ExtraTorrents Proxy 2024 (FREE) 25 Updated Mirror Sites List

Extratorrents proxy servers are those websites that help you visit the Extratorrents.eu website in just a few steps. The official Extratorrents website was blocked in many regions due to copyright complaints. This was the website that I was using to stream premium content for free. Unfortunately, after a few months, it was shut down. Now, I started searching for Extratorrents proxy servers and mirrors to access the restricted content.

Thankfully, I found some great Extratorrent mirrors that help in fulfilling my movie streaming desire. So, in this article, I will let you know the best Extratorrents Proxy sites to access the Extratorrent movie’s website and explain the situation these sites like Putlocker and Rainierland, are facing.

ExtraTorrents Proxy
ExtraTorrents Proxy

Movies and shows are a real entertainment source, but we cannot go out and watch movies daily, and relying on paid streaming services are expensive.

So third-party movie streaming websites like Coke and Popcorn and torrent sites like the Extratorrents website is the best option to watch premium movies and shows for absolutely free.

While these websites are blocked or taken down due to copyright enforcement, website staff create clone websites with the old database, and these websites are called Mirror sites or proxies.

What is ExtraTorrents?

Extratorrents is the first website I used to stream a movie on the internet. Yes, It is one of the most popular portals which serves a wide range of films and TV shows. However, recently, it was taken down (blocked) for most of the major regions due to copyright issues.


After reading this article thoroughly, you will be able to unblock the blocked content of the ExtraTorrent website without doing any technical or complicated stuff by using these free ExtraTorrent proxy websites.

I know the feeling when your favorite website or application is taken down forever. So it sucks when I say that no virtual private network would get back the old blocked domain of Extratorrent as all the regions blocked it.

Do not get depressed, as you can still access it through proxy or mirror sites. Extratorrent does love you too, and thus, they are continually building new sites with their old database to serve you with premium content for absolutely free.

There are hundreds of websites that offer a mirror database of ExtraTorrents, but most of them are fake or dead.

Below is a list with accurate proxies or mirror sites of ExtraTorrents tested and will serve you with all the content you are blocked from viewing. Also, check the TorrentKing Proxy and FMovies Proxy.

ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites in 2024

ExtraTorrents Proxy SitesSpeed
https://extratorrent.mrunlock.run/Very Fast
https://extratorrent.123unblock.icu/Very Fast
extra.clubVery Fast
extratorrent.infoVery Fast
https://freeproxy.io/Very Fast

These are some of the tested & working proxies to access Extratorrent.

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*Note: Some of the Extratorrent proxy sites might not open due to geo-restrictions but do not get frustrated and connect yourself to a stable virtual private network (VPN) and then try. I am sure your problem will be solved.

Before closing the page, have a look at these crucial points:

  • First, by sharing this article, we do not support or promote piracy in any content.
  • This is an independent plus education post, and no website has paid us to list their domain names.
  • Watching unlicensed content is illegal, but you won’t get punished for doing so, as millions of people are guilty. But to be on the safe side, always connect your device to a virtual private network (VPN) before streaming any illegal or unlicensed content. VPN will manipulate your location & IP address.

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Final Words (ExtraTorrent Proxy List)

Only a movie freak will know how great and refreshing a movie can be, and streaming websites like yes movies, putlocker & Extratorrents are a real treasure for a binge-watcher.

We all face hard times in life, and so these websites too, and although it is illegal & wrong, it does feel so much right isn’t it?

Besides, paid streaming services like Netflix are too expensive to afford for a broke person. So today, I shared the way to stream & surf the blocked website “Extratorrent” by posting the mirror sites or ExtraTorrents proxy list.

I believe that this comprehensive article helped you and satisfied all your doubts or queries regarding your search. But if you face any problem related to this subject, then comment below, and I will be right back to it in no big time.

Also, bookmark this web page to eliminate the dead/blocked proxies and add new working ones regularly.

Which is your favorite streaming website, and do you use VPN?

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