11 Best Sites to Watch Movies Online FREE (2024 Streaming)

Do you love streaming movies at home using online websites? Are you looking for some best sites to watch movies online for free? Great, you’re on the right web-page. Below, I have shared 11 top free best movie streaming sites that will fulfill your desire to watch free movies online.

Online streaming these days has established itself as the preferred entertainment option all over the world. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, almost every country has forced its citizens to stay in their homes. It can be really annoying and stressful at times and watching online movies can be the best way to relax and enjoy.

Online streaming requires a stable internet connection and a device, and your dose of entertainment with a favorite movie star is ready. If you are a kid, and you’re looking for anime streaming sites or manga sites, then use the website search button as I’ve already shared those sites on our website.

Here is the list of 11 best sites to watch movies online free in 2024:

Best Sites To Watch Movies Online Free
Best Sites To Watch Movies Online Free

To let you have uninterrupted online entertainment in these times, and always, we are going to provide you a list of 11 best sites to watch movies online for free, or you can say movie streaming sites with vast libraries of movies as well as TV shows. These best sites to watch movies online are as good as the rival paid services like NetFlix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

These free sites have made these paid subscriptions almost a dud. Many of us may find these unworthy of paying for. While reviewing these sites, we found many of these free online movie streaming sites are better than their paid rivals in many aspects.

Here are some of the best sites to watch movies online for free in 2024:

1. Vimeo

It is a similar platform that is similar to YouTube in many ways. It lets the users upload their movies and even clips, that too in HD format. While the majority of the films here are for free, there might be few that are the paid ones on this site. For pure cinematic pleasure, try the free short movies.

Vimeo - Sites to Watch Movies

The bonus part with Vimeo is that it is a great alternative. Just do not let Google know what you are watching. Moreover, you can access Vimeo as a website as well as an App in iOS and Android versions. Watch your movies either by online streaming or through downloading, with or without Wi-Fi.

Overall, I can conclude that Vimeo is one of the best sites to watch movies online and of course for free. There is no need to spend a single penny on streaming movies.

2. IMDb

Connect through IMDb.com, or you can prefer the Amazon Fire products for IMDb TV. There is no better way to watch films that received critical acclamation from all, right from the comfort of your home. Even free online movie sites need revenue, and this site gets it from ads. However, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can enjoy your favorite movies through Prime on IMDb TV with letting the ads disrupt your experience.

IMDb TV - Sites To Watch Movies Free

Did you know that it’s Amazon that owns IMDb? That is just one of the companies that this tech giant has in the entertainment domain. For watching movies on IMDb, you need an account on here or an Amazon account. Once done, you are ready to watch some great content online. While you may find the navigation here a little complicated, but the ‘Top Rated’ category always remains full of movies that anyone would love.

In this list of best sites to watch movies online, IMDb is one of the best choices for online movie streaming. If you are searching for some advanced movie streaming sites, you can try these Putlocker proxy sites.

3. Hoopla

This free online movie streaming site is a pure delight for the movie buffs. The list of movies offered by its library is good enough to beat any paid streaming service or your cable TV. With your library card, if you have one, you can access Hoopla with it as well.

Hoopla - Watch Movies Online

It is a digital service that comes from Midwest Tape, a company into media products and services like CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks for libraries. The company is a well-established name in media products.

For enjoying the online streaming of movies on Hoopla, you simply need to sign up with your email and library card. With it, you get access to thousands of movies and television shows that are probably not available anywhere else. Furthermore, the app of Hoopla lets you enjoy it on handheld devices too. You can also try theseSolarMovie alternative sitesif you want some more best sites to watch movies online free.

4. Kanopy

As with Hoopla, you need a library card to access this streaming service. The similarities do not end here. Its collection of movies is also as impressive as Hoopla.


However, with Kanopy, you will find that the movie library is less inclined towards blockbuster movies and more towards some serious cinematic content. You will find movies that are internationally acclaimed and leaning towards artistic cinema and art house. Here a lot of educational videos available too on varied topics, including business, economics, communication, and global studies.

Kanopy is the right choice for you if you love watching international cinema or looking for some quality collection. However, you will not find family or comedy movies here.

5. Tubi

With Tubi, what surprises us the most is the massive library of movies, it has got. While Hoopla favors the critically acclaimed titles in its list, Tubi lays more emphasis on blockbusters in its collection. One feature that impressed us the most about it was the way it has sorted its movie collection under appropriate categories.


This categorization makes it all easy for the user to find the one he /she is looking for. With its 54 categories, for instance, ‘not on NetFlix,’ “most-watched,’ or ‘highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes,’ it makes browsing quick and comfortable.

The best thing about Tubi is that you will always find a movie in any genre that can make your movie watching a truly exceptional experience. The family category of movies has all the popular titles, and you will never feel bored. Moreover, it also has a vast collection of reality shows, if that’s your liking, and you are in the mood for some nostalgia.

Overall, I can say that Tubi is one of the best sites to watch movies online free. You can also try these YesMovies proxy sites for the latest movies.

6. Crackle

Started in 2007 by Sony, you can consider it the pioneer of free TV streaming. Right now, it majorly streams content created by/for Sony as well as Columbia. The backlog of movies here is again huge. The plus point with Crackle is that here you will find content that is not available on any other free online movie streaming site.

sony crackle

Therefore, if you are bothered about finding similar movies on streaming sites, then Crackle is for you. It is because of its exclusive rights that the movies here are not available on any other site.

While the library here may be a little smaller when compared to other sites, it has an excellent collection of classic comedies. From ‘Ace Ventura’ to Sleepless in Seattle’ all are available here. However, if you are looking for some documentaries or serious content, then you can well skip Crackle.

7. Roku Channels

These are those channel that comes as a free add-on for Roku devices. Here the TV shows and movies are genuinely outstanding. In addition to this, it also has 19 live TV channels, if that interests you. Probably you might not be aware; these channels do a lot of live streaming services that are otherwise paid elsewhere. From this aspect, Roku is the right choice.

Best Roku Private Channels

On Roku channels, you will find a good number of Oscar-winning dramas that one would love to watch over and over again. For horror movie fans, you will have a feast here. The Top 10 list here will bowl you over for sure. You will not find family movies here, and the recent blockbusters, and that can be a disappointment for many. You can use these best Roku private channels too if you’re looking for some best sites to watch movies online for free.

8. Popcornflix

Here is an online streaming service for movies where you will find the best from your favorite movie stars. Many of these might be ones that went unheard without creating any ripples on the box office. Therefore, some different kind of movies is in store for you, and we are not judgmental. The categorization here is also a little weird, and you will find categories like ‘old school cool’ or ‘bro movies.’


Moreover, some movies have the peculiar ‘Popcornflix Originals’ stamp. It goes a little overboard to claim the 2003 Oscar winner movie – Monster as its own. Try it for the classics and the horror movies and the family movies section is also worth a browse. If you want some more best sites to watch movies online, then you can try these M4uFree alternative sites.

9. Pluto TV

This movie streaming website has its own share of uniqueness to offer for the viewers. It has live channels in its bouquet, and it’s a regular staple that you may find on recurring cable TV subscriptions. But to get the old feel, it seems to be just right. Channel surfing may have a charm of its own for many of us.

Pluto TV

News and sports remain the top watched genre in any household, and Pluto TV does well here. It has over 15 sports channels that include big names like Fox Sports and Stadium. Moreover, the 13 news channels like CBS News, CNBC, NBC News, and more seems impressive here. Here you also have the popular channels like Discovery, TLC and Animal Planet.

The movie collection with Pluto TV may be small but worth watching if comedy, action, and drama are your preferred genre.

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10. Yahoo! View

With Yahoo! View, you can well watch the new TV series online for free, and that is a big attraction here. This online streaming service air shows from ABC, NBC, and Fox after eight days of the original telecast on TV. These episodes stay on Yahoo! View till it gets replaced by newer episodes.

Yahoo! View

Therefore, if you a fan of TV series like ‘The Good Doctor’ and Blue Bloods,’ you will find it here. One drawback with Yahoo! View is that it requires a streaming device, and presently it is available only on Roku.

It has a little more than 50 movies in its library, and you can well skip those. Yahoo! View is the right online streaming service if you prefer TV series over films. This popular website is one of the best sites to watch movies online free without spending a single coin.

Update: This service has been stopped now.

11. Youtube Movies

The good and old YouTube is also an online movie streaming option that makes our list of free online movie services. It has a little over 100 movies available.

Youtube Movies

However, it is a bit difficult to find. If you love watching documentaries, then you will find plenty here on YouTube Movies. Moreover, the biographies of celebrities like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and others are also enjoyable.

Overall, it is much similar to other online streaming services, and you may find something worth watching every time you browse here.

The Bottom Line

The truth is for you all to know that these free movies streaming sites have their own set of limitations when it comes to movies or similar content of choice. Nevertheless, these sites to watch movies online are always a good option, these are free, and streaming service of at least the sites from our list is without any kind of lags. If you’re facing any problem while using any of the above listed best sites to watch movies online, please let me know using the comment section below. I or someone from my team will surely help you as soon as possible. Keep visiting CartelPress.com

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