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Zbigz Premium Account For Free: You must be a regular torrent user because you have come across this article. There is no doubt. Torrents are ruling the internet, and every single thing is available over there. But, to download the torrent files, we need to use a third-party application named ‘uTorrent.’

Therefore, most people prefer using premium options like ‘Zbigz.’ You also must have been looking for the term Free Zbigz Premium Accounts. The reason you have landed up here. Before anything, Zbigz is one of the best options to convert torrent files into direct links.

Free Zbigz Premium Accounts 2022

But, the premium services come along with premium costs. We need to pay a hectic amount of monthly subscriptions to use the premium services of Zbigz.

Zbigz Premium Account – (Features)

There is no need to get worried about the hectic monthly subscriptions. We will be adding some Free Zbigz Premium Accounts that will work in 2024.

Before that, let me explain some of the premium features Zbigz offers to its users.

  • Unlimited space –The premium account provides tons of services, and the unlimited space to store data or stream any file is one of them. You do not need to worry about the space, as you got endless.
  • Multiple file transfers –You can download two or more files simultaneously.
  • Unlimited bandwidth limit– With a premium account, you get unlimited bandwidth to download the ‘N.’ number of files.
  • Instant download –The difference between a free Zbigz account and a premium Zbigz account is the waiting period. You do not have to wait to get your file downloaded. You can download it quickly after adding it to the system.
  • Faster download speed –Unlike torrent clients or free versions, the download speed is up to par. You will get a faster download speed for every torrent. The download speed depends on the internet connectivity, though.
  • No Ads –Most people get annoyed by this. Therefore, people with premium Zbigz accounts will get no annoying video ads.
  • Upload files to Drive –It is one of the best premium features. You can directly transfer or upload your files togoogle drive.

The above-given are some of the premium features of Zbigz. Let’s come to the list of premium accounts.

Free Zbigz Premium Accounts 2024

We are adding up a list of free Premium Zbigz Accounts. The accounts we are adding below with the latest username and password. It is requested not to change the email or password while using any of the accounts given below.

The list goes on;

  1. Email ID[email protected] |Password– qwerty12345
  2. Email ID[email protected] |Password– mattylove
  3. Email ID[email protected] |Password– herusiq1
  4. Email ID[email protected] |Password– tornade023
  5. Email ID[email protected] |Password– brandwithmiracle
  6. Email ID[email protected] |Password– poetry345
  7. Email ID[email protected] |Password– miracle god
  8. Email ID[email protected] |Password– Emily beswan
  9. Email ID[email protected] |Password– hope is everywhere
  10. Email ID[email protected] |Password– letmetellyouthepassword
  11. Email ID[email protected] |Password– family is love
  12. Email ID[email protected] |Password– jordan098
  13. Email ID[email protected] |Password– stylewithjacob
  14. Email ID[email protected] |Password– hernia
  15. Email ID[email protected] |Password– micheal096
  16. Email ID[email protected] |Password– kornia56
  17. Email ID[email protected] |Password– dhawan2657
  18. Email ID[email protected] |Password– styles5638

The above-given list will get updated once a month to ensure the working of premium Zbigz accounts. Again, it is requested not to change the email id or password to ensure it’s working.

If any one of the above-added accounts is no longer working or expired, please remind us via the comments section. We will update the same.

How to Login Free Zbigz Premium Account?

You must have already copied and pasted the list of premium accounts we have added above. Let’s come to the login process and how Zbigz works to ensure it is working.

  • First, one needs to open up Zbigz. Here is the link to the official website –
  • You are now supposed to choose the login option from the homepage. Just refer to the image below.

Zbigz Premium Account Login

  • A popup will redirect you to the login page.

Zbigz Premium Account Login

  • You now have to enter the login credentials. You can directly copy the email id and the password from the above-given premium accounts.
  • Enter the email id and password. Just refer to the image below.

Zbigz Premium Account Login

  • Complete the captcha verification.
  • After that, click on the ‘Login.’ button.
  • Within a matter of seconds, you will be at the premium dashboard of Zbigz.

You have successfully logged in to the premium Zbigz account. Another question is – How to download torrents from Zbigz? Let’s have a look at the answer.

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How to Download Torrents from Zbigz?

After getting logged in, we need to ensure doing everything is in order. Therefore, look into the guide below to download a torrent file from Zbigz.

  • Just open up the website and continue with the login process mentioned above.
  • Click on the ‘add new torrent.’ button from the dashboard. You can refer to the image below.

zbigz premium torrent download

  • A popup will appear.
  • There is an option to upload the torrent file or add a direct torrent magnet link. (Refer to the image below)

zbigz premium torrent download

  • Just upload or add the magnet link and click on the continue button. (You can search for your favorite torrent from thebest torrent sites.)
  • The torrent file will now get uploaded and soon be available to download.
  • Once the file gets uploaded, it will be available to download. You can download it using the IDM (Internet download manager) or any preferred downloading option.

Wait for a second, something more to add. Zbigz just updated its premium features list. You can look for the latest updates below.

2024 – Premium features updates

  • Every content is available –The latest update contains the flexibility to download almost every available torrent content from the internet. You are no longer limited to specific files.
  • No restrictions –There are no restrictions on network or software. You can use it from the local ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Anonymous downloads –Your downloads are 100% secured by the Zbigz HTTPS. Your IP address will not be visible while accessing any content from Zbigz.
  • Nothing to install –There is no software or extension available from Zbigz. It is an entirely web-based platform. So, you do not have to install anything on the computer.
  • Faster than BitTorrent –The latest update allows downloading all the available content at a quicker downloading speed. The speed is now faster than the earlier update.
  • Streaming –You no longer have to wait until the file gets downloaded. You can stream the content online from Zbigz.
  • Remote download– This is one of the significant updates from Zbigz. You no longer need to turn the PC on for downloading or converting the torrent files. Your downloads will continue remotely.

The bottom line

We understand the concern of a slow download speed while downloading any torrent using any torrent clients. Sometimes, it even gets slower due to fewer seeders. Therefore, most people prefer looking for alternative options to download torrent files.

Sometimes, the primary reason is to download the torrent files using IDM (Internet Download Manager). No worries, this article is all about providing premium Zbigz accounts for free. Zbigz is a web-based application that offers tons of premium features.

You can download any torrent file at the maximum downloading speed from its premium account. However, premium subscriptions are costly, and not everyone can afford them. Therefore, we have added a list of free Zbigz premium accounts above in this article. Just login into it and enjoy the premium facilities.

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