your account, it will ask you to take a break for a short time by disabling your account.

But, still, if you wish to delete your Instagram permanently, you can visit the delete Instagram account page.

2. Choose the Reason.

Once you visit the origin page, you need to select your Instagram account and choose why you want to leave the community?

You can select any of the mentioned reasons and proceed further with the account deletion process. Lastly, you have to provide your Instagram account password to confirm your action.

If you do not remember your Instagram account password, we suggest resetting it first before following any steps. You can always reset the password through the Instagram web or smartphone application. Just follow the on-screen process to get the new password.

When you get the new password, enter the password to confirm the deletion of your Instagram account.

How To Download Instagram Account Details?

When you opt for permanent deletion of your Instagram account, you need to ensure keeping your data and memories safe. For this, Instagram has announced the downloading feature of account data.

Before closing your account, you can visit the settings under the privacy option. You will find the option to download Instagram account data. You can click on it and get the account data via email.

The email address you have used while creating your Instagram account will show up on the screen. You only have to select the particular email and click on the download button. Again, the data will automatically get created by the backend and sent to you via email. You can access it anytime.

Remember, it can take up to 48 working hours to get your data ready.

The bottom line

So, this is our article where we have added a complete procedure on deleting Instagram accounts temporarily and permanently. There could be multiple reasons why a person wants to deactivate or delete an Instagram account.

But what we suggest is to deactivate it temporarily instead of deleting it permanently if you need a break from the social media platform. We hope this article helps. You can always share why you want to delete Instagram account in the comments.

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