25 Best Nova Launcher Themes & Icon Packs 2024 (Updated)

Nova Launcher themes would be a great option to enhance your smartphone’s overall look. Check out these best free Nova launcher themes of 2024.

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the 25 best Nova Launcher themes! Nova Launcher is one of the most popular and versatile Android launchers available, allowing users to customize their home screens and app drawers with ease. One of the best features of Nova Launcher is the ability to apply themes, which can completely transform the look and feel of your device.

What Is Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher or Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most popular Android applications available in the market for customizing your Android smartphone. The versatile nature of Android operating systems has been overwhelming for people who love to play around with their smartphones. Thus, Nova Launcher themes would be a great option to look forward to.

Nova Launcher

With the popularity of Nova Launcher, the demand for themes is ever-growing. However, the application lacks the option for ‘Themes.’ It disappoints me as almost every other Launcher out there has the themes feature. Well, you need not worry about it. We’ve got your pack!

This little piece of information will take to you through the 25 Best Nova Launcher Themes to use in 2024.

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25 Best Nova Launcher Themes to Use in 2024:

Best Nova Launcher Themes

In this blog post, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the most stunning and unique themes for Nova Launcher. Whether you’re looking for something minimalistic and clean or bold and colorful, we’ve got you covered. From dark and moody themes to whimsical and playful ones, there’s a Nova Launcher theme for every taste and preference.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Nova Launcher themes and explore the best of the best!

Before we proceed, make sure you have the Prime Apk of Nova Launcher for some of the themes listed below. This is because certain themes use features exclusively available for Nova Launcher Prime apk.

#1. Material Design Nova Launcher Theme

Phones loaded with Stock Android come with material design pre-installed. The theme looks elegant, classy, and materialized at the same time. If you’ve ever used stock Android and missing the material design thematics, check out this Nova Launcher theme. It is not a copy but looks better than the original.

Material Design Nova Launcher Theme

We used a material design wallpaper with a Pixel icon pack, minimal clock and weather widgets, and a few tweaks in the settings. Their combination made a beautiful material design theme for Nova Launcher.

Wallpaper used: Tapet

Icon Pack: Pixel Pie

Widgets used: Simple Clock & Weather Widget

Nova Tweaks:

  • Change the Desktop Grid to 5×6.
  • Turn on the persistent search bar.
  • Increase the icon size desktop dock to 120%
  • Choose the Search Bar Style 1 and Logo Style 1

#2. Dark Nova Launcher Theme

Who doesn’t like dark themes? Well, the majority of us do. That’s why smartphone manufacturers and software developers have been switching to dark themes for various applications lately. Similarly, we have a dark theme for you that is darker than your future, lol.

Dark Nova Launcher Theme

The Dark theme has a lot more to offer you than just the night mode of Nova Launcher. Everything is dark on the home screen, app drawer, icons, etc. The theme pack consists of AMOLED Wallpapers, a Silhouette Icon pack, minimal widgets, and a few tweaks in Nova settings.

Wallpaper used: AMOLED Dark Wallpapers

Icon Pack: Silhouette

Widgets used: UCCW, Shuttle, and Simple Clock & Weather.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Turn the persistent search bar on
  • Choose Logo Style 4 and Search Bar Style 3
  • Switch the Night Mode of Nova to Always On

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#3. Android Pie Nova Launcher Theme

Android P brought along amazing changes to the user interface that made it minimal and elegant. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers have failed to provide regular Android updates on time. However, this Nova Launcher theme will be perfect for you to taste Android P on your Android smartphone.

Android Pie Nova Launcher Theme

We’ve used the Android P official wallpapers offered by Google, and the Pixel Icon pack to make a similar look and feel. The additional widgets and a few Nova tweaks make it look almost similar.

Wallpaper used: Android P Official Wallpapers by Google

Icon Pack: Pixel

Widgets used: Another Widget on Play Store.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Increase the size of icons and docks to 130%
  • Turn on the simple scroll effect.
  • Turn off the wallpaper scrolling.
  • Use the Grid Folder preview.
  • Use Folder Background from Android Nougat.
  • Turn on the persistent search bar with Logo Style 1 and Bar Style 1

#4. Abstract – Best Nova Launcher Theme

Abstract Nova Launcher Theme

If you’re looking to make the interface look abstract, try out the Linebit icon pack. The linear gradient-based designs and colors will make the look abstract. For wallpapers, you can try out the unexplored wallpaper app viz., Resplash. To make the icon pack look compatible on the screen, explore the Neon wallpapers. Throw in some widgets and Nova tweaks, and you’ll be good to go.

Wallpaper used: Resplash on Play Store

Icon Pack: Linebit

Widgets used: Stock Analogue Clock.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Move the search bar above the icons.
  • Place the search bar with Google Assistant.
  • Decrease the background transparency to 0%

#5. Vibrant Theme Nova Launcher

As the name suggests, the Vibrant theme has some vibrant colors and icons combination that looks remarkable. A simple clock widget with a weather widget to add some cherry on top. With the help of one of the best outstanding features of Nova Launcher, i.e., creating a three icon grid, we came up with a vibrant theme.

Vibrant Nova Launcher Theme

With the help of some colorful wallpapers and an Aivy icon pack, the Vibrant theme looks perfect to the eyes.

Wallpaper used: Walli

Icon Pack: Aivy

Widgets used: Simple Weather

Nova Tweaks:

  • Disable the search bar.
  • Change the desktop grid to 3×3.
  • Enable the opening of the app drawer using the swipe-up gesture.

#6. Modern Theme For Nova Launcher

If you don’t want a vibrant look, Modern looking theme will excite you. The modern theme has a minimal touch with contemporary elements to make it look elegant and classy. Along with that, a sleek widget puts a cherry on the top. Here, we have used a minimal icon pack and modernized wallpapers app, i.e., Walli, to make it remarkable.

Wallpaper used: Walli

Icon Pack: Minma

Widgets used: Minimalistic Text

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the widgets transparent.
  • Move the dark search bar above the icons.
  • Increase the icon size to 135%

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#7. Minimal Nova Launcher Theme

Well, vibrant and modern themes are good, but nothing as compared to the minimal because Minimal is the new sexy baby! The Minimal theme is for people who like to keep things simple, clean, and elegant. Hence, the theme includes a minimal icon pack, wallpapers, and widget style. The combination of all of them looks stunning. No doubt, Minimal is one of the most famous Nova launcher themes in 2024.

Wallpaper used: Minima Live Wallpapers.

Icon pack: Delta

Widgets used: One Weather, Stock Digital Clock, and Month Calendar.

Nova Tweaks: Move the search bar below the dock.

#8. Nature Thematics

Well, we have talked about modern terms, but nature is always close to our hearts. We love to watch nature do wonders. Hence, bringing some of nature to your phone would be awesome. The scenic beauty, peaceful icons, and simple widgets to make it look perfect for nature lovers are what we have curated so far. The Nature thematics will calm you down for sure.

Wallpaper used: Backgrounds HD

Icon pack: Elun (Paid)

Widgets used: Stock Clock

Nova Tweaks: Turn the App Drawer Background to transparent and also hide the notification panel.

#9. Light Thematics

After vibrant colors and nature, let us explore something Light hearted for our smartphones and also, as we have mentioned, a theme for dark theme lovers. People love light themes, as well. This is for everyone who loves light colors and thematics. Here, we’ve used a light-colored wallpaper, the calendar widget, and some cool Nova tweaks. The interface looks flat but feels elegant and classy.

Wallpaper used: Wallhub

Icon pack: Enix

Widgets used: The Calendar Widget and Google at a Glance widget.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Place the search bar below the dock.
  • Use a flat search bar.
  • Place the Google Assistant below the search bar.
  • Make the background transparency 0%
  • Disable the dark icons that are turned on by default.

#10. Far Out – Free Nova Launcher Theme

This theme has been named after the wallpaper used to create it – Far Out. Have you ever seen those groovy wallpapers that have various wide curves in different colors? Well, such groovy wallpaper makes the theme stand out from others on the list of 25 Nova Launcher Themes to use in 2024.

For groovy wallpapers, you can try out a lot of wallpaper applications available on the Google Play Store. We have used the Backdrops wallpaper app along with the After Glow icon pack. When this combination is used with an analog clock and a few Nova tweaks give the feel of a luminous interface.

Wallpaper used: Backdrops

Icon pack: After Glow

Widgets used: After Glow Analogue Clock.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Place the search bar below the dock.
  • Use adaptive icons, squirrel.
  • Turn on the persistent search bar.
  • Make the notification bar transparent.

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#11. Dark Theme Pt. 2

Well, the love for dark themes can never fade away. Thus, we have got another Dark Theme on the list of 25 Nova Launcher Themes. The wallpaper used in this theme is a featured wallpaper along with the Gladient icon pack. The icons look subtle and minimal on the home screen. If you have ever used iOS devices, the thematics will look similar to you.

Wallpaper used: Walpy

Icon Pack: Gladient Icons

Widgets used: Spotify Widget

Nova Tweaks:

  • Activate the night mode if not done already.
  • Switch the app drawer to horizontal mode.
  • Increase the icon size to 130%
  • Increase the padding around the icons.

#12. Flat World

Have you ever taken an imaginative trip to the 2-Dimensional world? Well, the world looks beautiful to me, and thus we have curated a flat 2D theme for you. The icon pack and the wallpaper, as the name suggests, will offer you a flat experience.

Being flat doesn’t mean ugly; instead, it looks colorful, stunning, and beautiful. Everything combined with KWGT Widgets and a few Nova tweaks will be better than the imaginative 2-Dimensional world.

Wallpaper used: Tapet

Icon Pack: Glim

Widgets used: KWGT

Nova Tweaks:

  • Increase the desktop size and dock size to 110%
  • Switch the folder view to stack.
  • Change the desktop scroll effect to ‘Swipe’
  • Change the animation to ‘Relaxed’

#13. Colourful

After the colorful flat design, let us try out a dynamic color theme for your smartphone using Nova Launcher Themes. This theme here is full of vibrant and dynamic colors for icons and wallpaper, and widgets.

The theme is perfect for people who are obsessed with seeing a lot of colors on their home screen. We have used colorful wallpaper from Backgrounds HD and Rondo’s icons.

Wallpaper used: Backgrounds HD

Icon Pack: Rondo

Widgets used: One Weather and Rondo Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Increase the size of the dock and desktop to 120%.
  • Turn on the persistent search bar.
  • Change the search bar style to 2 and the logo style to 5.
  • Change the page indicator’s color to Yellow.
  • Switch to the grid view in the folder view.
  • Use a circle for the folder background.

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#14. Landscape

When talking about different themes on an Android smartphone, how can we forget about Landscape wallpapers and icons? Well, this theme, as the name suggests, is all about landscape scenery. It will give a scenic twist to the home screen of your phone. In addition, the very popular application for Wallpaper – Background HD and Also icon pack will surely amaze you. Overall, this is one of the best Nova launcher themes on this list.

Wallpaper used: Backgrounds HD

Icon Pack: Alos (Paid)

Widgets used: One Weather and the Minimalist Text

Nova Tweaks: Hide the notification bar, and you will be good to go with the Landscape themes.

#15. Iron Man

When talking about themes, we can’t ditch our favorite superhero characters from Marvel and DC Comic worlds. However, nobody can beat the love we have for Iron Man. If you can’t get enough of him, try out this Iron Man using Nova Launcher on your smartphone. If you’re an Avengers movie fan, you must try this theme. This is one of my favorite Nova launcher themes on this list.

Wallpaper used: Iron Man, obviously.

Icon Pack: Golden

Widgets used: Shuttle and One Weather

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the shuttle widget transparent.
  • Change the wallpaper scrolling to none.
  • Make sure the notification bar is hidden.
  • Change the transparency of the App Drawer to 0%

#16. Retro Thematics

Retro thematics have always amazed us, be it in real life or virtual life. Hence, we have brought up the retro thematics through Nova Launcher on your Android phone. If you also like retro themes, this combination pack will be perfect for your preferences. We have used vintage wallpaper, retro icon packs, and retro widgets to make an elegant look and feel.

Wallpaper used: Vintage

Icon Pack: Retro

Widgets used: Retro Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the transparency of the background 0%
  • Hide the notification bar
  • Change the search bar to ‘None’
  • Select the ‘Swipe’ to scroll effect for desktop
  • Switch the animation to ‘relaxed’

#17. iOS-based Theme

Android OS has an amazingly well interface and thematics. However, you have to admit that iOS has a separate fanbase for its user interface. Android might be highly customizable, but it has never met the simplicity of the iOS interface. Thus, if you are missing your iPhone, how about we turn your Android phone into iOS?

Well, not literally. But by using this theme, you can have the same taste. We have used iOS wallpapers and iUX icon packs to make your smartphone look and feel as similar to iOS as possible.

Wallpaper used: iPhone Wallpapers

Icon Pack: iUX 12

Widgets used: Stock Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the app drawer background transparent.
  • Hide your notification bar.
  • Switch the search bar to ‘None.’
  • Make sure the desktop and dock size is set at 100%

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#18. Lines

The Lines is one of the most minimal Nova Launcher themes available on our list. As the name suggests, we have used a line-based wallpaper and a similar icon pack. In addition, the background is black, while the elements are light in color. Thus, it makes a perfect complementary combination of thematics for your Android smartphone.

Wallpaper used: Zedge Wallpapers

Icon Pack: The Lines

Widgets used: Simple Weather, Month Calendar, and Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the app drawer background transparent.
  • Make sure you’ve hidden the notification bar.
  • Turn off the search bar by switching it to ‘None’
  • Turn off the wallpaper scrolling effect by selecting ‘None’
  • Change the folder preview to grid mode.

#19. Space

Well, the theme can’t help you get space in a relationship but it can offer some cool space stuff on your phone. The icon pack used here uses circular icons with gradients and shadows. The planets inspire these design thematics in our solar system.

Similarly, we have used the universe’s representation as our wallpaper. It makes the overall look and feels similar to that of real outer space. Widgets in this theme are of your choice. We have used just the stock widgets. If you’re looking for the most popular Nova launcher themes, you can try Space, which is one of the best themes for Nova launcher prime users.

Wallpaper used: Art Vector

Icon Pack: Mercury

Widgets used: Stock Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make sure the app drawer’s transparency is set to 0%
  • Hide the notification bar
  • Switch the search bar to ‘None’ to make the look minimal
  • Change the folder preview to ‘Grid’

#20. AMOLED Glow

As the name suggests, the AMOLED Glow theme is exclusively for smartphones using an AMOLED Display. If you don’t have one, you can skip this one.

This theme here uses a minimal design line for AMOLED Display users. We have used a circular icon pack with small icons and neon colors for wallpaper and widgets.

Wallpaper used: AMOLED Minimal

Icon Pack: Delta UX Pixel

Widgets used: Zooper Widget Pro

Nova Tweaks:

  • Remove all unnecessary apps from the home screen.
  • Create folders for necessary applications.
  • Decrease the icon size and dock size to 80%
  • Turn on the night mode.

#21. Polycon

Polycon is one of the oldest icon packs available in the market. It is based on the material design user interface of Google offered in Nexus and Pixel devices. Unfortunately, Google Play Store has no option to download it anymore. However, you can still download and enjoy it from the link below.

Wallpaper used: Aesthetic Fire

Icon Pack: Polycon Widgets Used: None

Nova Tweaks: You can choose from pre-built Nova tweaks in the Polycon icon pack application and proceed accordingly.

#22. Voxel

The Voxel is a flat icon-based icon pack with more than 4500 icons pre-built in it. These icons have been divided into 25 and counting categories.

You can also find a lot of amazing wallpapers to use on your home screen and lock screen. The icons available on Voxel are flat in shape yet colorful in nature. Voxel is one of the best and free Nova launcher themes of 2024

Wallpaper used: Voxel Wallpapers

Icon Pack: Voxel

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#23. White Icons

As the name suggests, White Icons theme is made out of a white icon pack known as WH Icons. It has a clean, crisp, and minimal user icon design with over 5.5K icons.

Not just that, you can try out the cool Cloud Wallpapers from WH Icons’ developer. If you can’t find your favorite application’s icon, you can send in a request from the application’s dashboard.

Wallpapers used: Cloud Wallpapers from WH Icons.

Icon Pack: WH Icons

#24. Candy Cons

Candy Cons is another great icon pack for Nova Launcher Themes. You can try out the colorful candy icons along with the color variations in some of the popular apps. The Google apps can have a dynamic color range using this icon pack’s tools.

Also, you can check out the 20 free wallpapers provided pre-built in the application. Not just Nova Launcher, you can try it out on other Launcher apps as well. If you’re looking for free Nova launcher themes, you can try Candy Cons.

Wallpaper used: Free Wallpapers by Candy Con

Icon Pack: Candy Con

#25. Moonrise

Well, the Moon marks the end of the day. Similarly, Moonrise marks the end of this beautiful list of 25 Nova Launcher Themes to try out in 2024. The icons available in Moonrise are customizable and will flawlessly replace your default icon pack.

It can help you customize the icons, interface layout, desktop and app drawer animations, and whatnot. Try it out if you’re looking for a subtle icon pack with smoother icons and animations.

Icon Pack: Moonrise by Msite Studio

Final Verdict: Nova Launcher Themes

Unfortunately, Nova Launcher has no option or library for exclusive themes, unlike other Launcher applications in the market. However, it is still the best Android Launcher and customizing application Google Play Store. As a result, Nova Launcher has sustained a monopoly in the market with the maximum number of downloads and positive reviews from various developers and users.

If you are looking forward to customizing your Android smartphone, there is nothing better on the Internet than the Nova Launcher themes in this article. Try them all out one by one, if you want to, and let us know what your thoughts are on the same. Which one is your favorite Nova Launcher Theme mentioned in the list above? Did we miss your favorite combination?

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more tech updates and informative articles, keep following Cartel Press!

Last Updated: 02 May 2023

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